Vietnamese Cinnamon Oil VCO1 80%

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Product name  Vietnamese cinnamon oil VCO1 80%
Place of origin Van Yen, Yen Bai, Viet Nam
Raw Material Natural cassia cinnamon 
Type Liquid
Cinnamaldehyde Percentage  80% - 90%
Purity 85% - 90%
Color Dark brown
Noted Cinnamon oil is stored in plastic drums or cans. Besides, the packaging of this product depends on buyers’ requirements
Payment Term L/C; or as demanded by buyers
Port Vietnam port; or according to the requirements of buyers
Product Infomation

Vietnamese Cinnamon Oil VCO1 80% is derived from the fragrant bark of Cinnamomum cassia and has a characteristic warmth and sweetness that distinguishes it from other types. This coveted oil is extracted with care, ensuring that each drop captures the essence of nature’s richness.

1. An overview of Vietnamese cinnamon oil VCO1 80%

Because of its great commercial potential, Vietnamese cinnamon oil VCO1 80% has become a local delicacy.

1.1. Vietnamese cinnamon oil VCO1 80% definition

VCO1 80% Vietnamese cinnamon oil is a fragrant liquid distilled using the cinnamon tree. It has a pungent, spicy aroma and is usually tan and dark brown in appearance. This product’s manufacturing method is more complicated in order to assure that it is pure, devoid of mixing, and of the best quality. Vietnamese cinnamon oil VCO1 80% is extracted from the Vietnamese cinnamon.

1.2. Vietnamese cinnamon oil’s origin 

The Vietnamese cinnamon plant, from which the oil of cinnamon is produced, is grown in the country’s northern and central regions, including Quang Ngai, Quang Nam, Quang Ninh, and Yen Bai. The soil in these provinces is rich and well-drained, and the temperature is humid, making it ideal for plants to grow and thrive. Hanoi Cinnamon’s Vietnamese cinnamon oil VCO1 80% facility is set up in Van Yen district, Yen Bai province. It has an excellent monthly production capacity of around 1,500 liters of superior cinnamon oil. As a result, the factory can supply importers and wholesale customers.


An overview of Vietnamese cinnamon oil VCO1 80%

2. Characteristics of Vietnamese cinnamon oil VCO1 80%

This product is created from the cinnamon tree’s bark, branches, and roots. These components will be thoroughly cleaned and distilled. Following that, the petroleum product is filtered to eliminate any foreign materials and achieve an impurity index of 85% to 90%. 

The color of Vietnamese cinnamon oil VCO1 80% is dark brown. It has a distinct and powerful cinnamon fragrance.

2.1. Quality assurance certificates 

This product is subjected to stringent quality control procedures to verify that it is safe for human consumption. Several well-known organisations have validated Viet Agri Wholesale’s supplies of Vietnamese cinnamon oil VCO1 80%. USDA Organic, FDA, FFL, VN-STAMEQ, and other certifications are among those we hold. They are all constantly renewed to demonstrate the consistency of our product quality.

2.2. Vietnamese cinnamon oil VCO1 80% product price

The selling price of Vietnamese cinnamon oil VCO1 80% can vary from week to week depending on the worldwide cinnamon market. To obtain the most recent price information, dealers could contact Hanoi Cinnamon’s support team at:

Phone: +84961504190 (Whatsapp Available)


You can also check out our website:

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3. Major Vietnamese cinnamon oil VCO1 80% importers

According to an OEC analysis, the three largest importers of cinnamon goods from Vietnam in 2019 are India, Bangladesh, and the US. The three nations accounted for more than 60% of total export value. 

Aside from these nations, Vietnamese cinnamon oil VCO1 80% is exported to other parts of the world, including the Middle East and America.


Major Vietnamese cinnamon oil VCO1 80% importers

4. It is a great idea to trade Vietnamese cinnamon oil VCO1 80%.

Vietnamese cinnamon oil VCO1 80% offers a number of business advantages that make it appealing to dealers in the current market. 

4.1. Expansive consumer markets with rising demand

According to an OEC report from 2019, Vietnam shipped more than $175 million worth of cinnamon to key clientele in Europe, America, and Africa, which was three times the value of its exports in 2015. This exponential rise demonstrates that a growing number of people worldwide prefer Vietnamese cinnamon goods, particularly Vietnamese cinnamon oil. As a result, there is now a massive market for dealers to enter.  

4.2. High and consistent manufacturing output

According to FAOSTAT, Vietnam produced over 31,000 tonnes of cinnamon in 2020, making it the world’s third-largest cinnamon producer, trailing only Indonesia and China. Traders can anticipate factories in this nation to have a consistent and ample supply of high-quality products to help them with their trading. 

Because of its high cinnamaldehyde level, Vietnamese cinnamon oil has a distinct perfume that can be more powerful and pleasant than those from China or Indonesia, minus the harshness seen in Chinese oil. As a result, it is the preferred choice of many clients.

5. Information on Hanoi Cinnamon and Vietnamese Cinnamon Oil

Hanoi Cinnamon is a well-known cinnamon provider in Vietnam. Our motto, “Quality is King,” emphasizes our commitment to providing the best products to our consumers. Because we want our customers to succeed in the market, we have a straightforward and extremely competitive pricing strategy.

Hanoi Cinnamon takes pride in our extensive experience being a supplier of cinnamon oil bulk, as well as our attentive support personnel. We have an inventory of former partners who value our collaboration. We have expertise and export cinnamon oil in bulk to many countries around the world such as USA, Japan, India,…

Samples: Send via Express (DHL, VPS, FedEx,..) 

Order: By Air or By Sea based on INCOTERM 2010


Phone: +84961504190 (Whatsapp Available)



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