Vietnamese Cinnamon Tube VCT2

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Product name  Vietnamese cinnamon tube VTC2
Place of origin Van Yen, Yen Bai, Viet Nam
Raw material Natural cassia cinnamon 
Length 30 - 45 cm 
Thickness 2.2mm minimum
Taste Pungent/Hot
Single weight 10-20kg/carton
Quantity 1-7, 8-15, >15 Metric tons
Storage condition New crop, well-dried, clean, skin removed if it’s required
Moisture 12-14% max
Essential oil content 2-5%
Package Carton
Product Infomation

If you are interested in Vietnamese cinnamon products, you cannot overlook the Vietnamese cinnamon tube VTC2 from Hanoi Cinnamon Company. Read on to learn more about the distinctive characteristics and potential benefits of purchasing Vietnamese VTC 2 cinnamon tube.

1. Basic information about Vietnamese cinnamon tube VTC2

Vietnamese tube cinnamon, being a local delicacy, has a number of distinguishing qualities that set it apart.

1.1. Vietnamese cinnamon tube VTC2 definition 

Vietnamese VTC 2 cinnamon tube is manufactured from the inner bark of a Cassia type tree known as Vietnam cinnamon. The product is shaped like a round tube and measures 30 to 45 centimeters in length and 1 to 5 millimeters in thickness.


Basic information about Vietnamese cinnamon tube VTC2

1.2. The original of Vietnamese cinnamon tube VTC2

Vietnamese VTC 2 cinnamon tube is grown and manufactured in the country’s higher mountainous regions, notably in the Central and Northern provinces. Quang Ninh, Quang Ngai, Yen Bai, and Quang Nam are among these provinces because their soil conditions and humid weather are ideal for growing cinnamon trees. Manufacturers also operate in these locations to be close to raw supplies. It can supply huge quantities of Vietnamese cinnamon tube VTC2 to consumers and resellers using sophisticated equipment and well-trained staff.

1.3. Characteristics of Vietnamese cinnamon tube VTC2

This product is manufactured from the cinnamon tree’s delicate inner bark. Like any other cinnamon tube, the inner bark is cleansed and split into smaller pieces ranging in length from 30 to 45 centimeters and thickness from 2.2mm. These pieces will curl into circular rube forms after having been exposed to less than 12% humidity. There are two kinds of tube cinnamon on the market: with shell or without skin, based on which one customers prefer. 

Because of its high essential concentration (perhaps up to 6%), Vietnamese cinnamon tube VTC2 has a robust, spicy cinnamon flavor. It is tan-brown or dark brown in tone. 

1.4. Quality control of Vietnamese cinnamon tube VTC2

The manufacturing process of Vietnamese cinnamon tube VTC2, like that of other cinnamon products, is closely monitored by Hanoi Cinnamon. We want to make certain that our products are both aesthetically pleasing and safe for customers. USDA Organic, IFS, CUC, FFL, FDA, VN-STAMEQ, UEBT, Viet GAP, Global GAP, and other important organizations have approved our supplies. Our credentials are regularly extended and renewed.

2. Wholesale cost of Vietnamese cinnamon tube VTC2

The cost of Vietnamese cinnamon tube VTC2 can change every week based on whether the product is with or without skin, its specific grade, and market changes. To acquire the most accurate and up-to-date figure, please keep udating the cinnamon wholesale price or contact Hanoi Cinnamon and enquire regarding one of our support personnel. 

Phone: +84961504190 (Whatsapp Available)

You can also check out our website: to learn more about the product.


Wholesale cost of Vietnamese cinnamon tube VTC2

3. Hanoi Cinnamon is a famous supplier of Vietnamese cinnamon tube VTC2

Hanoi Cinnamon Company, founded in 1996, aspires to be the dominant name in exporting and distributing Vietnamese cinnamon products. “Quality is King,” the company’s slogan, indicates how much we respect and prioritize the outstanding work of our suppliers. With a well stated price structure and affordable price offers, we provide the finest products.

Furthermore, Hanoi Cinnamon, one of the most reliable Vietnam cinnamon suppliers, is confident in its history as a Vietnamese tube cinnamon factory and in our loyal customers. We welcome client questions and have thus been highly respected by our former partners. 

Order: By Air or By Sea based on INCOTERM 2010

Samples: Send via Express (DHL, VPS, FedEx,..) 


Phone: +84961504190 (Whatsapp Available)



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