Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS

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Product name  Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS
Origin Yen Bai, Viet Nam
Production company Hanoi Cinnamon
Raw material Cassia Cinnamon
Moisture  Max 13,5%
Oil Content  4-8%
Color Natural color, no mold
Single Weight Packed in 10 kg cartons
Certifications VN-STAMEQ,  IFS,  PCA, UEBT
Payment Term L/C; or as customized depend on buyers' requirements
Port Vietnam port; or as required depending on buyers
Product Infomation

Over the past few years, the use of cinnamon sticks has been increasing worldwide. To gain insights into the premium quality Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS, which features a unique flavor profile and high oil content, we recommend reading our article. This piece highlights the defining features and advantages of using Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 5% Oil VS16 in your cooking and baking endeavors.

1. Introducing Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS

First of all, let’s get to know the Vietnamese cinnamon cigarette VCC 40% overview.

1.1. The origin of Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS

Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS is derived from the Cinnamomum loureiroi species native to Vietnam and grown in the southern provinces of Yen Bai, in the Mekong Delta region due to the favorable tropical climate. The inner bark is peeled from the tree and dried in the sun.


The overall look of Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS

1.2. Growing areas and quantity of Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS

Cinnamon farming in Vietnam covers a land area of around 170,000 hectares, with the Lao Cai, Yen Bai, and Quang Nam provinces accounting for the most significant percentage of cultivation, making up roughly 70% of the country’s entire cinnamon cultivation area. Within this, Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS comprises about 35% of the total area.

1.3. Significant features of Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS

Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick VCS 8% stands out from other cinnamon varieties due to its unique physical characteristics, flavor, scent, and aroma.

  • Color: When the outer layer of Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS is removed, it reveals a thin, paper-like texture and a reddish-brown color. 
  • Thickness: It comes in a minimum thickness of 2.3mm, which helps it maintain its shape during transportation and usage. Thicker rolls offer a more robust flavor profile, while thinner rolls provide a milder taste.
  • Moisture: Cinnamon sticks Vietnamese is kept at a moisture content of 13.5% to ensure that its quality and value remain intact over time. Higher moisture content can enhance the texture, smoothness, and aroma of cinnamon.
  • Oil content: The valuable aromatic oils in Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS, such as eugenol and cinnamaldehyde, contribute to its 8% oil content, which enhances its quality and flavor while also protecting it from bacterial and fungal attacks.
  • Taste and aroma: It has a sweet, spicy, and slightly bitter taste with hints of clove and nutmeg, while its aroma is warm, woody, and sweet-smelling.

1.4. The beneficial uses of Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS

Stick cinnamon has a variety of practical uses in the areas of cooking, medicinal health, and decoration, that can be beneficial for individuals.

  • Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS is a commonly used spice in cooking due to its sweet and warm flavor and fragrance. It is frequently used in sweet treats like cinnamon rolls, apple pie, and hot chocolate, but it can also be used in savory dishes such as curry and chili.
  • It has been a part of traditional medicine to address various health problems, including respiratory issues, inflammation, and digestive disorders. It is also thought to possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics that can potentially provide protection against chronic ailments like diabetes and heart disease.
  •  It can also serve as a decorative item in various ways. These cinnamon sticks can be placed in a bowl or vase to create a fragrant and attractive centerpiece. Additionally, they can be utilized in DIY projects, such as making candles or ornaments, for a personal touch in home decoration.

1.5. Manufacturing process of Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS

The manufacturing process of cinnamon sticks generally involves the following steps:

  • Harvesting: Cinnamon is harvested from the inner bark of trees belonging to the Cinnamomum genus. The bark is stripped from the tree in thin sheets, which are then left to dry in the sun.
  • Sorting: The dried cinnamon sheets are sorted by hand to remove any impurities or defects in the cinnamon factory. 
  • Cutting: The cinnamon sheets are then cut into long, thin strips, which are rolled tightly into the shape of a stick.
  • Drying: The cinnamon sticks are left to dry in the sun or in a drying room until they have reached the desired moisture content.
  • Packaging: The dried cinnamon sticks are then packaged and shipped to retailers or distributors for sale to consumers.

Manufacturing process of Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS

2. Product certificates of Hanoi Cinnamon Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS

Hanoi Cinnamon’s Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS has obtained certification from different organizations and agencies to guarantee its safety, quality, and durability. These certificates include:

  • Quality Standards: Hanoi Cinnamon’s Vietnamese cinnamon cigarette VCC 40% is certified by the Vietnam Association of Spices and Seasonings (VASS) to ensure its quality. These certifications ensure that the cinnamon meets certain standards for purity, aroma, and flavor.
  • Organic Certification: The process of obtaining organic certification for Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS entails cultivating and processing the cinnamon without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or GMOs. The Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association (VOAA) is one of the organizations that provide organic certification for products in Vietnam.
  • Global Good Agricultural Practices (GlobalGAP): To be certified under the GlobalGAP standard, the cultivation of Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick VCS 8% must follow sustainable and environmentally-friendly methods. This certification guarantees that the production process has a negligible impact on the environment and promotes sustainable farming practices.

3. Hanoi Cinnamon Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS product price

Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8% VCS price changes according to a number of variables, including market trend, cinnamon value and volume, shipping and transfer expenses, and cinnamon availability. If you would like to get the most recent price for Vietnamese Cinnamon Stick 8%, feel free to get in touch with Hanoi Cinnamon right away via WhatsApp at (+84961504190). Buy bulk cinnamon sticks today for a discount!

Hanoi Cinnamon’s products are safeguarded by the government and relevant agencies. You can choose us with confidence as a trustworthy and reliable supplier.

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