Here are the regular phases in Hanoi Cinnamon Factory’s trade operation that you should refer to when want to buying products from Hanoi Cinnamon.

1.  Searching for information at Hanoi Cinnamon

As a prospective buyer interested in purchasing cinnamon from Hanoi Cinnamon Factory, your journey begins with researching and gathering information. You may visit our website, explore our product catalog, and learn about our company’s background, certifications, and commitment to quality. You can also reach out to our sales team, who will provide you with detailed information about our cinnamon products, including their origin, flavor profiles, and available packaging options.

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Step 1

2. Exchange information, and bargain rates and terms

Once you have a good understanding of our cinnamon products and their suitability for your needs, the next step involves exchanging information and negotiating rates and terms. You can communicate with our sales representatives, who will address any questions you may have and provide you with a quotation based on your specific requirements. We encourage open dialogue to ensure a clear understanding of your expectations and to find a mutually agreeable arrangement in terms of pricing, quantities, and delivery schedules.

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Step 2

3. Sign the contract, make a deposit, and manufacture items

After reaching an agreement, the next phase involves signing a contract that outlines the terms and conditions of the purchase. The contract will include details such as product specifications, quantities, agreed pricing, delivery terms, and payment conditions. As a commitment to the partnership, you will typically be required to make a deposit, which initiates the manufacturing process. Hanoi Cinnamon Factory will begin manufacturing the cinnamon items according to the agreed specifications, ensuring strict adherence to quality standards and timely production.

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Step 3

4. Packaging, load goods at the port, and pay the rest

Once the cinnamon products are manufactured and undergo rigorous quality control checks, the next step is packaging. Our team will carefully package the cinnamon products according to your specified requirements, ensuring that they are adequately protected during transportation. We will then coordinate the logistics for shipping the goods to the designated port for export. At this stage, you will be expected to pay the remaining balance of the agreed-upon price before the goods are loaded onto the shipment vessel.

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Step 4

5. Keep track of orders and repeat sales

At Hanoi Cinnamon Factory, we value our customers and strive to maintain strong relationships beyond individual transactions. Throughout the entire process, our dedicated customer service team will keep you informed about the progress of your order. We will provide regular updates regarding the status of production, shipment, and estimated delivery dates. Our team will also assist with any necessary documentation required for customs clearance.

Once you receive your order, we encourage your feedback and are always available to address any post-purchase inquiries or concerns. We aim to establish long-term partnerships and provide you with excellent customer service to facilitate repeat sales in the future.

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Step 5

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