Broken cinnamon and its economic benefits for cinnamon producers

Broken cinnamon is first raw and rather crude, so it is rarely utilized in daily life. The merchant generally buys broken cinnamon in bulk and processes them into another completed product. This article will provide you with detailed information about suppliers of broken cinnamon.

Brief knowledge of broken cinnamon

Broken cinnamon is the least prevalent item available in daily life, Among the several finished products made from cinnamon.

Some basic properties of broken cinnamon

A portion of the cinnamon bark is broken into numerous little pieces during transit and production, or when peeled, only small fragments of cinnamon may be easily broken; manufacturers have gathered and eliminated impurities to get cinnamon crumbs (broken cinnamon). Broken cinnamon is simple to pack and transport due to its crumbly, tiny, and compact nature. The supply production varies by year, and each exporting country may produce up to 100 – 500 tons. Depending on the needs of the customer, broken cinnamon might be packaged in bags or cartons.

Some properties of broken cinnamon:

  • Broken cinnamon is amorphous with no discernible shape or size.
  • The moisture content of broken cinnamon remains typical at 12 % and is equivalent to better grade cinnamon.
  • Only the volatile oil of broken cinnamon is low, ranging from 1.5 to 2 %.
  • Cinnamon manufacturers would choose non-moldy and bright yellow pieces, keep their shells intact, and merely pre-process them before packing.

Potential economic benefits of broken cinnamon

Purchasing broken cinnamon as a raw material from big suppliers is a common trend that every cinnamon mill strives towards. The reason for this is that broken cinnamon provides unfathomable economic benefits to many enterprises that produce cinnamon-based agricultural goods.

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Economic benefits of broken cinnamon

  • Medicine Cinnamon is regarded as one of the four most beneficial plants, with a sweet and spicy flavor, heated qualities, and the ability to unclog blood vessels in order to strengthen the heart, promote heat, heal colds, coma, drop blood pressure, and treat acute cholera.
  • Cuisine Cinnamon is used in large quantities as a main seasoning in many cuisines because of its aromatic, spicy and sweet taste, which can make dishes more appealing and stimulate digestion.
  • Manufacturing Broken cinnamon is sent to manufacturers where it is processed into cinnamon powder or pressed into cinnamon oil. Although the raw material of broken cinnamon is typically inexpensive, the volatile oil content is comparable to that of other high-grade cinnamon.

The global import and export status of broken cinnamon

The export market for broken cinnamon is increasing each year, broadening the scope of import and manufacturing. Year-to-year data updates show that the transmission of broken cinnamon in worldwide trade is rapidly increasing.

Some reliable broken cinnamon exporters

According to FAO figures, the nations with the highest production and export of cinnamon in 2020 would be Indonesia, Vietnam, and China.

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Main exporters of broken cinnamon

  • Indonesia

According to FAO figures, the nations with the highest production and export of cinnamon in 2020 will be Indonesia, Vietnam, and China. With a total production of 91,242 tonnes, Indonesia produces the most cinnamon. However, cinnamon exports in the nation account for just 40.5% of total output.
This demonstrates that Indonesia has a huge domestic consumption of cinnamon, the majority of which are completed goods such as cinnamon powder, cinnamon stick, cinnamon cigarette…. and broken cinnamon is mostly for export or as raw materials. raw ingredients for other food manufacturing facilities.

  • Vietnam

Vietnam is the industry’s second largest supplier of cinnamon to global markets. High quality Vietnamese cinnamon is increasingly popular in the world. Vietnam’s cinnamon export value in 2020 is $238.1 million per 49,017 tonnes. While Vietnam’s cinnamon production is 31,429, the country is also one of the world’s top cinnamon importers.
Although governmental policies are regularly adopted to assist the local cinnamon sector, Vietnam’s cinnamon cultivation needs to increase to satisfy the demands of broken cinnamon exports.

  • China

Despite being the world’s biggest cinnamon exporter, with a production of 86,617 tonnes, more than double that of Indonesia, China produced just 72,531 tonnes in 2020. The value of exports was $293 million, accounting for 28% of global exports.
Chinese cinnamon is mostly farmed in the southern regions of Guangdong and Guangxi. Cinnamon broken has a high local economic value, although cinnamon sticks and cinnamon split provide health advantages in ancient Chinese culture when used as medicine or tea.

The biggest broken cinnamon importers in the world

Broken cinnamon is imported in huge numbers by countries across the world for a variety of reasons, based on consumption trends or the requirements of individuals and enterprises.

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The biggest cinnamon importers in the world

Among the nations importing broken cinnamon, the figures from the top two, the United States and India, are particularly noteworthy. While the United States imported 30,629 tonnes of cinnamon for $154,127, India imported 37,820 tonnes worth $108,486. This disparity can be explained by the fact that the United States is a challenging market, necessitating the importation of high-quality cinnamon, resulting in higher pricing.

Elements affecting price of broken cinnamon

The price of broken cinnamon is primarily controlled by the manufacturing activities of cinnamon factories, as well as indirectly by other variables such as supply and demand.

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Key factors impacting the price of broken cinnamon

Supply and demand of broken cinnamon

In recent years, there has been an upsurge in global demand for spices, notably broken cinnamon. In recent years, broken cinnamon has also been employed in the creation of cinnamon-based consumer items.

  • Broken cinnamon shipments to more than 80 countries have expanded dramatically in the last three years. For example, the United States, European Union countries, and countries in the Middle East. People are replacing Cassia Vera AA cinnamon from Indonesia with cinnamon from Vietnam.
  • The yearly worldwide demand for cinnamon is increasing fast, at a rate ranging between 8% and 12%, driving the price of cinnamon even higher, particularly between 2016 and 2020.
  • This is a positive indicator, but it may also lead to a major conversion of cinnamon cultivation in cinnamon-producing countries. Aside from production, domestic and international firms boosted their purchases, processing, and export of cinnamon.
  • It is vital to have strategic, timely, and sustainable directives for the management and growth of the cinnamon business, which may lead to confusion for local management agencies and trouble achieving quality requirements, pricing, and output concerns.
    This will have a detrimental impact on cinnamon producers and enterprises involved in cinnamon processing and export.


Shipping expenses are a significant factor for broken cinnamon wholesalers. In truth, the cost of delivering commodities offered by firms varies greatly. Thus, volatility in expenses leads to oscillations in firm profitability. Businesses are obliged to raise the price of their products in order to cover their expenditures. Consumers are afraid to purchase things due to high product pricing. It is difficult for exporters to give a competitive selling price with items from around the world, which undermines firm competitiveness.

Broken cinnamon production

Cinnamon is a commodity that is not affected by seasonality. When the price of cinnamon is low, farmers do not harvest; however, cinnamon trees grow and harvest next year, the following crop … so the price of cinnamon is mostly stable; Prices vary but the difference is minimal. As a result, cinnamon production has little effect on the selling price, and cinnamon exporters can change prices as needed.
Broken cinnamon does not require as much time to harvest as preliminary cinnamon, always comes with the production process of cinnamon sticks, split, and does not have any appearance criteria, so the selling price is significantly lower.

Signs of a respectable supplier specializes in broken cinnamon

Choosing a reliable source is significant since businesses always need long-term commercial connections. Purchasing and selling broken cinnamon, or any commodity, necessitates careful examination of the manufacturer.

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Signs of reliable broken cinnamon suppliers

Legal capacity and a clear address

The entire assurance of legal due diligence is the most important component in showing a broken cinnamon manufacturer’s trustworthiness. Suppliers must have a business license, a brand name, and a physical location. A competent firm should have a clear and public address where consumers and partners may exchange contracts and acquire things directly. The elements described above are the first stage in determining the brand and reputation of the broken cinnamon provider to which clients should pay attention.

Good feedbacks from customers and partners

The cornerstone of an organization’s success will be a clear goal and a high-quality logo. And the evaluation and impression of partners and consumers is the factor that analyzes the broken cinnamon firm’s success.
The sentiments of consumers and partners are the yardstick by which success is measured. Customer happiness and appreciation for broken cinnamon suppliers’ products and service quality is a symbol of their prominent brand. Furthermore, big reliable cinnamon exporters must have a tight relationship as well as a sense of duty that is demonstrated via actions toward clients. A strong brand is a leader with a duty to care for the community.

Clear contract terms

Customers may expect transparent and public sales contracts from reputable broken cinnamon vendors. The contract will include detailed information on the buyer’s address, quantity, and goods, as well as particular models and characteristics. Simultaneously, the price and warranty duration are clearly and properly stated for buyers to grasp. The aforementioned conditions shall bind rights and duties between the supplier and the consumer in order to produce an effective and respectable purchase.

Appropriate products quality

Customers usually demand a high level of product quality from their suppliers. As a consequence, broken cinnamon producers match the necessities of clients while occasionally exceeding expectations and surprising them. The quality of broken cinnamon is consistent, improving with time and offering unexpected advantages to partners. Customers benefit from products that not only meet their demands, but also provide them with convenience and practicality.

Customer service in a professional manner

Professional manner is an unavoidable need for a respected brand. This is proven by the fulfillment of commitments and the provision of exceptional business experiences for partners and customers. Brands must provide the highest spiritual and material values to their customers.

Top 5 most trustworthy broken cinnamon export companies

Top 5 suggested exporters that you should know about the company’s history and broken cinnamon product details.

Hanoi Cinnamon

Hanoi Cinnamon is a prominent cinnamon factory in Vietnam. The firm has been a pioneer in the sale of high-quality broken cinnamon and other products to a variety of markets, including the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the United States. It takes pride in its high-quality materials and low-cost pricing policies.

Samples: Send with Express (DHL, VPS, FedEx,..)
Order: via air or sea in accordance with INCOTERM 2020.
Phone number: +84961504190 (Whatsapp Available)

Holi Agro Indo

broken-cinnamon-7. jpg

Holi Agro Indo

Holi Agro Indo is a family-run business situated in Indonesia that was founded in 1989. Holi Agro Indo, as one of the industry’s pioneers, has a wealth of expertise and experience in all aspects of the procurement and manufacture of broken cinnamon and other agricultural commodities from Indonesia. They manufacture the majority of their goods in-house to assure consistency in the quality and availability of broken cinnamon.

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broken-cinnamon-8. jpg

Tutilan company

TUTILAN manufactures and exports high-quality Vietnamese agricultural foods such as cassia (broken cinnamon), star anise, pepper, coconut, cashews, and coffee. Because of the strong reputation that has been created over the years in business, the internet is currently being used all over the world. Their products are currently available throughout Europe, India, Africa, East Asia, South East Asia, and the United States.

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