Buying cinnamon sticks in bulk: Must-know things

Cinnamon sticks bulk is considered as one of the best potential market in the world’s spices today. Wholesale bulk cinnamon sticks bring you many benefits and potential profits. So, what do you need to know about buying cinnamon sticks in bulk at a reasonable price? The article below will give you the exhaustive answers.

Introduction about cinnamon sticks in bulk

Before buying cinnamon sticks in bulk, a brief overview is the first thing you need to do to gain a basic understanding about the product. A quick introduction below will help you do that.

The definition of cinnamon sticks in bulk


The shape of cinnamon sticks in bulk

To put it simply, cinnamon sticks in bulk demonstrate the process of purchasing cinnamon sticks in large quantities at one time. Because of the high demand in different uses, cinnamon sticks are the type of cinnamon products that attract the most attention of the cinnamon wholesalers.

The major types of sticks in bulk and its characteristics

In general, on the global scale, there have been a lot of cinnamon species in scientific terms, however, simply speaking, there are two main types of cinnamon, which is Cassia cinnamon stick and Ceylon cinnamon stick.


Two main types of cinnamon sticks

  • Cassia cinnamon sticks are typically found in Asian nations including Vietnam, Indonesia, and China. Cassia cinnamon is said to have originated in China over a thousand years ago. The tree grows to be between 10 and 15 meters tall, with gray bark and stiff, extended leaves that are between 10 and 15 cm long with a distinct scarlet hue when young. It has a tough, gritty texture, is dark brown in color, and has a stronger, spicier flavor.
  • Ceylon cinnamon sticks, as record, are mostly produced in Sri Lanka, which is one of the world’s largest cinnamon producers. In addition, this kind is widely grown in India and Madagascar. Cinnamon trees in Ceylon grow to reach between 10 and 15 meters high. The leaves are elliptic in form and range in length from 3 to 7 inches. The blooms are greenish in color and have a peculiar odor. They are grouped in panicles. The fruit is a 1-cm purple drupe with a solitary seed. It has a pleasant flavor and a rich, enticing aroma, and its quills are delicate and light brown in color.

To sum up, now that each cinnamon source possesses distinct characteristics, the cinnamon stick products theoretically inherit their features.

The main distribution of cinnamon sticks in bulk

The spice business, in general, and the cinnamon industry in particular, are on the rise. As a result, it is indisputable that cinnamon sticks bulk are widely distributed over practically all continents in the world. Simply defined, there were two sorts of distribution areas: those near raw materials and those not near raw materials.


Two sorts of cinnamon sticks distribution sources

  • The near-raw-material-areas: China, Vietnam, and Indonesia are prominent nations that are close to raw-material-area sources. Thanks to reducing shipping price and production costs, the price of cinnamon sticks in bulk is cheaper in these nations than in others.
  • The non-near- raw- material areas: Because of the increased demand in this area in recent years, the majority of cinnamon stick bulk still originate from European regions like Germany or North American regions like the United States and Mexico. These locations have a vast network, innovative equipment, and a thriving economy, although not having the low-cost advantages.

Price of cinnamon sticks in bulk

Considered as the best seller in the cinnamon market, cinnamon sticks in bulk have a competitive price.


The price of cinnamon sticks in bulk

  • In Vietnam, the wholesale price for cinnamon sticks in bulk fluctuates between approximately $3,9 to $4,9 per kilogram. This is an affordable and reasonable price when compared to cinnamon stick bulk price in other countries.
  • Indonesia and China have similar pricing to Vietnam, owing to the fact that they have largely cinnamon sticks in bulk from Cassia cinnamon.

Why are cinnamon sticks in bulk popular?

The story behind the large coverage of cinnamon sticks in bulk mainly results from its wide applicability and unique characteristics compared other cinnamon product types.

Wide uses of cinnamon sticks in bulk

Apart from the fact that cinnamon sticks have the same application in food and pharmacy as other cinnamon product types, decoration is perhaps one of the most distinguishing characteristics of cinnamon sticks when compared to other cinnamon product types, and it is also one of the first criteria that wholesalers look for when purchasing cinnamon sticks in bulk.


The wide applicability of cinnamon sticks

  • Cinnamon sticks can be used as both stir sticks and decorations for coffee, tea, cocktails, and other beverages.
  • Cinnamon sticks are a typical Christmas tree decoration. The largest consumers of cinnamon sticks for this unique event are European nations and the United States, but this is also the region that imports enormous numbers of cinnamon sticks from all over the world. According to Statista, the United States was the largest importer of Christmas decorations in 2020, with imports totaling more than 2.8 billion dollars. As a result, the amount of cinnamon sticks is predicted to account for a significant portion of the total.
    Are there any wholesalers eager to offer and buy cinnamon sticks bulk? This is a fertile ground to harness.

Comparing cinnamon sticks in bulk with other types in bulk

The chart below highlights the main differences of cinnamon sticks in bulk when compared with others based on the following criteria such as price,moisture, the amount of essential amount, length, bark, skin and exporting nations.


The differences of common cinnamon products

Due to its extensive use, cinnamon sticks in bulk are the highest section when compared to others. Apart from that, cinnamon sticks may be processed to make cinnamon powder, broken to make cinnamon powder, and extracted to make cinnamon oil. This is also why cinnamon sticks are considered a premium product with the highest price.

Cinnamon sticks in bulk: Realize SCAM company and credible ones

When choosing and buying cinnamon sticks in bulk, it is unavoidable that you can find SCAM suppliers if you do not prepare and research thoroughly. This information below will help you distinguish the trustful one and the other.

Cinnamon sticks in bulk: Signs to recognize SCAM suppliers

There are always some hints you need to pay attention to realize the SCAM company.


Tips to regconize SCAM suppliers

  • Too high or too low price: Cinnamon is not under the seasoning pressure, therefore, has a relatively stable price. Besides, cinnamon sticks are on the high segment, if the price for cinnamon sticks in bulk is much lower or higher than the common range, you should reconsider.
  • Urge to pay too early: Cinnamon, though not suffering from seasoning pressure, has a different harvest. If any company urges for early payment for cinnamon sticks in bulk, there are some percent that this company is not trustworthy.
  • Untransparent profile: As a general rule, certificates reflect the quality of the product and the website reflects the transparency of the company. If the information about product, certificate, and website is lacking or unclear, this company can be a SCAM one.

Cinnamon sticks in bulk: Signs to recognize trustworthy suppliers

Here are the factors that evaluate the reliability of the companies providing cinnamon sticks in bulk.


Tips to regconize reliable suppliers

  • Many certificates: The quantity and the quality is one of the crucial elements to judge the transparency and reliability of the company. The more the quantity and the quality of certificates are, the more trustworthy the companies are.
  • Precise and clear information: Clear information about contact which includes phone numbers, address and email along with the history and distribution account the large amount in deciding which company is reliable in supplying cinnamon sticks in bulk.
  • The large number of customers feedback: Many feedbacks from big and well-known customers is the factor impacting the trustworthiness of the company providing cinnamon sticks in bulk.

Elements affecting the price of cinnamon sticks in bulk

For anyone wanting to buy cinnamon sticks in bulk, there are many factors affecting the price of cinnamon sticks you need to know, which consist of demand, supply, SPEC, government policies and unpredictable incidents.


Key elements influencing the price of cinnamon sticks in bulk

Demand element impacting cinnamon sticks in bulk’s price

The overall cinnamon market’s demand tends to grow dramatically as a result of worldwide demand. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the global total import value of cinnamon in bulk was $748 million in 2019, up over 30% from the previous year’s $587 million. Despite the close borders order and logistical restriction, demand for cinnamon sticks in bulk and spices in general increased enormously during the COVID-19’s most intense time. As a result, demand for cinnamon sticks in bulk has surged, and it is likely to outstrip supply. This discrepancy has resulted in a significant increase in the wholesale price of cinnamon sticks, particularly after 2016.

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Supply element impacting cinnamon sticks in bulk’s price

In 2020, total cinnamon production was 222,122 tonnes, with Indonesia, Vietnam, and China accounting for more than two-thirds of the total. According to Mordor Intelligence’s anticipatory analysis, it is predicted to reach a volume of 0.25 million tonnes by 2026, with a CAGR of 2.2 percent during the projection period of 2021-2026. The price of cinnamon sticks in bulk then tends to rise significantly because, although having a big supply, cinnamon demand is expected to outpace global supply growth of 8-12 percent in 2021, according to an FAO estimate.


The total production of cinnamon in 2020

SPEC element impacting cinnamon sticks in bulk’s price

SPEC, short for Specification, refers to a collection of defined criteria that must be met by a material, design, product, or service. A technical standard is commonly referred to as a specification.

  • Moisture, curvature, and thickness are the most important elements influencing the pricing to bulk buy cinnamon sticks. The higher the price, the more bending there is in the curvature. This is true for both moisture and thickness. The distributor wants to purchase cinnamon sticks that are thinner and have a high moisture content.
  • Cinnamon sticks with a 10 centimeter length, 90 percent curvature, and 2 percent moisture, for example, will cost more than those with a 10 centimeter length, 75 percent curvature, and 1.5 percent moisture.

Government policies impacting cinnamon sticks in bulk’s price

Commerce agreements, both bilateral and multinational, facilitate cross-border trade and remove barriers like tariffs. As a result, buying cinnamon sticks bulk is less expensive. The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), for instance, went into force in early August 2020, removing 99 percent of all tariffs. As a consequence, numerous agricultural products from Vietnam, including cinnamon sticks in bulk, may now be exported to the EU at a cheaper cost.

Top trustworthy companies providing cinnamon sticks in bulk

Finding reliable companies supplying cinnamon sticks in bulk is not an easy road due to its popularity. To help you reach the trustful one, here are the recommendations you should not overlook.

Hanoi Cinnamon – the reputable vendor of cinnamon powder wholesale in Vietnam

Hanoi Cinnamon is a Vietnamese firm that distributes high-quality agricultural products to foreign nations. For over ten years, this cinnamon provider has been providing agricultural products to more than 10 countries.

  • The government granted Hanoi Cinnamon certification for healthy products. As a result, it is well-known for high quality cinnamon wholesale suppliers.
  • Hanoi Cinnamon is known for other great cinnamon products such as stick cinnamon, cigarette cinnamon, cinnamon oil, and so on. The highest moisture level of their cinnamon is 12-14%, with a 2-4% oil content.
  • This Vietnamese cinnamon powder wholesale supplier provides their goods to India, the Middle East, the European Union, Japan, Korea, and the United States.

Contact information:

Phone: +84961504190 (Whatsapp Available)



Agrideco Vietnam (Vietnam)


Agrideco Vietnam

Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd. was a tiny business that began operations in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, in 2015. Despite the fact that this firm is new, its board of directors is made up of seasoned specialists in the agriculture industry, which contains cinnamon sticks in bulk. Its goal is to assist farmers in bringing Vietnamese agricultural goods to the rest of the globe. Most essential, we pledge the greatest possible beneficial concord among four parties: consumers, importers, farmers, and exporters. This corporation, in general, plants, processes, and exports a wide variety of agricultural goods from Vietnam. In reality, they’ve been shipping bulk cinnamon sticks to a number of nations, including Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Middle East.

Visimex (Vietnam)


Visimex company

Visimex Corporation Joint Stock Company, an unit of the NIC Group, was established in 2002 and is one of Vietnam’s top enterprises for excellent spices, foods, and farming goods. Now that Vsimex has a global distribution of 70 countries and the quality of HACCP, BRC, Halal, Kosher, and ISO 22000: 2007, this cinnamon sticks in bulk supplier is assured and contributes significantly to the value of Vietnam’s exports. Apart from that, this firm can supply a huge quantity of cinnamon sticks in bulk due to its vast manufacturing line located near raw cinnamon sources such as Yen Bai, Binh Duong, and Bac Giang – the center of cinnamon in Vietnam.

Tripper Nature Bali (Indonesia)


Tripper Nature Bali Coporation

Tripper Incorporation is a top provider of Cassia cinnamon sticks bulk in Indonesia. Tripper was founded in 1992 and has since evolved and opened three cinnamon plants in East Jakarta, Bali, and Cibitung in 2000, 2001 and 2011 respectively. Tripper has earned its first organic cinnamon certifications, comprising CU814779, USDA Organic, and others. This company pledges continue providing fresh, secure, and traceable sweet cinnamon sticks in bulk and other organic ingredients in line with international standards of quality, such as ISO 22000:2005, using non-GMO spices and no toxic substances, pesticides, or irradiation, with the objective of being a strong ally for customers seasonings and other natural ingredients direct from origin.

REMPAH SARI (Indonesia)


Rempah Sari firm

Rempah Sari is one of Indonesia’s most well-known enterprises in terms of cinnamon sticks. In 1964, it began trading in a range of commodities and the most outstanding goods is Cassia cinnamon. This firm specialized in the Indonesian Cassia cinnamon industry a few years ago and has since grown to become one of Indonesia’s major cassia exporters, with an annual export capacity of 2.500 to 3.500 tons. This company manufactures all grades of cassia in bulk, including cinnamon sticks in bulk, and its quality has so far been well praised by the global market.

In a nutshell, this article has revealed the truth and signs you need to know before buying cinnamon sticks in bulk. If you are a newbie or experienced suppliers and manufactures or anyone interested in bulk cinnamon sticks, hope this piece gives you what you need.

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