Cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka the wisdom choice to cooperate

Cinnamon exports from Sri Lanka have recently attracted major importers around the world because cinnamon is now a commodity that can be traded and earns high profits. If you are also interested in this product, let’s learn about cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka.

The overview about cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka

In this first part, it is necessary to understand what cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka are and the main market they supply their products to so that importers can easily conduct cooperative activities.

Who are cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka

The cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka are the authorized company that manufactures cinnamon products for the international market. Cinnamon is a major ingredient for meals as well as a commodity with substantial health advantages, thus they play a key role in getting this item delivered.


Who are cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka

The main customers of cinnamon exporters Sri Lanka

There are two popular types of cinnamon on the market today: cassia cinnamon and ceylon cinnamon. However, cinnamon suppliers in Sri Lanka only supply ceylon cinnamon to countries around the world.

  • Ceylon cinnamon produced by cinnamon sellers in Sri Lanka was 124,105 tonnes in 2019, with a 3.33% increase expected in 2020. Cinnamon cultivation was predicted to be spread across 169,620 hectares in the nation.
  • The United States, Mexico, Peru and Columbia are the most important customers markets of cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka.

The main customers of cinnamon exporters Sri Lanka

  • The US is the country with the largest amount of imports. Partly because the population there is large and the need to use cinnamon to prepare dishes is also high. Therefore, the people in the US have purchased thousands of tonnes of ceylon cinnamon from cinnamon companies in Sri Lanka.

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The information about product of cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka

Cinnamon is divided into two main types: cinnamon cassia and cinnamon ceylon. However, in Sri Lanka, this is a land that can only grow and develop ceylon cinnamon.

The characteristics of items

The Cinnamomum verum tree, which belongs to the Lauraceae family, is the source of ceylon cinnamon from cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka. A handcrafted method brings the tree’s naturally dried inner bark to the market. The finished product is sold as a valued spice with a sweet flavor and proven health benefits.

  • Ceylon cinnamon has a worldwide reputation for its distinct aroma, high quality, health advantages, and low essential oil content. The color of ceylon cinnamon from cinnamon sellers in Sri Lanka is tan brown. However, it is fragile and easily broken.
  • The quills are made in a distinctive technique that is only found in Sri Lanka. This expertise has been passed down through generations for centuries. However, the product line of cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka is not as popular as cassia cinnamon because manufacturers have to use manual methods to create products, mainly by hand and without machine support. Therefore, the price of the product is also higher because of that.

Characteristics of item from cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka

  • Some prominent items from ceylon cinnamon could be mentioned such as: cinnamon powder, cinnamon oil, broken cinnamon, cigarette/split cinnamon. Each year, the cinnamon companies in Sri Lanka often carry out trading activities and export these products to other countries and they make a lot of profit.
  • These product lines from cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka also bring a lot of health benefits such as providing vitamins for the body, controlling blood sugar, helping to control weight and especially they are very good for the prevention of cancer….

The wholesale price of goods from cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka

Below will be the export value of cinnamon manufacturers in Sri Lanka. The increase and decrease between the years is different, but in general, they still provide the market with a large amount of products.


The wholesale price of products

Therefore, the recent trends of the cinnamon wholesale price of cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka has been varying from year to year.

  • Ceylon cinnamon is expected to cost between $10.24 and $11.57/kg in 2022.
  • In Jaffna and Colombo, the average tonne price is $10241.67.
  • Cinnamon was imported at a cost of $7.15/kg in Sri Lanka in 2019.

How to buy products from cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka

Here are some popular ways to purchase cinnamon distributors in Sri Lanka products for you:

  • Products from cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka can be found in local stores if you are a regular consumer. You can order online from a Sri Lankan merchant who has their own farms in the country if you are a consumer from another country. They provide you freshly picked goods straight from homeland.
  • If you are a wholesale customer, the best alternative is to purchase cinnamon immediately from the cinnamon companies in Sri Lanka. The most crucial thing is to choose a dependable ceylon cinnamon provider who can fulfill your budget (price), quality of products, average production size, and other requirements.

How to buy products

  • It’s important to buy from reputable Sri Lanka cinnamon exporters who accurately describe their goods. They purchase new bark from Sri Lanka and would never risk their reputation by selling a fake product instead of the real thing. Consumer review may be found on official websites, which will be very useful to buyers shopping for ceylon cinnamon.

The issues influence the cost of items from cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka

The price of ceylon cinnamon is quite high compared to cassia cinnamon, so what factors influence the price of leading cinnamon exporters, other than manual production.

  • The high price of the products is also because Sri Lanka cinnamon exporters do not have a large raw material area. They are limited in planting area, the production area is not large, and the product characteristics are not as outstanding as cassia cinnamon.
  • The supply of cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka: The amount of cinnamon commodities, including ceylon cinnamon in Sri Lanka exported increased by more than 35% from 2019 to 2020. As a result, we may expect a steady supply of cinnamon powder wholesale while keeping its cost structure.

The issues influence on the price

  • The market’s demand is as follows: Between 2017 and 2019, the annual fluctuation in the volume of cinnamon in Sri Lanka was 1.72%, compared to a growth rate variation of -5.114% between 2018 and 2019. This amazing growth shows that ceylon cinnamon is also a feasible alternative for customers, and demand is expected to continue to rise. Therefore, the cost for items would be increased.
  • Transportation expenses: Due to the widespread impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, a shortage of personnel and delivery containers has led the logistics situation to be pushed up at a high cost. As a result, the wholesale price of cinnamon in Sri Lanka has risen marginally.

The best cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka

If you have a need to buy goods from Sri Lanka cinnamon exporters, here are top 3 renowned cinnamon factory that have been highly appreciated by customers around the world.

Lak Cinnamon Exporters – one of the most reliable cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka

Lak Cinnamon Planters & Exporters is one of the most well-known cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka and a specific export firm. The company is primarily situated on the country’s south coast.

  • The Lak Cinnamon brand is known for its high quality and high standards. Each step of the process is meticulously maintained in order to provide the end user with a high level of pleasure.

Lak Cinnamon Company

  • The company’s product lines include everything from cinnamon quilling to cinnamon dry leaves, and it can offer any grade of cinnamon to the market. Cloves, garcinia, cardamon, black pepper, and dried ginger are among the spices contained in the bucket of goods of this cinnamon company in Sri Lanka.

Ceylon Spices NB – the trustworthy cinnamon exporter in Sri Lanka

Ceylon Spices NB is one of the famous cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka that provides a wide range of Ceylon spices as well as cinnamon from the island. The firm has more than ten years of expertise in the industry. They produce cinnamon cultivated on their land and send cinnamon to a number of other countries.



True Ceylon Spices Corporation

True Ceylon Spices is one of the well-known cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka.

  • They produce ceylon cinnamon that is fresh and natural, with no pesticides, weedicides, or chemicals. Your order will be delivered from Sri Lanka. They provide worldwide door-to-door delivery, as well as express delivery.
  • Their policy is subject to change at any moment, and any changes will be disclosed on this page. If you believe that they are not adhering to this privacy policy, contact this cinnamon exporter in Sri Lanka right once.


It can be said that although ceylon cinnamon is quite expensive and the production is limited, they are also a product line worth experiencing. If you really believe in using this product, then do thorough research on the market to find reliable cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka. Hopefully the above article is also a reference source for you to help you have good orientations for the development of commercial business for cinnamon products.

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