Cinnamon powder supplier: The best approach to get high revenue

Cinnamon powder supplier attracts great interest in today’s agricultural market. It can not deny the great benefits of cinnamon for health. If you desire to start a cinnamon powder business to get big revenue, the following article is not a bad choice for you.

Overall about cinnamon powder supplier

Based on the features of the product they supply, here are some crucial details concerning the cinnamon powder supplier.

The definition of cinnamon powder supplier

A cinnamon powder supplier is an individual or business that sells cinnamon powder to the public. They might be wholesale or retail, however, cinnamon powder supplier’s wholesale volume is usually higher than retail orders. That is why their revenue is as high as it is now. They have their own cinnamon growing region as well as a factory to handle large requests. 

Because cinnamon is a product with high benefit value, currently, the cinnamon powder supplier is being sought after in the market. Therefore, if you are also looking for a reliable cinnamon powder supplier to cooperate with, please follow the next sections.

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The main markets of cinnamon powder supplier

Cinnamon powder or cinnamon, in general, has a concentrated market in some countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, South India, Madagascar. Four countries (China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia) account for 88.6% of total cinnamon powder exports in 2020. 

  • With product lines made from cassia cinnamon, Vietnam, Indonesia, and China are three of the most prominent cinnamon powder suppliers. The cinnamon supplier providing Ceylon cinnamon goods can be found in Sri Lanka, India, and Seychelles.
  • The cinnamon powder suppliers in these countries have wonderful conditions to be able to trade goods because they have raw material growing areas and production facilities right in their own countries. Therefore, the costs to produce the final cinnamon powder product are minimized but still bring to customers the best quality products.
  • In addition, cinnamon powder consumption and import markets of the cinnamon powder supplier include the United States, Mexico, Thailand, England, Korea, Malaysia,… Import standards for cinnamon powder: High-quality items are required in the United States, EU, England, and Korea. Whilst low-quality products are required in African countries, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Main markets

Cinnamon powder supplier – the product characteristics

Before learning more about the cinnamon powder supplier, we need to have mastery of the characteristics of cinnamon powder from which to have the most overview.

The features of cinnamon powder

The cinnamon powder products from the cinnamon powder supplier have some prominent features that it is necessary to grasp knowledge.

The types of cinnamon powder

The cinnamon in general contains two main types in the market:

Cassia Ceylon
Hue Dark reddish-brown Light brown
Aroma Strong aroma cinnamon Soft aroma cinnamon
Taste Spicy A little bit of sweetness
Price $3000-4000/ton $10000-15000/ton

The price of cinnamon powder Ceylon is almost 3 times more expensive than cinnamon powder cassia. However, the needs of each country will require different types of cinnamon, so traders or small customers can consider importing and buying the best item from the cinnamon powder supplier. Cinnamon powder is typically used as an ingredient in main courses or as a medicinal herb in eastern medicine. Cinnamon powder from Ceylon, produced by a cinnamon powder factory is often utilized as a flavor in appetizers.

The benefits of cinnamon powder 

Cassia powder, often known as cinnamon powder, is well-known for its multiple health advantages. In reality, it can be utilized in medicines or as a form of spice in a variety of recipes. Cassia powder is also commonly used in beverages. Let’s take a look at the primary reasons why cinnamon powder from the cinnamon powder supplier has become a must-have in your house. 

  • Using cinnamon powder on a daily basis can help reduce blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity. It also aids weight loss and lowers various heart disease risk factors. Cinnamon powder can also be used as a treatment for foul breath. To promote oral hygiene, the factories also connect to the cinnamon powder supplier to purchase and utilize cinnamon powder to produce toothpaste, mouthwash, or a beverage.
  • Cinnamon powder can help with acne, skin whitening, wrinkle prevention, dry skin softening, skin infection treatment, and eczema treatment. You can easily obtain cinnamon powder from the cinnamon powder supplier and then combine it with lemon juice, honey, and sugar for amazing DIY and natural cures. However, you should not apply too much cinnamon powder because it is strong and might give a burning feeling, especially in persons who have sensitive skin.
  • Cinnamon provides a lot of hair advantages, according to studies. It provides deep nutrition to the hair roots, all of which help to stimulate hair development. Cinnamon powder can be combined with olive oil, argan oil, honey, egg, banana, and a variety of other ingredients. You can choose an appropriate receipt to apply based on the hair problem you encountered.

Benefits of cinnamon powder

The drawbacks of cinnamon powder

Cinnamon contains coumarin. This is a natural flavoring, but it also played a role in making warfarin, a popular blood thinner.

  • Consuming too much coumarin can affect blood clotting. The cinnamon powder should never be used as a complete replacement for medical therapy for any health issue.
  • Cinnamon is provided as an ingredient and a food supplement. Functional foods can have a bad effect on health. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate supplements, so there may be concerns about quality, purity, and strength. Everyone should consult a doctor before using dietary supplements.

Besides, the cinnamon powder supplier when providing products to customers should also have instructions and recommendations so that they can use the right amount needed.


Drawbacks of cinnamon powder

The cinnamon powder supplier’s packaging and storage methods

Wrapping: There are two prominent wrapping options for cinnamon powder of the cinnamon supplier.

  • Polyethylene bags
  • Polypropylene bags

Because of their good durability and is defined as a standard level, PP bags are highly suggested containers for cinnamon powder of the cinnamon powder supplier because they are soft and could see the products inside obviously.

In the factory of a cinnamon powder supplier, there are several basic powder storage needs: 

  • Maximum humidity for products: 13.5%
  • Tightly packed
  • A sanitary storage area

The factors influence the price of cinnamon powder supplier

Cinnamon is a year-round commodity. Cinnamon trees can still flourish and be harvested in the following crops if the price comes down and the cinnamon powder supplier does not collect. As a result, the price of cinnamon powder is quite consistent; it does change, but the variation is minor. Nevertheless, some of the factors affecting the price of cinnamon powder are still vital to evaluate.

The supplying source of cinnamon powder supplier

The Asia-Pacific area is the world’s leading cinnamon powder supplier. For instance, in 2019, Indonesia contributed about 40% of global output. The second, third, and fourth positions are China, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka, respectively.

  • Cinnamon powder has been increasingly popular all across the world. This increase in global demand is helping to boost cinnamon supply in major industrial countries including Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and Sri Lanka. Supply increases, but prices in some countries will have different adjustments from year to year. In general, prices increase sharply but market demand does not decrease because of that.
  • Cinnamon powder goods are available from a variety of cinnamon providers in various nations. However, in terms of natural variables such as environment or geographical location, Vietnam is considered the best cinnamon powder supplier that has a plentiful crop supply, the best price, and customer-supporting legislation. 

The demand of customer market

The worldwide cinnamon market is being driven by rising demand for cinnamon powder as a flavoring agent in various savory meals and beverages all over the world.

  • Cinnamon powder is being utilized in a number of products, including bakery goods and candy. Cinnamon helps customers maintain their blood sugar levels, which is another major factor boosting the worldwide cinnamon nut market. Many people also purchase cinnamon from the cinnamon powder supplier to utilize in a range of cereals and meals.
  • The cinnamon powder supplier market is expected to develop at the quickest rate of 14.2% between 2019 and 2025. For instance, 2020 was a golden year for cinnamon exporting from Vietnam to the surrounding states. The whole amount reaches up to 49079 tons.
  • Cinnamon’s price will climb in response to increased demand. However, among all nations that supply this commodity, the price of cinnamon sold by the Vietnamese cinnamon supplier will be significantly lower than other nations. For example, cigarette cinnamon from a Vietnamese cinnamon powder wholesale supplier costs 5217$ per ton, whereas it costs 5350 to 6000$ per ton in other regions.

Factors influence the price of cinnamon powder suppliers

The delivery goods of cinnamon powder supplier

  • When clients would like to buy cinnamon powder bulk, the primary objective is to keep prices as low as possible. The cost of shipping varies per nation. However, because there is a severe lack of transportation for shipment or human resources in the present pandemic, the cinnamon powder supplier in the major markets will encounter unavoidable obstacles.
  • Cinnamon’s price of cinnamon powder supplier will almost certainly continue the pattern of being pressed higher as the difficulty of transferring becomes more difficult and logistical expenses rise. Nevertheless, depending on the cinnamon supplier from various countries, the payment will be adjusted to get the most reasonable cost to the client.
  • Therefore, the cinnamon powder company must also conduct a thorough analysis of the client market in order to provide the most cost-effective delivery options while avoiding affecting future orders. As a result, they could count on retaining their client base.

The policies of cinnamon powder supplier

  • The EVFTA would have a massive effect on countries’ export value. In 2025, the trade volume of commodities in Vietnam, for instance, is predicted to expand by 42.7%. As a result, the export price of cinnamon powder will be affected directly. 
  • Although the policies will support relatively large products for export, cinnamon powder products will still be priced higher because of the shortage of shipping containers or the high transportation costs. Each cinnamon powder supplier then must also raise the price of their product. 
  • The cinnamon powder supplier should spend time studying the overall market and taking into account many factors in order to set suitable pricing when serving cinnamon to consumers.

How to identify a prestigious cinnamon powder supplier

Since there have been numerous instances of cinnamon-related scams in the industry. As a result, purchasers must see extreme caution and gain a thorough grasp of the cinnamon powder supplier with whom they will work in the future.

Research about cinnamon powder supplier on platforms

The networks listed below could be used to quickly find out information on a cinnamon powder supplier.

  • Government office or embassy
  • Exhibits at trade shows
  • Agency companies
  • Google 
  • E-commerce marketplaces
  • Information of the cinnamon powder supplier on yellow pages 

Google, out of all the platforms listed, maybe the most prominent, but it is also the most untrustworthy when it refers to seeking information. Nevertheless, many people are unaware of how to do so or are unaware that they must filter all of the material they receive on the Internet. The Internet contains a variety of recognized and unconfirmed pieces of knowledge. So be cautious and double-check facts before having faith in it.

Rather than Google, you actually realize that there are a variety of other places where you can obtain company data such as governmental departments, agriculture trade shows, or middleman companies, which are also the most accurate and reliable for learning about a huge and reputable cinnamon powder supplier.

The methods to check trustworthy cinnamon powder supplier

  • A reputable cinnamon powder supplier will be able to offer you the brand name of their product. This feature makes determining whether or not a provider is legitimate a breeze.
  • Trustworthy cinnamon suppliers will publish all of their videos and pictures to social networking sites or e-commerce sites using their own trademark, signature, and symbol.
  • What’s more, a reliable cinnamon powder supplier is that they have an outstanding number of partners in the market. If that supplier can operate for a long time and attract great collaborators, then you will not need to worry anymore.

How to identify a prestigious cinnamon powder supplier

The hallmarks of a phony cinnamon powder company

Because of today’s multi-dimensional integration, scammers will infiltrate any market, not just the cinnamon powder industry in order to enrich themselves with bad intentions. Before you acquire cinnamon powder or collaborate with a cinnamon powder supplier, keep the following points in mind:

  • Fraudsters, for instance, lack a website with up-to-date material, costs, and customer ratings, unlike legitimate cinnamon powder suppliers.
  • The system for recommending fake cinnamon providers isn’t very exact or transparent. They also refuse to enable video conversations for product involvement, regardless of the fact that this is a crucial stage for a good cinnamon powder supplier.

The price of cinnamon powder supplier

  • The most affordable pricing for customers is closely connected with the quality of the product, irrespective of the commodities, not just cinnamon power. Consider the fact, though, that not every low-cost item is fantastic.
  • Today’s wonderful products necessitate fair pricing because it takes a lot more effort and money for a cinnamon powder supplier to make high-quality goods. You may be certain of receiving the best items if you have done your research and selected the most reputable supplier.

The customer service of cinnamon powder company

Customer care policies are also requirements for a trusted cinnamon powder supplier in a partnership. Because they have already sold you the product, they must provide ongoing assistance in order for the collaboration to be successful.

The reliable cinnamon powder supplier offers distribution network support, especially when problems arise such as system failures, quality management, and order shortages. As a result, when analyzing and selecting cinnamon providers, these factors must be taken into account. It’s critical to consider the following factors while evaluating cinnamon powder suppliers with good customer service:

  • Gather feedback on the level of service provided.
  • Check the providers’ attitudes as well as the time it takes them to reply to assist the inquiries.
  • The abilities of the support crew.

Top 5 of the cinnamon powder supplier in the world

The given data represents a broad overview of the cinnamon powder supplier. For your convenience, the following section will include the most reputable brands of cinnamon powder on the marketplace currently.

Hanoi Cinnamon Factory – the cinnamon powder supplier in Vietnam

Hanoi Cinnamon Factory is a Vietnamese company that exports high-quality agricultural goods to other countries. This cinnamon powder supplier has been selling agricultural products to overseas markets for over 10 years.

  • Coffee, rice, cinnamon, anise, pepper, and other great Hanoi Cinnamon goods can be named… All of these items are planted and produced in the country with domestic raw resources. As a result, each item exported is assured in terms of type, quality, pricing, and customer care standards.
  • Quality is King” is the slogan of this cinnamon powder supplier. They prioritize production efficiency, so any customer who contacts them with a significant or little order will be pleased with every stage of the process. Therefore, you may feel completely safe working with them.
  • Hanoi Cinnamon received the certification of organic products by the government. Therefore, more and more famous traders of agricultural products are coming to them, not just cinnamon products.
  • Hanoi Cinnamon Vietnamese cigarette cinnamon, stick cinnamon, cigarette cinnamon, cinnamon powder, cinnamon oil, and so on are recognized for high-end items. Their cinnamon has a maximum moisture percentage of 12-14% and a 2-4% oil content. 
  • The price of the products will begin at 1957$/ton. As a result, purchasers may rest confident that this cinnamon provider offers the best pricing on the market. India, the Middle East, the EU, Japan, Korea, and the United States are the demand areas of this Vietnamese cinnamon supplier.
  • Shipping costs and customer care policies are also one of the top priorities for this cinnamon powder supplier so that customers can get the best experience when buying or cooperating with the company for a long time.


Phone: +84961504190 (Whatsapp Available)



AGRIM Company – the cinnamon powder supplier in Indonesia

AGRIM was established in 2004. It began as a small agricultural trading enterprise and has expanded multi-folds thanks to meticulous planning and relentless effort.

  • This cinnamon powder supplier also has been able to realize the goal of a continuous upward curve. AGRIM is currently involved in the manufacturing, trading, and distribution of a variety of agricultural goods. 
  • They have developed an international consumer base for the organization by gaining an in-depth understanding and expertise of regional items through time. Their main products are desiccated coconut and cassia cinnamon.
  • AGRIM cinnamon powder supplier has the main cinnamon items focusing on cassia long stick, cassia broken, cinnamon powder, ground cassia,… The moisture content is 13.5% and the volatile oil is min 1.5%. Their main markets are South East Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas. The price of cinnamon powder at this company could be negotiated, therefore you should direct them to get the best price.

AGRIM Company

Shaanxi Haokang Biotechnology Co., Ltd in China

Shaanxi Haokang Biotech Co., Ltd. is a sophisticated high-tech corporation that specializes in the research, production, and sale of over 100 different types of natural botanical extracts. 

  • The factory was established in 2011. Plant extracts are widely used in medical, food, beverage, cosmetics, and other fields. As a result, this cinnamon powder supplier has accumulated a lot of experience producing and supplying cinnamon powder. 
  • ISO 9001:2000 and FDA certificates are all held by the factory. These are also certificates that show that each business’s machinery is in good working order.
  • The price of products at this company varies from 900$/ton. The main markets of this cinnamon powder supplier are the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and they also provide goods to domestic pharmaceutical factories and health care products manufacturers. 

Shaanxi Haokang Biotech

New Lanka Cinnamon Pvt Ltd – the cinnamon powder supplier in Sri Lanka

This cinnamon powder supplier is a proficient cinnamon producing, manufacturing, and distributing enterprise in Sri Lanka, with headquarters in the Galle District’s Karandeniya electoral region.

  • Mr. Shelton Jayathunga founded the company in 1980. They have set up a second plantation dedicated just to export markets. New Lanka Cinnamon Private Limited (NLC) currently has a global export capability of 1,000 tons per year.
  • This cinnamon powder supplier has become one of Sri Lanka’s major cinnamon exporters as a result of its outstanding operation capacity. They have received various standards certificates, including GMP and ISO 22000 for Food Safety Management Systems.
  • Besides cinnamon powder, this supplier also has a variety of other products such as cinnamon sticks, cinnamon oil, cinnamon drink, cinnamon mixed with other fruits,… These items are also practical and good for the health of users. The main supply market for their products is worldwide, with no specific concentration in any country.

New Lanka Cinnamon Pvt Ltd

Leaf India Company – the cinnamon powder supplier in India

True Natural, situated in Almora, Uttrakhand, India, launched Leaf India in 2018. 

  • This cinnamon powder supplier is expanding throughout the nation, following in the footsteps of its leader, Mr. Navin Sundriyal. The main products of this company are natural hygiene leaf, herbal medicines & organic spice. 
  • Leaf India Company is thriving day by day, thanks to a well-organized network of distributors and retailers. Their well-coordinated distributed system allowed them to reach every corner of the country with high-quality food goods. 
  • The products of this cinnamon powder supplier have a natural origin, so they can be suitable for clients from all countries around the globe. The price of cinnamon powder products here will be exchanged directly when you contact them.

Leaf India Company

To sum up, the above article is the most detailed information about the cinnamon powder supplier. You can rest assured about the accuracy. If you really want to start developing a career, the truth about the cinnamon powder supplier that is given will be an important first step for you to avoid unnecessary mistakes later. Hopefully, the best things will come to you so that you can reap great revenue in this industry.

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