Important knowledge about cinnamon essential oil

Discover the incredible benefits and uses of cinnamon essential oil in our comprehensive guide. Having general knowledge around cinnamon essential oil in terms of product features, distributions and benefits, etc… is a must to any trader. Don’t miss out on the amazing world of cinnamon essential oil and its powerful properties.

Cinnamon essential oil: Manufacturing process

Digging into the production process of cinnamon essential oil helps traders have a broad view about the product.

Preparing raw materials

Raw materials need to live up to several standards below:

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Manufacturing process of cinnamon essential oil

  • Harvest the raw materials such as barks, branches or leaves from the local cinnamon cultivation areas.
  • Lifespan of cinnamon tree: >= 8 year.
  • Cinnamon branches’ diameters: <= 3 cm.
  • Cinnamon leaves: dry and flawless.
  • The standard humidity <= 20%.
  • Cinnamon barks after being harvested must be incubated from 1,5 to 2 months in a warehouse to accumulate the essential oil possible before being carried to factories to be processed and manufactured.

Processing procedure

8 main steps required to produce cinnamon essential oil products.

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Processing procedure of cinnamon oil

  • Step 1: Grinding cinnamon barks/leaves to the size from 5 to 10 cm.
  • Step 2: Adding the materials to the distaliting machine.
  • Step 3: Adding water. 
  • Step 4: Heating distillation.
  • Step 5: Filtering bits and pieces.
  • Step 6: Cooling and distillating for more than 6 hours.
  • Step 7: Take the essential oil to go through a separation machine.
  • Step 8: Packaging. 

Cinnamon essential oil: Typical products

There are 2 most popular-traded types of cinnamon essential oil in the market: 

  • Ceylon essential oil: This type of oil manufactured from Ceylon cinnamon leaves has a mild smell while the essential oil made from cinnamon barks has a more intense scent. It is widely used in soothing the pain of sickness, inflammatory spots  and local anesthetic.
  • Cassia essential oil: Extracted from Cassia cinnamon evergreens, it has a perfect balance between intense aromas and a pungent flavor. It can be either used to fight against germs thanks to its strong anti-germ effects or used in cooking. 

Of which, Cassia essential oil is the most widely-used, making up for nearly 50% of the global cinnamon oil production volume due to its affordable price, along with excellent quality. The main producers of this oil are Indonesia, Vietnam and China.

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The price range of cinnamon oil

  • With 80 – 85% purity and a unique woody and intense flavor, Vietnamese and Chinese cinnamon essential oil is selling at a very competitive price range: $33 – 35 per liter. This is a really good price for buyers.
  • Besides, Ceylon oil, which is almost exclusively produced in Sri Lanka, is considered as the best cinnamon oil with the distinct and earthy aromas. Due to its superior features, its price is, of course, more extravagant than any others’.

Cinnamon essential oil: Main suppliers

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The main suppliers of cinnamon oil

According to OEC, top cinnamon essential oil suppliers in the world are often located in Asian countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, China and Sri Lanka.

The key reason is favorable cinnamon’s growing conditions. This plant is able to thrive at its best when the region’s climate is tropical or subtropical. They are in love with humid and warm weather, that’s why cultivating areas of cinnamon are Asian countries. 

Two typical examples for cinnamon essential oil suppliers are Vietnam and China. In 2019, Vietnam ranked 1st in exporting cinnamon products (including cinnamon oil) in the world, recording 175 million USD in revenue, according to OEC.

Cinnamon essential oil: Outstanding benefits

There is no question about the tremendous number of advantages that cinnamon essential oil brings us in terms of healthcare and cosmetics industries. Here are some of the most popular benefits:

  • Removing bad odor in unventilated spaces such as storages and garages.
  • Preventing insects such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, bugs, etc.
  • Refreshing human’s minds by using candles with a cinnamon essential oil note.
  • Treating common flu
  • Ingredients for lots of oriental purposes.

The amount of cinnamon essential oil varies depending on the usage purposes. In general, the recommended amount of usage is from 1 to 2 drops of the oil. Higher amounts will make you feel overwhelmed due to the typical strong scent and spicy flavor.

Cinnamon essential oil: Recommended suppliers

The list below would be helpful for ones struggling for finding a high-quality cinnamon essential oil supplier.

Lak Cinnamon

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Lak Cinnamon Company

Founded in 1990 in Sri Lanka, LakCinnamon managers aimed at trading the original Ceylon cinnamon oil of the nation. They fully focus on cultivating their best kind of cinnamon and always put the quality as well as the standards of their products as the first priority.

A list of the company’s products: Cinnamon essential oil, cinnamon quilling, cinnamon powder, cinnamon chips, etc.

Hanoi Cinnamon

Having more than 24 years of experience in producing and internationally trading agricultural products, Hanoi Cinnamon Factory is considered one of the largest Vietnamese cinnamon oil suppliers.

The company had achieved compulsory certificates such as HACCP, ISO 9000, or FSSC 22000. Moreover, with more than 8000m2 of storehouse which recorded a 15,000-ton production capacity each month, Hanoi Cinnamon ensures to meet the wholesale demand of cinnamon essential oil customers.

Contact us:



Phone/Whatsapp: +84961504190

The Commerce

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The Commerce Company

Starting their business in 2017, The Commerce Company is a new supplier of cinnamon essential oil. One thing special about this company is that the oil can be customized depending on buyers’ requirements.

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