The surprising truth about cinnamon supplier in the world

Cinnamon products are famous for their wonderful advantages and potential benefits. Are you seeking a reputable cinnamon supplier to start your own company with the types of cinnamon? This article would be an ideal solution for you to refer to find best cinnamon supplier, so do not ignore any information below.


General information about the cinnamon supplier 

Cinnamon supplier is one of the most important components in the proper functioning and profitability of the company if you own a cinnamon-related organization. To pick a trustworthy cinnamon source, you must first comprehend what a cinnamon supplier is and where the majority of cinnamon suppliers are positioned.

The definition of cinnamon supplier

The official producer and distributor of cinnamon products to the global market is a cinnamon supplier. They play an important part in delivering this item because cinnamon is a popular spice for recipes as well as a product with significant health benefits. In addition, the cinnamon supplier has a large number of potential customers and has earned a huge amount of revenue from this item.

The main market of cinnamon supplier

During the year 2020, four nations (China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia) produced 88.6% of global cinnamon exports. This proportion reflects a very specialized worldwide spice industry. Cinnamon exports from Asia accounted for 90.4% of total continental exports. Europe provided another 7.3%.


The main market of cinnamon suppliers

Vietnam, Indonesia, and China are three prominent countries of cinnamon suppliers with product lines from cassia cinnamon. The quality of cinnamon in Indonesia is said to be less fragrant and less spicy than cinnamon sourced from Vietnam. While Sri Lanka usually supplies Ceylon. 

China: Chinese cinnamon is extremely similar to Vietnamese cinnamon, however, it can be identified by color (Chinese cinnamon is darker in color) and is said to have a more bitter flavor. Vietnamese cinnamon also contains a higher essential oil content than the other two countries.

Vietnam: When comparing the three markets of Indonesia, Vietnam, and China, the cinnamon supplier in Vietnam will have better product circumstances, including:

  • For high-quality cinnamon, Vietnam has the ideal natural conditions (soil, season).
  • Large orders can be exported because the output is sufficient.
  • Export standards are ensured by modern manufacturing and processing technology.
  • In comparison to similar cinnamon products from Indonesia and China, Vietnamese cinnamon has a higher essential oil level, an extremely aromatic, spicy, and sweet flavor due to the high quantity of essential oils.

Sri Lanka, India, and Seychelles where have a cinnamon suppliers with Ceylon cinnamon products. Because of the higher price, Ceylon cinnamon is not as popular as cassia cinnamon and the purchase volume is not much. Therefore, these countries often import cinnamon from regions such as Vietnam, China, or Indonesia.

The primary products of the cinnamon supplier

The cinnamon supplier has a number of main products that can be mentioned and classified in this section.

The main cinnamon types of cinnamon supplier

Cinnamon is divided into two main groups: Cinnamomum cassia and Cinnamomum Ceylon. They are the most common in the world these days and are also classified according to their type and environmental condition.

  • As having said above, Cassia is grown in Vietnam, China, and Indonesia. 
  • Ceylon appears in Sri Lanka, India, and Seychelles.

There are a few other kinds of cinnamon than these two listed, according to several publications. They are, however, not as well-known as these two species of cinnamon and are not farmed as a consumer good.


The main cinnamon types of cinnamon supplier

The popular products to the export of cinnamon supplier

Cinnamon is a product that includes essential nutrients for good health. Therefore, the cinnamon supplier has a huge source of income from this product with 4 main types of items listed below:

Stick cinnamon of cinnamon suppliers

Stick cinnamon is favored by the cinnamon supplier and the number of customers looking for this item is relatively high because of its indescribable benefits.

  • A tropical tree inner bark is used by the cinnamon supplier to make the cinnamon stick. The cinnamon tree’s bark is taken away in parts, resulting in the sticks. The hard surface is scraped off the interior red-colored bark, which then curls organically as it cures. The lengthy portions are broken into little chunks and marketed as cinnamon sticks. 
  • Stick cinnamon has a rounded, small shape and is about 1.5-2 cm in diameter. They look like chopsticks, which have a length of 15-20 cm. (It can also be changed depending on the demand of the customer). The wholesale price of cinnamon sticks varies depending on conditions of humidity, essential oil content (2-4%), and rolliness. 
  • The harvesting time of stick cinnamon is in spring and autumn. The cinnamon supplier in Indonesia, Vietnam, and China trade this item in a huge quantity each year.

Stick cinnamon of cinnamon suppliers

Cigarette cinnamon of cinnamon suppliers

Cinnamon aged around 30 years ago is used to make cigarette cinnamon.

  • Cinnamon bark is dried and naturally curled into flutes once the outer skin is removed. The cinnamon supplier will keep it in a warehouse and trim it to the specifications of the consumers. 
  • Cigarette cinnamon has a length of about 8-12 cm, small rolls, and looks like a cigarette. The price of this type depends on the moisture content, essential oil content (2-4%), and the rolliness of the product.
  • Just like cinnamon sticks, cigarette cinnamon is harvested in spring and autumn. Indonesia, Vietnam, and China are also the three countries that have famous cinnamon suppliers.

Cigarette cinnamon of cinnamon suppliers

Split cinnamon of cinnamon suppliers

  • Split cinnamon is harvested from the forest and cleansed with fresh water before being chopped into shorter sticks with a length of 35-45 cm and a thickness of 0.8-1.6 mm. After that, the cinnamon supplier will dry them in the sun, but not too hot so as not to impair their quality or oil content. This product has low essential oil content, from 1.5-2% mainly. It has a natural smell as well as a delicious taste.
  • The months in spring and autumn are also the appropriate time for the cinnamon supplier to get their achievement from split cinnamon. This item because of its crumbly properties, the price will not be as high as the stick cinnamon, but that does not make it less attractive. Cinnamon suppliers each year still provide or import large quantities of split cinnamon to satisfy all customers.

Split cinnamon of cinnamon suppliers

Broken cinnamon of cinnamon suppliers

  • In general, broken cinnamon is ground into powder and essential oil can be obtained by the cinnamon supplier for a variety of uses. Broken cinnamon is small, about 2 cm in length and 0.8-1.6mm in thickness.
  • Broken cinnamon is made from peeled branches, broken bark, and unshaped bark. The essential oil content in this item is minimal, about 1%; however, cinnamon broken from the thick bark has a greater essential oil content, about 2-4%.
  • The cinnamon suppliers in Vietnam, Indonesia, and China are the main markets of broken cinnamon. Every year, they own the value of exporting these products to other countries with pretty huge quantities.

Broken cinnamon of cinnamon suppliers

The aspects that affect the price of cinnamon supplier

Cinnamon is a commodity that is not subject to seasonal pressure. When the price is low and farmers do not harvest, cinnamon trees can still grow and harvest in the following crops. Therefore, the cost of cinnamon is relatively stable, it fluctuates but the difference is small. However, it is still necessary to consider some of the factors that affect the price of cinnamon below.

The supplying element of cinnamon supplier

In 2019, the Asia-Pacific region is the world’s top cinnamon supplier, with Indonesia alone accounting for approximately 40% of global production.

Country  Tons
Indonesia 89,657
China 72,319
Vietnam 31,248
Sri Lanka 24,821

There are many cinnamon suppliers in different countries that provide cinnamon products. But in terms of natural factors such as weather or geographical area, Vietnam has an abundant growing supply, the most suitable price, and the supporting policies for customers. For instance, the cost of split cinnamon in Vietnam is 2826$/ton. Meanwhile, the other countries vary from 2800-3500$/ton.

The demanding element of market

Increased demand for cinnamon as a flavoring element in various savory foods and beverages around the world is driving the global cinnamon market.

  • Cinnamon is being used in a variety of items, such as bakery goods and confectionery, to help manufacturers provide healthier product alternatives. Cinnamon aids in the control of blood sugar levels in consumers, which is another important driver driving the global cinnamon seed market. Cinnamon is also used in a variety of cereals and meals, and there has been a rise in consumer demand for cinnamon in both ground and whole quills among UK food producers, distributors, bakers, and retailers. 
  • From 2019 to 2025, the market of cinnamon suppliers is predicted to grow at the fastest rate of 14.2%. It could be taken as an example that 2020 was a boom year for cinnamon to export from Vietnam to other countries. The quantity is up to 49079 tons. 
  • Of course, when demand increases, the price of cinnamon will also rise. But in all countries that supply this item, the cost of cinnamon sold from the cinnamon supplier in Vietnam will be much cheaper than others. For instance, with cigarette cinnamon from Vietnam, the price is 5217$/ton but in other nations, it is 5350 – 6000$/ton.

Demanding element of market

The transportation of cinnamon suppliers

Agricultural products such as cinnamon, anise, coffee, rice,… Although these items are exported every year in large quantities, they are sensitive costs related to transportation. 

  • When customers want to buy cinnamon in bulk products, the first priority will be to optimize the prices as possible. Shipping costs vary from country to country. But in the current pandemic, the shortage of transportation for shipping or human resources is extremely large. Therefore, the price of logistics also increased so the cinnamon supplier in the main markets faces inevitable challenges. 
  • When the challenge of moving things becomes more complicated and logistics costs rise, cinnamon’s cost will almost likely follow the trend of being pushed higher. However, relying on the cinnamon supplier from different nations, the price will be modified based on the type of fluctuation in order to provide the most convenient pricing to the buyer.
  • Cinnamon suppliers also need to clearly survey the client market to be able to offer the most reasonable shipping costs and not to affect the next orders. Therefore, they could rest assured to retain loyal customers.

The policy of cinnamon companies

Policies such as EVFTA or export quota of each country will be one of the very important conditions affecting the export price of agricultural products, especially such as cinnamon items from the cinnamon supplier. 

  • The EVFTA will have a strong impact on the export turnover of countries. In Vietnam, for example, the export volume of goods is expected to increase by 42.7% in 2025. Therefore, this will directly affect the export price of cinnamon. In the context of the current pandemic, the lack of empty containers, high transportation costs, and the price of cinnamon have increased.
  • However, cinnamon suppliers should take the time to study the general market and consider different aspects to be able to adjust the appropriate price when providing cinnamon to customers.

Policy of cinnamon suppliers

The priority factors to realize reputable cinnamon suppliers

Because on the market there are many cases of scams about the supply of cinnamon products. Therefore, buyers need to be really alert and have a deep understanding of the cinnamon supplier that they will cooperate with in the future.

The trustworthiness of cinnamon suppliers

A reliable cinnamon supplier will be able to provide you with their verified brand name. This feature makes it simple to determine whether or not the vendor is legitimate. 

  • Trusted cinnamon suppliers will use their own copyright, signature, and logo to submit all of their photographs and videos on social media or e-commerce platforms. 
  • Apart from that, the images and videos about their cinnamon companies should be in widescreen and clear; if they are too faded, they can be illegally taken from other cinnamon suppliers.

The product quality of cinnamon suppliers

Product quality will definitely be the main factor determining whether a cinnamon supplier is really guaranteed to cooperate or not. 

  • When you start looking for them, you need to research carefully about the cinnamon products that they put on the market. 
  • Observe reviews of those items from professional product review platforms. It can be seen that the product quality factor will determine 90% of the success or failure for future cooperation.

The presentation of cinnamon suppliers

This section covers the ways in which they perform in the market. 

  • The performance of how they offer the product
  • The time and production process are intelligible
  • The delivery issue is reasonably agreed upon by both parties

These things must be obvious for customers when they start to make an order from cinnamon producers. If a cinnamon supplier has a well-established process for a product, they are highly likely to be a reliable supplier of cinnamon.


Presentation of cinnamon suppliers

The cost management of cinnamon suppliers

Regardless of the goods, not only cinnamon, the most reasonable pricing for buyers is combined with product quality. However, you should keep in mind that not every inexpensive item is wonderful. 

Great products, nowadays, require well-balanced pricing. Because for a cinnamon supplier, to produce a cinnamon good that is a lot of effort and cost to invest in to get the best results in the end. If you have done your research and chosen the most dependable supplier, you can rest assured to acquire a high-quality product.

The service and support from cinnamon producers

For bilateral cooperation, service and support policies are also prerequisites for a reliable cinnamon supplier. Since they already sold you the product, they need to ensure the support service in the future so that the partnership can last a long time.

The cinnamon supplier provides services to support supply chains, particularly when issues such as product failures, quality assurance, and a shortage of orders develop. As a result, these parameters must be considered while evaluating and selecting cinnamon suppliers. When analyzing cinnamon supplier customer service, it is vital to: 

  • Collect feedback on the quality of support.
  • Examine the attitude of the providers and the time it takes for them to respond to support inquiries.
  • The support staff’s skills.

How to import cinnamon products from the cinnamon supplier?

Here are the most comprehensive instructions for individuals who are newbies to the cinnamon supplier and are still perplexed.

Research more about cinnamon supplier

It is a crucial stage because a dependable cinnamon supplier will ensure that your business runs well. You may find a trustworthy cinnamon provider in a number of methods, including:

  • Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are just a few examples of social media platforms…
  • Investigate as much buyer advice and feedback as you can from groups regarding cinnamon suppliers on Facebook, YouTube ratings, and so on.
  • Because all cinnamon suppliers have their own websites, you can simply search for terms like “Asian cinnamon supplier,” “Cinnamon suppliers” in countries,” etc. to locate them.

Signs to identify the fraudulent cinnamon supplier

Scammers will penetrate any industry, not just the cinnamon industry, to enrich themselves with evil motives, thanks to today’s multi-dimensional integration. Here are a few things to keep in mind before buying or collaborating with the cinnamon supplier:

  • For example, unlike genuine cinnamon suppliers, scammers do not have a website with a wealth of updated information, prices, and customer reviews.
  • The fake cinnamon supplier recommender systems aren’t very clear or precise. They also don’t allow video chats for product evaluations, despite the fact that this is an important step for the actual cinnamon supplier.
  • Counterfeit cinnamon producers’ prices are far too low. Please keep in mind that you will obtain what you paid for.

Buyers should be cautious, even though this is not a common occurrence, because a number of people have been duped by the well-known cinnamon supplier. You should prove to yourself that you are the wisest consumer and have the most intuitive comprehension of each trading market.


How to import cinnamon products from the cinnamon supplier?

Consult reliable cinnamon supplier to purchase

Once you have found the best cinnamon supplier, you may contact their representatives to purchase cinnamon.

  • The first thing you should ask the cinnamon supplier is regarding all of the product’s details. Cinnamon companies, according to provenance, provide a wide range of products that include stick cinnamon, cigarette cinnamon, split cinnamon, and broken cinnamon.
  • After you have decided on the right products, you’ll need to ask the cinnamon supplier a few more questions, such as: What is the standard price? What kind of discount can they offer on large purchases? Is the cost of transport included in the price?
  • Furthermore, to protect your rights, inquire about problems with warranty coverage and refunds with the cinnamon supplier.

All of the preceding queries will assist you in selecting a suitable cinnamon supplier and extending the partnership duration later on.

Make an order from cinnamon companies

At this time, the majority of excellent cinnamon suppliers will ask for a deposit:

  • The deposit amount varies depending on the policy of the wholesaler, but it is usually at least 50%.
  • Furthermore, real cinnamon suppliers would call you on the video to verify the product’s quality.
  • After you have completed the payment and cinnamon evaluation procedures, the cinnamon supplier will deliver the product to you. Your location, as well as any variations that may occur, affect the time it takes for your delivery to arrive.

If you could somehow ensure all of the above, you may rest assured that you’ve found a trustworthy cinnamon supplier.

The most trustworthy cinnamon suppliers

We recommend the most well-known cinnamon suppliers in this section to save you money and effort throughout the choosing process. Those are the cinnamon companies with the most positive feedback.

VILACONIC – a trusted cinnamon supplier in Vietnam

VILACONIC has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality agricultural products from all over the world since 1980. This trustworthy cinnamon factory has always maintained its market position and customer trust. The company’s products, along with the large distribution infrastructure in the country, have been distributed to many nations at this time.

  • The signature products of this cinnamon supplier could be mentioned such as rice, pepper, cassia cinnamon, coffee bean, coconut,… Their goals are making a difference by adding value and inspiring customers’ trust and loyalty, providing rational rewards to stakeholders while ensuring long-term firm growth.
  • VILACONIC provides some main types of cinnamon such as stick cinnamon, cigarette cinnamon, split cinnamon, broken cinnamon, cassia powder,… The water portion is about 13.5% and the essential oil content is 2-4%. They also focus and have exported cinnamon products to some big countries such as Europe, UK, USA,…

Hanoi Cinnamon Factory – a reliable cinnamon supplier in Vietnam

Hanoi Cinnamon Factory exports high-class agricultural products from Vietnam to the world. This cinnamon supplier has more than 20 years of experience in exporting agricultural goods to foreign markets. 

  • Hanoi Cinnamon’s outstanding products can be mentioned as rice, coffee, cinnamon, anise, pepper,…. These are all items with raw materials produced in the nation. Therefore, each item when exporting is guaranteed in terms of types, quality, price, and support policies for customers.
  • The company’s CEO has come to many countries around the world to learn about the production process of each product, how to export goods as well as how to transport to each customer in each territory so that it could create the most convenient conditions for clients. This has assisted the company gets wholesale organic cinnamon orders in extremely large quantities every year and the reviews about cinnamon products at the company from customers are also extremely positive. 
  • The slogan of Hanoi Cinnamon is “Quality is King”. They put product quality first, so any consumer who approaches this cinnamon supplier, whether requesting a large or small quantity of items, will be satisfied with every step of the process. Thus, you can totally rest assured when cooperating with them.
  • Hanoi Cinnamon has been known to customers for some outstanding and luxury products such as tube cinnamon, stick cinnamon, cigarette cinnamon, split cinnamon, cinnamon powder, cinnamon oil,… The moisture in their cinnamon is 12-14% max and oil content is 2-4%. The product price will start from 3$. Therefore, buyers can be completely assured that this cinnamon supplier has the best price compared to the general market. In 2020, the following are the most important demand markets for stick cinnamon from this Vietnamese cinnamon supplier: India, the Middle East, Japan, the European Union, Korea, and the United States.

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Phone: +84961504190 (Whatsapp Available)


Lak Cinnamon Planters & Exporters – the cinnamon supplier in Sri Lanka

Lak Cinnamon Planters & Exporters was founded in 1991 in Sri Lanka’s southern coastal region, which is known for its vast spice gardens. In Sri Lanka, it all began with cinnamon. They only plant the best cinnamon available and take great care of it. This cinnamon supplier feels that the best spices require greater attention and care from the beginning. If you require a high-quality cinnamon product from Sri Lanka, this company can meet your requirements quickly and to your complete satisfaction.

Yulin Hexiangyuan Spice and Food Co., Ltd in China

Yulin Hexiangyuan Spice and Food Co., Ltd was established in 2003 and is located in China’s largest spice production and distribution center. Yulin was a private corporation with a business license for enterprise as a legal entity and customs clearance privileges. 

  • This cinnamon supplier sells a variety of items, including star aniseed, black/white pepper, Xiangsa, cinnamon cassia, and others… Since their establishment, they have dedicated themselves to the exploitation of the local and foreign markets, seeking new international business opportunities and importing their product to other countries.
  • The products from cassia cinnamon are provided by this cinnamon supplier. The price varies from 1043$/ton (the length from 36-42cm and the diameter from 2-8cm). Their cinnamon products are suitable for countries where consumers need cheap products and are not too strict about quality.

Visimex Corporation – the reliable cinnamon supplier in Vietnam

Visimex Corporation was founded in 2002 as part of the NIC GROUP. This cinnamon supplier wants to build a long-term agricultural firm that produces environmentally friendly products for both home and international markets.

  • With qualifications such as HACCP, BRC, Halal, Kosher, and ISO 22000: 2007, Visimex pledges to provide only high-quality items that match international food safety requirements. Visimex has cultivated exports to 70 countries in the last decade and is rapidly contributing to Vietnam’s export turnover.
  • This cinnamon supplier has a wide range of products such as stick cinnamon, round-cut cinnamon, Cassia cinnamon powder, square-cut cassia with skin,… These products all have moisture 13.5% max, essential oil content is 0.5-4%. Product prices will fluctuate from year to year, customers should contact directly to get the best price. The main market for them to supply their products in the USA, Europe, China, Japan,…


In conclusion, here are the facts you need to know about the cinnamon supplier. If you are a newbie and want to import cinnamon products, this article has pointed out a lot of important factors for you to find a trusted cinnamon supplier. Cinnamon is an item with high nutritional value. In the current developed life conditions, many countries are currently focusing on investing to export cinnamon products, of which Vietnam is a strong cinnamon producer and supplier. Hope that you will grasp numerous advantages for the future corporation. 

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