Tube cinnamon and things you need to know

There is no doubt that in recent years, cinnamon products such as tube cinnamon are on the rise for development. If you still don’t know where to begin before venturing in tube cinnamon, this article is a good start for you.

A board overview of tube cinnamon

Tube cinnamon is widely known as one of the most potential cinnamon products. A quick introduction below is a need for you regardless of a newbie or experienced ones.

Definition of tube cinnamon


The shape of tube cinnamon

Simply speaking, tube cinnamon, one of the variety of cinnamon products, is harvested from the bark of the cinnamon tree, 40-45cm in length, dried and rolled up to look like a tube.

Distribution of tube cinnamon in the world

In terms of scientific aspect, cinnamon has approximately 54 species but simply, Cassia cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon are main types and tube cinnamon products from Cassia are more common than ones from Ceylon.
Today, Cassia tube cinnamon mainly come from three world’s leading cinnamon producing nations including Indonesia, China and Vietnam together accounting for 195,202 tonnes out of 222,122 tonnes the global output of cinnamon in 2020 according to FAOSTAT.


Three biggest sources of tube cinnamon in the world

  • In Indonesia, tube cinnamon manufactured mainly comes from cinnamon of the Kericin area, the central Sumatra and shares between two provinces including West Sumatra and Jambi. Highly active volcano and forest ecosystems is the main factor deciding why this place is a cinnamon center for tube cinnamon.
  • In Vietnam, Yen Bai is the province concentrating the majority of cinnamon for Vietnamese tube cinnamon thanks to the advantages of large cinnamon cultivating size up to 50 000 hectares and the priority of climate. Other provinces supplying a considerable quantity of cinnamon tubes in Vietnam are Quang Ninh, Tuyen Quang, Quang Nam and so on.
  • In China , cinnamon cultivated for tube cinnamon mainly comes from Guangdong and Guangxi thanks to the benefits of being near to the nation’s borders and close to the East Sea.

Features of cinnamon tube compared others

What makes tube cinnamon unique? The next paragraphs will demonstrate the differences and similarities of tube cinnamon compared to other cinnamon products types and its distinct strengths.

Tube cinnamon and other cinnamon products types comparison


Comparison in common cinnamon products

To gain deeper insights about the features of tube cinnamon products in the cinnamon market, a comparison is needed to get an objective view of cinnamon products. The chart below will exemplify the features of each cinnamon product.

Pros of tube cinnamon

Tube cinnamon is the most expensive cinnamon product, followed by cinnamon sticks.


The advanatages of tube cinnamon

  • Because of their widespread use in cuisine, pharmaceutical, and decorating, these cinnamon items are regarded highly segmented.
  • The length of tube cinnamon, on the other hand, is nearly double that of cinnamon sticks.
  • Then, together with cinnamon split, tube cinnamon is considered the best product. This is a significant advantage of tube cinnamon for anybody looking to sell or purchase tube cinnamon in bulk since it advantages both reselling and manufacturing, which may transform its shape in a variety of ways.
  • Tube cinnamon’s versatility enables it to be processed into cinnamon powder, cinnamon broken, chopped into cinnamon sticks and cinnamon cigarettes, and extracted into cinnamon oil.

Elements affecting tube cinnamon’ price

Before deciding to buy and sell tube cinnamon, it is important and necessary to do research about catalysts directly influencing tube cinnamon’ price. In this section, the main elements impacting tube cinnamon’s price will be revealed.


Main factors impacting the price of tube cinnamon

Supply elements impacting tube cinnamon’ price

Regardless of the deleteriousness of the pandemic, cinnamon total production has witnessed just a slight decrease from 223,414 tonnes to 222,122 tonnes between 2019 and 2020 as per FAOSTAT. This is still considered as a relatively high number after the severe effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. However large the supply is, the price of tube cinnamon seems to increase because of the outrip of the demand.

Demand elements impacting tube cinnamon’ price

Following the reopening of policies in many nations, the demand for cinnamon in general, and tube cinnamon in particular, has surged. Tube cinnamon, as previously mentioned, is a suitable option for the business-to-business model. World demand for cinnamon, on the other hand, is predicted to outweigh global supply by 8% to 12%. This phenomena has the potential to raise the price of cinnamon goods in general, and tube cinnamon in particular, or, worse, to cause price inflation and uncontrolled huge cinnamon production in the near future.

Government policies impacting tube cinnamon’ price

Government policies play pivotal roles in tax, charges and tariffs in exporting and importing tube cinnamon. Looking for countries enjoying many incentives will help you minimize the financial budget such as export price, delivery cost. Differ from other countries with civil wars or coups, Vietnam is a peaceful country with stable institutions, dynamic economy and most importantly, enjoys a lot of tax incentives in trading stocks. Big agreements such as EVFTA going into force in August 2020 helps eliminate 99 percent exporting tariffs from Vietnam to European countries, therefore, the exporting price for tube cinnamon is relatively cheap.

SPEC elements impacting tube cinnamon’ price

When it comes to tube cinnamon costs, thickness is the first criteria in SPEC that determines the product’s sector price. Tube cinnamon goods with a thin skin are more popular in the cinnamon market because they may cut down on subsequent steps of processing, such as grinding. As a result, thin-skinned tube cinnamon goods will be priced in the high-segment. Aside from that, the high moisture content, high essential oil content, and attractive look will add value to the price of tube cinnamon goods.

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Unpredictable events impacting tube cinnamon’ price

Pandemics and wars are the two most important factors influencing the price of tube cinnamon. The majority of these occurrences result in a rise in the price of tube cinnamon.

  • The war between Russia and Ukraine might have a direct influence on the supply chain of the agricultural products market in general, and tube cinnamon in particular, in nations such as the United States, which is one of the world’s largest importers of tube cinnamon. This fight might increase uncertainty, roil commodities markets, and even drive up global inflation rates. The tube cinnamon price is hence predicted to be unstable or exorbitant in the future.

The war between Russia and Ukraine impacting tube cinnamon price

  • The COVID-19 epidemic has had a multidimensional impact on several nations’ agricultural exports, including India. With borders closed for a long period and unresolved domestic issues, India’s agriculture commerce, including tube cinnamon, stagnated for a time, resulting in a low in tube cinnamon goods price but a high in exporting and importing costs.

Top trustworthy companies providing tube cinnamon

For anyone having the desire to buy and sell tube cinnamon, here is a list of reliable companies recommendations which includes K – Agriculture Factory, Hagimex and Hafimex.

K- Agriculture Factory


Viet Agri Wholesale company

Viet Agri Wholesale Factory, a branch of the parent firm, K-Global, delivers high-quality agricultural goods on a worldwide scale, including tube cinnamon. Daniel Trong Quy, the author of “B2B Con Duong Vuon Ra the Gioi,” is the CEO and founder of Viet Agri Wholesale. With the endorsement of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Vietnam, along with strong experience with 25 years of work and a large distribution to 80 countries around the world, Viet Agri Wholesale Factory always guarantees the best top notch tube cinnamon products at the most decent cost due to the strong of being located near raw cinnamon material with various products and its modern cutting and sharpening chain with a capacity of 15000 tons/month and a storage facility.
Phone: +84961504190 (Whatsapp Available)



Hagimex and tube cinnamon product

Established in 2015 as an exporting company for agricultural commodities, Hagimex became the leading manufacturer of canned products and spices commodities including tube cinnamon. Since the establishment until now, the network of Hagimex has been widely broadened to 40 countries all over the world. With the standard qualified BRC and IFS systems, cinnamon products such as tube cinnamon of this company are always guaranteed the most high-quality product with competitive price.



Hanfimex factory

Founded in 2003 with the purpose of “For A Healthy Food Chain,” Hafimex is one of Vietnam’s leading exporters and manufacturers of food and spices, including tube cinnamon. Hanfimex constructed their cinnamon factories in the raw material region, with the cassa cinnamon factory providing tube cinnamon on 500 hectares of organic cassia in Yen Bai, Vietnam’s cinnamon heartland. From 2013 to 2020, this firm accomplished several achievements in spices in general and tube cinnamon in particular, such as being named one of the top 300 Vietnamese enterprises by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, receiving a VPA award, developing the 6F idea, and so on.

Ultimately, this article has revealed the facts about tube cinnamon that you should be aware of before selling, purchasing, or manufacturing such items. Due to its great potential in terms of characteristics, tube cinnamon is predicted to be one of the best sellers in the cinnamon industry.


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