Ceylon Cinnamon And Everything You Should Know

Cinnamon has been used for centuries as a spice and medicinal herb, and Ceylon cinnamon is often touted as the superior variety.  In this article, we will take a closer look at the potential of Ceylon cinnamon and the growing areas, the prices and the suppliers of it. 

1. Background information about Ceylon cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon has many special features and its popularity in the world market will be introduced below.

1.1. The origin of Ceylon cinnamon you should know

Cinnamomum verum, the tree species from which Ceylon cinnamon is derived, is native to Sri Lanka. The spice has been cultivated and traded from the island for centuries, dating back to ancient times. 

Sri Lanka’s favorable geographical location, with its abundant rainfall and warm tropical climate, provides the ideal conditions for growing Ceylon cinnamon.

The unique flavor, aroma, and quality of Cinnamon ceylon have made it highly sought after worldwide. Its distinct characteristics and limited production have earned it a reputation as a premium spice in the global market.


The origin of Ceylon cinnamon you should know

1.2. Outstanding attributes of Ceylon cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon, also known as “true cinnamon,” possesses several outstanding attributes that set it apart from other varieties of cinnamon. 

  • Delicate and Sweet Flavor: Cinnamon ceylon bark has a mild sweet taste, less bitterness because it only contains about 50-63% of the compound Cinnamaldehyde (this substance makes up the intensity of the cinnamon flavor).
  • Lower Oil Content: Ceylon typically has a lower oil content compared to Cassia cinnamon. The oil content in Ceylon cinnamon ranges from approximately 0.5% to 1%, whereas Cassia cinnamon is 1%-4%. 
  • Low Coumarin Content: Ceylon has significantly lower levels of coumarin compared to Cassia cinnamon, making it a safer choice for consumption, especially in larger quantities. 
  • Lighter Color and Thin Bark: Ceylon cinnamon can be easily identified by its lighter color and thinner bark. The bark ranges from light to medium brown and is fragile and brittle in texture. 

In general, this is a type of cinnamon that is highly appreciated for its taste, expensive, so it is not common in the market. As for why this type of cinnamon becomes so expensive, it will be explained later in the article.


Outstanding attributes of Cinnamon Ceylon

1.3. The potential benefits and uses of Ceylon cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon offers several potential benefits and has a wide range of uses. Here are some of the notable benefits and applications of cinnamon Ceylon:

  • Treatment of diabetes: According to research by scientists, Cinnamon ceylon has the effect of reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels, increasing insulin sensitivity, thereby improving metabolic markers related to insulin resistance. Thanks to that, Ceylon is often used as a medicine in the treatment of diabetes.
  • Helps control blood pressure: The active ingredient cinnamic acid in Ceylon cinnamon has anti-inflammatory effects, reducing stress on the heart as well as keeping blood pressure at a stable level.
  • Anti-cancer: Cinnamon Ceylon contains antioxidants, which have the ability to increase enzyme activity, which may prevent or treat certain types of cancer. However, patients should consult with their doctor first for detailed advice on dosage and usage. In general, the health benefits of Cassia and Ceylon cinnamon is the same, whereas Ceylon is said to be safer than Cassia. 
  • Moreover, Ceylon cinnamon is often used to make red wine. In addition, in India, Ceylon is also used in tea making to enhance flavor.


    The potential benefits and uses of Ceylon cinnamon

2. The growing areas of the most Ceylon cinnamon in the world

The primary growing area for Ceylon cinnamon is the island nation of Sri Lanka, which is renowned for producing the highest quality Cinnamon ceylon. Sri Lanka’s cinnamon exports are about 290,000 MTs (data for 2021). Sri Lanka has the ideal climate and soil conditions for cultivating this spice, contributing to its superior flavor and aroma.

Within Sri Lanka, the southwestern region, including the districts of Galle, Matara, and Kalutara, is known as the traditional cinnamon-growing belt. These areas have a long history of cinnamon cultivation and are home to numerous cinnamon estates and plantations.

In addition to Sri Lanka, smaller quantities of Ceylon cinnamon are also grown in other countries, including: the state of Kerala and southern regions of India. Madagascar also cultivates Ceylon, which is similar in flavor and aroma to the Sri Lankan variety. However, it is important to distinguish it from true Ceylon cinnamon.


The growing areas of the most Cinnamon Ceylon in the world

3. The updated prices of Ceylon cinnamon

Below is the price list of ceylon cinnamon that you can refer to to choose the best quality cinnamon at the most reasonable price.

Prices USD/ton
Retail ceylon price 9000-15000
Wholesale ceylon price 8500-12000

It can be seen that the price of Ceylon cinnamon is quite high compared to other types of cinnamon, because it has a limited planting area and a more complicated harvesting process than Cassia cinnamon. Furthermore, Ceylon is considered safer and healthier by experts because of its lower coumarin content.

The price of Ceylon in the global cinnamon market is largely determined by the supply and cinnamon price in Sri Lanka as this is the main producer of this product.

Remember that Ceylon cinnamon prices can vary depending on factors such as quality, grade, market demand, region, and fluctuations in the spice market. It’s best to consult local spice suppliers, wholesalers, or online marketplaces to get the most up-to-date information on Ceylon cinnamon prices. They will be able to provide you with accurate pricing information based on the current market conditions.


The updated prices of Ceylon cinnamon

4. Top 5 suppliers of Ceylon cinnamon in the global market

There are quite a few reputable ceylon cinnamon suppliers in the world, mainly from Sri Lanka. Here are some suggestions for you:

  1. Ceylon Spice Company: Ceylon Spice Company is a well-established and trusted supplier of Ceylon. They source their cinnamon directly from Sri Lanka, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity. The company is known for its strict quality control measures, sustainable practices, and strong relationships with local cinnamon farmers.
  2. Cinnamon Legends: Cinnamon Legends is known for its premium Cinnamon ceylon products sourced from Sri Lanka. They offer a wide range of cinnamon options, including sticks and powder, and prioritize customer satisfaction and product excellence.
  3. Kerela Natural Spices: Kerela Natural Spices is a renowned supplier of Ceylon from India, specifically from the state of Kerala. They specialize in providing high-quality cinnamon products, including Ceylon cinnamon sticks and powder. 
  4. Spicy World: Spicy World is a reputable supplier that offers a wide selection of spices, including cinnamon Ceylon. They source their cinnamon from trusted suppliers and prioritize product quality and authenticity. Spicy World ensures that their cinnamon is carefully processed and packaged to preserve its natural characteristics and provide customers with a flavorful and aromatic spice.
  5. Zamouri Spices: Zamouri Spices is a supplier known for its diverse range of spices, including Cinnamon Ceylon. While they offer various spices from around the world, they ensure that their Ceylon cinnamon comes from reputable producers. Zamouri Spices focuses on delivering high-quality cinnamon that meets the expectations of discerning customers.


    Top 5 suppliers of Cinnamon Ceylon in the global market

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