Cinnamon cigarette and potential development

Cinnamon cigarettes are estimated to be one of the promising stars in the world cinnamon trade market. What are the potentials of cinnamon cigarettes? The article below will help you answer this question and reach the top reliable cinnamon factories providing high-quality cinnamon cigarettes.

A brief introduction of cinnamon cigarette

Before having an intention to buy and sell cinnamon cigarettes, a quick introduction about the products, its types and its importers and exporters is a need for traders.

Definition of cinnamon cigarette


The shape of cinnamon cigarette

Cinnamon cigarettes are a sort of cinnamon product that is typically 8 to 10 cm long and resembles a cigarette. In certain cases, the range of cinnamon cigarette length and rolled rate is significantly greater, ranging from 5 to 12 cm long and 90% – 80% – 70% – 50% – 0% curved, depending on the unique customer’s requirements.

Types of cinnamon cigarette

Because the two main types of cinnamon are Cassia and Ceylon, major types of cinnamon cigarette are divided into Cassia cinnamon cigarette and Ceylon cinnamon cigarette.


Two main types of cinnamon cigarette

  • The Cassia cinnamon cigarette is native to Asia, particularly China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. When compared to Ceylon cinnamon cigarettes, Cassia cinnamon cigarettes have a deeper reddish-brown hue, a tougher texture, and a stronger flavor. Cassia cinnamon cigarettes are inexpensive and widely available because of their popularity.
  • The Ceylon cinnamon cigarette mainly comes from Sri Lanka. The Ceylon cinnamon cigarette has a pale yellowish-brown tint, a smooth texture, and a delicate and moderate scent, as opposed to the Cassia cinnamon cigarette. Ceylon cinnamon cigarettes are significantly more costly than Cassia cinnamon cigarettes.

Because of the large distribution all over the world, the Cassia cinnamon cigarette will be the main type analyzed in the next paragraphs of this article.

Main importers and exporters of cinnamon cigarette


Leading cinnamon importers and exporters

Cinnamon is considered as a sustainable crop with an abundance of benefits, therefore, there is a large number of cinnamon cigarette importers in the world. According to 2019 research of OEC, Asia, North America and Europe are the regions converging many cinnamon exporters and importers in general with the top exporters belonging to Vietnam taking up 23.4% with $175 million and the leading importers belonging to the United States accounting 16.6% with $124 million.

Among them, due to the importance of temperature and location, Asia is often regarded as the perfect region for exporting cinnamon in general and cinnamon cigarettes in particular. While cinnamon is adaptable to a broad range of conditions and thrives in warm and wet climates, Asia has a diverse climatic zone with predominantly monsoon tropical zones. With the advantage of being close to raw materials, trading cinnamon cigarettes in Asia is the best option due to lower transportation and production costs.

The massive potential of cinnamon cigarette

Why does cinnamon cigarette have the massive potential to develop in the future? The unique characteristics of the cinnamon cigarette through comparison will answer this question.

Comparison between cinnamon cigarette and other cinnamon products

Besides cinnamon cigarettes, there are many types of cinnamon products in the market today, not to mention cinnamon sticks, cinnamon tubes and so on. The chart below will highlight the distinct traits of cinnamon cigarettes and other common cinnamon products.


The comparison of common cinnamon products

Massive potential of cinnamon cigarette

Cinnamon cigarettes have a lot of potential for exporting and importing, especially for cinnamon production.

  • In comparison to items with a similar design, such as the cinnamon tube and cinnamon stick, the cinnamon cigarette has a more reasonable pricing and is classified as a middle-segment product. The wholesale price of cinnamon cigarettes in Asia is roughly $5,200 per tonne, which is a very appealing pricing. This is beneficial to dealers seeking a huge quantity of cinnamon cigarettes for bulk manufacturing or resale.

The wholesale price of cinnamon cigarette

  • Cinnamon cigarettes, like cinnamon tubes and cinnamon sticks, have the ability to change shape, since they may be processed into cinnamon powder or extracted into cinnamon oil.

Factors impacting cinnamon cigarette price

Cinnamon cigarette price is affected by many factors comprising supply, demand. government policies, SPEC and unpredictable events.


Key contributors to the price of cinnamon cigarette

Supply factor impacting cinnamon cigarette price

Cinnamon was the 962nd most traded product in the world in 2019, according to OECD, with $748 million in global commerce. Despite the multifaceted effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, total cinnamon output has been reasonably consistent in recent years, with FAO predicting 222,122 tonnes in 2020. Cinnamon cigarettes were quite stable at the time. However, due to a demand-supply imbalance, it is predicted to skyrocket in the future.

Demand factor impacting cinnamon cigarette price

The demand for cinnamon cigarettes has risen dramatically in recent years, as seen by the increase in exporting value and cinnamon value. Cinnamon exports increased by 4.8 percent from $714 million to $748 million from 2018 to 2019. However, it is anticipated that global cinnamon demand would outweigh supply by 8 percent to 12 percent. In the long run, this phenomenon leads to an increase in the price of cinnamon cigarettes.

Government policies impacting cinnamon cigarette price

The government’s regulations on taxes, logistics charges, and tariffs are critical when it comes to exporting and importing cinnamon cigarettes since they have a direct influence on the price.

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SPEC factor impacting cinnamon cigarette price

The rolled rate is an important factor in determining the price of cinnamon cigarettes. The more curved the rolled rate, the higher the cinnamon cigarette price, according to the requirements of the consumers. Another aspect that influences the pricing of cinnamon cigarettes is the texture of the cigarettes. Because they have gone through a longer procedure, cinnamon cigarettes with a soft texture are more costly than those with a hard texture.

Unpredictable incidents impacting cinnamon cigarette price

Unexpected events related to politics such as the coup, wars and other incidents like the COVID-19 pandemic have a big effect on the cinnamon cigarette price. The disruption of supply chain, confrontation policies or border proximity lead to either the roiling or the price inflation of goods in general àn cinnamon cigarette in particular.

Reliable companies providing cinnamon cigarette

Looking for reliable companies providing cinnamon cigarettes is a long run. The recommendation below will help you shorten the road.

Hanoi Cinnamon

Vietnam’s Hanoi Cinnamon Factory sells high-quality agricultural goods to the rest of the globe. Hanoi Cinnamon Factory is a well-known supplier of high-quality Vietnamese cigarette cinnamon. Throughout its 25-year existence, Hanoi Cinnamon Factory has grown its distribution to 80 countries across the world thanks to its modern factory with a capacity of 15000 tons per month and a storage capacity of 21500 tons. Hanoi Cinnamon Factory, with the help of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, has grown into a national initiative that offers the best Vietnamese agricultural goods on the international market. Working under the motto “Quality is King,” Hanoi Cinnamon Factory is committed to providing the best quality cinnamon cigarette at the most competitive prices.

  • Phone: +84961504190 (Whatsapp Available)
  • Website:
  • Email:


Since 1990, LONGCHUN SPICE, based in China, has been a trusted single herb and spice merchant in China, offering cinnamon cigarettes. This firm distributes 8,000 tons of high-quality single herbs and spices to the spice market across the world each year, using cutting-edge production facilities and procedures. The Long Chun Spice Processing Factory is located in Wuzhou, China, the center of cinnamon in China. LONGCHUN, on the other hand, is more than just a wholesaler of Chinese cinnamon cigarettes. In the fast-growing seasoning market, this company is your dependable spice business partner with decades of solid knowledge, adding added brand value and profitability to your company.



Cinnamon cigarette product of Sen Food JSC

SEN FOOD JSC is a top provider of cinnamon cigarettes in Vietnam, with the tightest food safety controls, the finest quality, and the most affordable rates. This firm hauled 10,000 tons of cinnamon with a location in Yen Bai, the heart of Vietnam’s cinnamon cigarette. This is an advantage for SEN FOOD JSC to obtain raw materials directly from harvesters, process them at the source to keep their attributes, and send them to clients’ doorsteps in the quickest period feasible at the most competitive costs. Before going on sale, all SEN FOOD cinnamon cigarette products go through a rigorous quality control procedure and are tested and confirmed by respected local and international agencies. Its shipments to the United States always fulfill the FDA’s quality and testing criteria.

In a nutshell, this piece has covered all you need to know about cinnamon cigarettes and their enormous potential for growth in the future. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced trader, hopefully this article has provided you with the information you seek.

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