Cinnamon oil bulk natural product bring great revenue

Looking for a natural product to boost your revenue? Check out our article on cinnamon oil in bulk! Discover the benefits of using cinnamon oil in your products and how it can help you stand out in a competitive market. Our article provides valuable insights on purchasing high-quality, affordable cinnamon oil in bulk quantities to maximize your profit margins.

The overall about cinnamon oil bulk

This first part will provide the concept and basic features of cinnamon oil bulk that it is needed to understand obviously.

Cinnamon oil bulk: The definition and characteristics of cinnamon oil

Here is the crucial and essential information about cinnamon oil bulk if you are newbie to the agricultural industry or would like to learn more about this item.

The definition of cinnamon oil bulk

Cinnamon oil bulk is extracted from the stem, bark, leaves or roots of the cinnamon tree. A species of plant with the scientific name Laurus cinnamomum and belongs to the plant family Lauraceae. This plant is native to Asia, specifically South Asia. Now cinnamon oil has become a very popular product shipped around the world.
Cinnamon oil includes 2 main types:

  • Cinnamon Ceylon Oil: The oil extracted from Ceylon cinnamon leaves has a moderate smell, however the cinnamon oil extracted from cinnamon barks has a considerably stronger aroma and also has a distinct “comfortable” woody aroma. It’s generally used to relieve discomfort from illness, cure irritation, and as a regional anesthesia.
  • Cinnamon Cassia Oil: It has a blend of hot, woody, and strong scents, as well as hot and sugary flavor, and is collected from Cassia Cinnamon trees. Cassia cinnamon oil bulk is commonly utilized to prevent viruses or used in cooking because of its potent anti-germ properties.

The cassia cinnamon and ceylon cinnamon

Cinnamon cassia oil is the most widespread and frequently utilized, contributing somewhat more than half of the global cinnamon oil commerce due to its affordable pricing and high quality. Indonesia, Vietnam, and China are the primary producers of cinnamon cassia oil.

  • Vietnamese and Chinese cinnamon oil sells for $33 – 35/liter, offers up to 90% naturalness and a distinct warm and strong flavor. Customers will find this to be a very fair price.
  • Furthermore, ceylon cinnamon oil, which is mostly manufactured in Sri Lanka, is regarded as the greatest cinnamon oil bulk due to its distinct and powerful scents. Its pricing is obviously considerably more than anybody else’ due to its exceptional attributes.

The unique characteristics of cinnamon oil bulk

Cinnamon oil, like other products, has a good side, but it also comes with harmful effects if the user abuses too much.

  • The benefits of cinnamon oil bulk:

+ Good for heart

+ Reduce blood sugar

+ Skin, lip and hair care

+ Support weight

+ Anti-parasitic

+ Natural deodorant


The benefits and drawbacks of cinnamon oil bulk

  • The drawbacks of cinnamon oil:

+ Increased risk of preterm birth

+ Pure cinnamon oil is very hot

+ Allergy

+ Interactions poorly with some drugs

With these above benefits and drawbacks of cinnamon oil, consumers should carefully take into consideration when using this item to obtain the best results.

The most famous cinnamon recently in the world that you could see in that post is Cassia cinnamon sticks

The main markets of cinnamon oil bulk

The main and concentrated market of cinnamon oil bulk is in Asia.

  • Including some countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka. Due to the good natural climate and favorable environment, the trade and export of cinnamon oil in these countries have achieved great annual revenue.
  • Vietnam and Sri Lanka are two significant components of cinnamon oil bulk suppliers in 2019.

The main markets of cinnamon oil bulk

The factors have influences on the prices of cinnamon oil bulk

There are four elements that any cinnamon oil bulk trader should bear in mind in order to completely comprehend how this prospective sector operates.

The cinnamon oil bulk supply you should know

The more suppliers there are, the faster it is for businesses to access the goods and comprehend it. Clients can be advised on the most appropriate and greater product types if merchants have the relevant information about the product.

  • In 2019, Vietnam exported popular items of cinnamon, including cinnamon oil bulk, with an estimated value about $175 million. With this huge number, Vietnam was honored to rank first in the list of popular cinnamon exporting countries in the world.
  • According to the main website of Yen Bai province (, Yen Bai is one of the most important cinnamon oil suppliers in Vietnam. This region is anticipated to have 76,000 acres of cinnamon trees by the end of 2020, which will be utilized to make cinnamon items such as cinnamon oil.
  • According to OEC data, Sri Lanka has consistently been a major spot for cinnamon oil wholesalers, accounting for around 21.9% of global cinnamon production (including cinnamon oil) in 2019.
  • In addition, China and Indonesia are major cinnamon producers, along with cinnamon oil, where the plant is grown professionally, accounting for 20.9% and 19.9% of global cinnamon exports, respectively, in 2019.

Because the supply is generally large, the price level of cinnamon oil bulk in each country is adjusted to balance with the different class of customers in that country.

The client’s demand about cinnamon oil bulk

Increased client’s demand, in addition to a huge variety of supply sources, is a crucial element in the growth of cinnamon oil bulk.


The demand of cinnamon oil bulk

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the United States was the greatest cinnamon importer (contains cinnamon oil items) in 2019, with a total value of $124 million. India, Mexico and Bangladesh are ranked at the next positions.
It is undeniable that the cinnamon bulk oil has a great future ahead, which encourages cinnamon oil bulk vendors to boost the production system. The price of the product still increased according to the huge demand of the market.

The transportation expenses of cinnamon oil bulk

Transportation expenses have a big influence on the price of cinnamon oil bulk.


The transportation cost of cinnamon oil bulk

  • Malaysia and India, the world’s largest importers of cinnamon oil, have received some good reports: The Vietnam Maritime Corporation (VIMC) has formally constructed a direct transit route linking Vietnam, Malaysia, and India as of October 26, 2021. Purchasing the goods from providers such as Vietnamese vendors also helps in saving merchants 10 days of delivery period and a significant sum of funds on ocean transport. (as reported by
  • Western countries, on the other hand, are the primary consumers of this commodity. Due to the seriousness of the Covid-19 epidemic, the transportation charge for each container has increased many times since October 20, 2021. Many importers have been compelled to exit the market as a result of this predicament.

Therefore, the most trustworthy cinnamon suppliers that are still standing in the cinnamon oil bulk market, they have to increase the price of the freight to ensure the transportation process. But the price also only increased slightly, not causing too much disadvantage for customers.

The policies for cinnamon oil bulk from government

Supportive policies from the government also largely affect cinnamon oil bulk.

  • For example, in Vietnam, the government has supported as well as cleared for products, including cinnamon oil, to be exported to other countries in the best direction.
  • Since Sri Lanka has an enormous opportunity in manufacturing and exporting ingredients, particularly cinnamon oil products, the government has invested money into increasing cinnamon oil volume and quality.

The supporting policies for cinnamon oil bulk

Policy reforms will help to boost the export of bulk cinnamon oil to other nations, but prices are still rising, albeit modestly.

How to realize reliable cinnamon oil bulk vendors

With the initial information needed to know about cinnamon oil bulk, then how to find a reputable supplier of this product line. Follow along with the helpful ways below.

The reliability of cinnamon oil vendors

The following are characteristics of reputable cinnamon oil suppliers:

  • Provider information must be detailed, with contact addresses and phone numbers prominently shown on their webpages. Consumers must first discover the addresses of their vendors’ offices and verify their legitimacy on a map before getting into details with them.
  • Proficient skills: Every cinnamon oil bulk producer must obtain licenses and certificates to demonstrate production efficiency, such as ISO standards, in order to meet the demands of exporting.

The reliablity of cinnamon oil bulk suppliers

Collaborating with reliable cinnamon oil suppliers can give retailers peace of mind and lessen the risk of being scammed.

The signs to identify the scammers

Scamming has been more common in the cinnamon oil bulk trade in recent days. A scammer has a few distinguishing characteristics.

  • Scam cinnamon oil bulk providers usually attract gullible customers with false special rates or reduced costs if they buy in bulk. To get a complete picture of the market, a prudent retailer should verify the prices pinned on a variety of websites.
  • Pre – payment criteria: untrustworthy vendors of cinnamon oil always insist on payment upfront without supplying any legal documentation pertaining to the shipment of goods. This issue is extremely common, yet many inexperienced shops are unaware of it.

The signs to realize the scammers of cinnamon oil bulk

  • Uncertain data: If a distributor’s website does not include an actual address, it is almost certainly a fraud. There’s no need for suppliers of cinnamon oil bulk to stay hidden in their accounts if they want merchants to approach them.

With the above signs to identify fraudulent product suppliers, you should be careful every step when you start looking for a reputable manufacturer.

The basis to encounter the trustworthy cinnamon oil bulk suppliers

Getting in touch with cinnamon oil bulk providers is now a simple task. The material below will assist dealers how to do it in a variety of methods.

  • Online platforms: Currently, almost each cinnamon oil vendor has a webpage. Easily search for “cinnamon oil bulk suppliers near me”, “top suppliers of cinnamon in bulk in the world” on Google, social media, or online marketplaces like Alibaba, Amazon,…
  • Agricultural markets: Thousands of agricultural exhibitions are held each year in various nations. In only a few days, shops will be able to contact dozens of cinnamon oil suppliers and traders. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has put an end to this, so you’ll have to wait a few more years.
  • Governments: You can also get knowledge about cinnamon oil suppliers from local embassy staff. Although companies suggested by ambassadors are frequently reliable, the variety of suppliers available through this approach is limited.

The basis to encounter the reliable cinnamon oil bulk suppliers

The methods mentioned above can be considered as reliable sources for your reference about cinnamon oil. Hope you could choose a good one.

The steps to import cinnamon oil bulk

In most cases, there are five steps to follow:

  • Step 1: The buyer writes the supplier of cinnamon oil bulk a Letter of Intent (LOI) outlining his or her demands for cinnamon oil.
  • Step 2: The supplier creates an FCO in response to the LOI. The two parties will talk on how to get to the last FCO.
  • Step 3: Cinnamon oil manufacturers and purchasers will talk about payment options, pricing, and warehousing costs. Clients can request samples from merchants, and they can check the information by visiting their businesses in person.
  • Step 4: Producers arrange items for export and provide purchasers a bill of loading to finalize payment. Both parties accept the blame for the condition of the logistics operations.
  • Step 5: Suppliers of cinnamon oil bulk must inspect the items’ amount and quality when they reach the port of discharge. If all goes well, wholesale cinnamon oil providers will provide customers with after-sales assistance to encourage them to place another order.

The above 5 steps are the most obvious process for a complete order when you want to import goods from cinnamon oil suppliers. Be careful and meticulous about your order.

Top reputable suppliers of cinnamon oil bulk

If you want to start a cinnamon oil bulk business then this section will show you the trustworthy vendors of cinnamon oil bulk in the world that are already highly regarded in the market.

Lak Cinnamon Planters & Exporters

Lak Cinnamon company was established in 1991 in Sri Lanka by Mr.Thilakarathna Wickramasinghe.


The Lak Cinnamon Planters & Exporters

  • The owners of Lak Cinnamon began their company with the traditional Cinnamon of the country. They are completely focused on developing their best type of cinnamon and are constantly striving to enhance the quality and specifications of their items.
  • Cinnamon oil, cinnamon powder, cinnamon chips, and other cinnamon-related products are among the most popular items of this cinnamon oil bulk supplier. It is obvious that the price of cinnamon oil bulk in Lak Cinnamon is substantially more expensive than most spices. When it relates to Ceylon cinnamon, though, it is well worth the cost.
  • This business has exported the bulk cinnamon oil to many countries such as the USA, Chile, Mexico, Germany, Peru,…

Thus if you desire to import cinnamon oil bulk products, this supplier is considered a good choice.

K-Agricultural – the trustworthy vendor of cinnamon oil bulk

Viet Agri Wholesale is one of the largest Vietnamese cinnamon oil bulk wholesalers, with over 21 years of expertise in manufacturing and supplying agricultural commodities.


Viet Agri Wholesale Company

  • FSSC 22000, ISO 9000, HACCP certifications have already been obtained by the company. Furthermore, with an 8000m2 warehouse and a monthly manufacturing capability of 15,000 tons, Viet Agri Wholesale ensures that cinnamon oil bulk client’s needs are met.
  • Viet Agri Wholesale is the provider of Vietnamese split cinnamon, tube cinnamon, stick cinnamon and cinnamon powder, etc are currently the main products that this supplier is exporting very strongly. They have a large loyal customer base in the world and have obtained positive reviews.
  • The wholesale price at this company for each product will vary. However they will be fixed from $5-15/kg of bulk cinnamon oil. This is also the right price in the current cinnamon market.
  • The main export markets of Viet Agri Wholesale are US, UK, Europe, India, Mexico, Korea,….

You can rest assured when buying from this cinnamon oil bulk supplier because with the slogan Quality is King, they always focus on the quality of each item that is put on the market and reaches the buyer with the most guaranteed steps.
Contact information:
Phone: +84961504190 (Whatsapp Available)

Jiangxi Baicao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

This supplier is located in the Jinggangshan area with outstanding economic and technological development conditions in China.

  • The company has advanced technology and production processes with many improvements. Therefore, their cinnamon oil bulk item is also ensured about the quality.
  • The main goods are natural plants essential oil, food additive oil series, plant extracts,…The cost for the cinnamon oil bulk of Jiangxi Baicao Pharmaceutical is about $13/kg. The main market of this vendor is the domestic market, Southeast Asia, and North America.

Jiangxi Baicao Company

AROMAAZ INTERNATIONAL – the reputable cinnamon oil supplier

AROMAAZ INTERNATIONAL, a company established in India, is proud to introduce its collection of “Mother Nature’s Gifts,” which includes 100% pure and organic oil products.

  • AROMAAZ INTERNATIONAL is impressed by its collection of extensive and outstanding such projects, all of which were completed on time and on budget.
  • Essential oils, herbal extracts, natural cosmetic butters and similar other oil items are the main products of this cinnamon oil bulk supplier. Their markets for them to export goods are America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East,… The price of cinnamon oil here is about $8 for 100ml.

Aromaaz Company

Aroma Atsiri in Indonesia

Aroma Atsiri Indonesia (AAI) is a rapidly expanding Indonesian essential oil enterprise.

  • They have a well-organized research group that is dedicated to discovering new and better extraction processes as well as aiding producers with best agricultural techniques.
  • Besides supplying cinnamon oil, this company also provides other goods such as natural essential oils, aromatic chemicals and natural plant extracts,…Their products will be exported to a number of countries in Europe, America and a number of adjacent countries…. The price of cinnamon oil is $172/kg.

Aroma Atsiri

To sum up, above is all the necessary information about cinnamon oil bulk. And also through that knowledge, it can be seen that a supplier in Vietnam is the ideal place to import goods if you want to become a trader with great revenue for this product line. Hopefully this article will be an important stepping stone to help you develop in the future.

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