Important information about split cinnamon for traders in the world

In the general agricultural market today, traders are looking for large quantities of split cinnamon because of the unexpected benefits that it brings to each person. If you want to enter the market for split cinnamon, do not miss the article below.

The overall about split cinnamon

In this first part, it is necessary to briefly understand the definition as well as the main market of split cinnamon.

The definition of split cinnamon

Let’s see at this part about the concept of split cinnamon:

  • Split cinnamon is created by splitting cigarette cassia with a width of about 3cm, then drying it, removing impurities, and packing it into boxes according to export regulations. In India, Bangladesh, and other Asian countries, split cassia is especially prominent.

The definition of split cinnamon

  • Split cinnamon must meet a number of specifications in order to successfully complete various processing procedures and quality checks. The information in the table below is based on standard split cinnamon from the world’s largest split cinnamon producers, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and China.

The main markets of split cinnamon

Split cinnamon has a market in many countries. However, they are concentrated in some countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and China.

  • Because these three countries have cassia cinnamon and they also have many favorable natural conditions for exporting cinnamon to other countries. In 2020, these countries accounted for about 88% of the global exports of cinnamon products, including split cinnamon.

The main markets of split cinnamon

  • Furthermore, the split cinnamon supplier’s divided cinnamon demand and importation markets have included the US, Thailand, Mexico, England, Malaysia, and others. Split cinnamon import requirements: In the US, the EU, England, and Korea, high-quality products are necessary.

The unique characteristics of split cinnamon

Split cinnamon is highly sought after by traders in today’s market because they have huge revenue growth potential. Then the next section will highlight some of the benefits and harms for users to better understand this product.

The various benefits of split cinnamon

In fact, split cinnamon can be used as a spice in a number of cuisines or as a medicinal. Cinnamon that has been split is widely used in beverages. Let’s look at the main reasons why cinnamon has become a common necessity.


The benefits of split cinnamon

  • Split cinnamon can assist lower blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity when taken on a constant basis. It also helps with losing weight and lower the risk of heart illness.
  • Acne, skin whitening, dry skin moisturizing, skin infection cure, and eczema treatment can all benefit from split cinnamon. Split cinnamon can be easily obtained from cinnamon providers, and then combined with lemon juice, honey, and sugar for natural treatments.
  • Cinnamon has numerous hair benefits. It nourishes the hair roots from the inside out, which helps to promote hair growth. Cinnamon can be blended with a variety of items, including argan oil, olive oil, egg, honey, banana, and others.

The cinnamon in Vietnam is also attract the attention recently, you could see more: price of Vietnamese cinnamon oil

The drawbacks of split cinnamon

Coumarin is found in split cinnamon. This flavor is natural, but it also contributed a part in the development of warfarin, a common blood thinner.

  • Too much coumarin might cause blood coagulation problems. Split cinnamon should never be used as a substitute for medical treatment for any health problem.
  • This kind of cinnamon is available as a nutritional supplement and an ingredient. Functional foods can be harmful to one’s health. Nevertheless, because supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there may be issues regarding reliability, purity, and strength. Before taking nutritional supplements, everyone should talk to their doctor.

Compare Vietnamese split cinnamon to other countries

Three major areas can be cited when it refers to the global market for split cinnamon vendors: Vietnam, China, and Indonesia. A contrast of some data in various nations in 2019 can be listed below.


Compare Vietnamese split cinnamon to others

Split cinnamon items from Vietnamese cinnamon producers have a significant investment potential, and enterprises may quickly grow revenue, according to the above assessment. Because Vietnam has numerous advantageous export circumstances, you can rest confident that your purchases will be performed successfully. Some benefits of Vietnamese cinnamon vendors could be mentioned such as:

  • There is a material region in the country.
  • Split cinnamon grows well in natural environments such as soil and climatic conditions.
  • Export standards are accomplished combined with advanced manufacturing and processing technology.
  • For each provider in Vietnam, government support policies for selling products to different countries are rapid and efficient.
  • Domestic matters are likewise extremely safe, with no drawbacks.

The business advantages of split cinnamon

Split cinnamon is a product with many health benefits. As a result, every supplier of split cinnamon can benefit from this product.

  • For example, in Vietnam, where there is a large cinnamon growing area, split cinnamon is harvested a lot every year. Each product is carefully packed and meets export standards, so the suppliers of this type of cinnamon in Vietnam get huge revenue every year.

The business advantages of split cinnamon

  • Split cinnamon can produce cinnamon oil and cinnamon powder. These two product lines are extremely popular in all countries around the world. They are used for health care, and seasoning for dishes, and cinnamon essential oil can also create an extremely good scent, help relax and relieve stress.

Therefore, it can be seen that the business benefits of cinnamon are immeasurable. If you also want to receive these things, cooperate with suppliers of split cinnamon right now.

The price of split cinnamon is affected by many factors

Although split cinnamon is a high value product both domestically and abroad, when coming to wholesale, it needs to take care of pricing of cinnamon exporters’ products and the issues affecting the expenses so that customers should consider when choosing a supplier.

The supply of manufacturers for split cinnamon

The first price influence is undoubtedly the supply issue of the main split cinnamon producing countries.

  • Vietnam supplied popular cinnamon products, containing split cinnamon, for an estimated $175 million in 2019. With such a large number, Vietnam was pleased to be ranked first among the world’s most popular cinnamon exporter in the world.
  • Furthermore, where the plant is produced professionally, China and Indonesia are prominent cinnamon producers, accounting for 20.9% and 19.9% of worldwide cinnamon exports, correspondingly, in 2019.

Since the production of split cinnamon is generally abundant, the market price in every country is regulated to accommodate the various classes of clients. However, there will be a price increase.

The demand of the customer market about split cinnamon

Rising consumer demand, as well as a wide range of supply sources, are important factors in split cinnamon’s expansion.


The demand of market for split cinnamon

  • According to OECD, the US was the largest cinnamon importer (which includes split cinnamon) in 2019, with an overall value of $124 million. Following that are India, Mexico, and Bangladesh.
  • It is evident that split cinnamon has a potential investment in the future, which motivates split cinnamon manufacturers to expand production. The cost of the item surely continued to rise in response to the industry’s high demand.

The delivery expenses

The price of split cinnamon is mostly determined by delivery costs.

  • The world’s two major consumers of split cinnamon, Malaysia and India: As of October 26, 2021, the Vietnam Maritime Corporation (VIMC) will have completed a direct transit route connecting Vietnam, Malaysia, and India. Purchasing products from Vietnamese sellers saves businesses 10 days of time delivery and a considerable amount of money on ocean shipping.

The delivery expenses of split cinnamon

  • The primary consumers of this item are Western nations. The shipping rate for each package has risen numerous times since October 20, 2021, related to the intensity of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result of these issues, several buyers have been forced to leave the industry.

As a result, providers who remain in the split cinnamon market must raise freight prices in order to maintain that the delivery process continues. However, the expense was only marginally increased, so clients were not adversely affected.

The support policies for exporting split cinnamon

The cost of split cinnamon is also heavily influenced by government policies.

  • For instance, in Vietnam, the government has encouraged and approved the export of items such as split cinnamon to other nations in the best possible way.
  • Policy changes may help enhance split cinnamon exports to other countries, but expenses are still growing, albeit slowly. Therefore, countries that want to import products like split cinnamon can consider Vietnam as an ideal destination for imports because of the favorable conditions in this country.

How to import the high quality split cinnamon product

Above is the specific information about split cinnamon, the next section will show you how to best buy this product line and avoid fraudulent suppliers.

Learn about the best suppliers of cinnamon

It’s an important step because a reliable split cinnamon supplier will make sure the company goes perfectly.

  • Using a variety of ways, including public media channels such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest, to specify a few…
  • Examine as much purchaser guidance and comments as you can from Facebook groups about cinnamon providers, YouTube evaluations, and other sources.
  • Since every cinnamon seller has a webpage, you may find them by searching for phrases like “Asian split cinnamon supplier,” “Split cinnamon suppliers in nations,” and so on.

The signs to identify the scammers of split cinnamon

Scammers will infiltrate any market, not simply the split cinnamon industry so that they benefit themselves with bad intentions. Before you buy split cinnamon or collaborate with a split cinnamon provider, consider the following tips:

  • Fraudsters, for particular, lack a website with up-to-date relevant data, costs, and customer feedback, unlike reputable split cinnamon vendors.

The signs to identify the scammers of split cinnamon

  • The algorithms for recommending fake split cinnamon suppliers aren’t very exact or transparent. They also refuse to enable video conversations for product involvement, despite knowing that this is a crucial stage for the cinnamon provider.
  • The price of fake cinnamon is too inexpensive. Remember that you will get exactly whatever you invested for. The price level should have a reasonable balance compared to the general level in the market. Because the price is too cheap, it may be a product of poor quality.

The methods to find the trustworthy split cinnamon suppliers

Direct contact with split cinnamon suppliers has become a simple task. The information provided below will guide you how to achieve it in a range of methods.

  • Availability of online platforms: Almost every split cinnamon dealer now has a website. Check Google, social networking sites, or virtual stores like Amazon, Alibaba, and many others for “the trusted split cinnamon suppliers.”,…. the wholesale Vietnam cinnamon suppliers often has the detailed information on online platforms for customers to check.
  • Farm markets: Annually, huge numbers of agricultural shows take place across the globe. Businesses will indeed be able to get in touch with thousands of split cinnamon vendors and exporters in only just a few days. The Covid-19 outbreak, unfortunately, has led to the close of this, so you may have to wait a long time.

The methods to find the trustworthy suppliers of split cinnamon

  • Embassy: The local embassy can also provide information about split cinnamon manufacturers. Although embassies’ recommendations are trustworthy, the number of vendors available through this method is generally limited.
  • The reputable intermediaries: With the current rapid development of the import and export of goods, there have been intermediaries providing information about the repliable manufacturer of split cinnamon. This method is strongly developed to make it easy for customers from different countries to make purchases.

The formal steps when cooperating with vendors

There are five basic steps to consider taking in the amount of situations:

  • Step 1: The customer sends a Letter of Intent (LOI) to the split cinnamon provider, expressing their requirements.
  • Step 2: In accordance with the LOI, the distributor sets up an FCO. The two sides will discuss how to obtain the result of the FCO.
  • Step 3: Split cinnamon buyers and suppliers will discuss payment alternatives, selling prices, and logistics expenses. Buyers can ask for examples from suppliers and confirm data and information related to their stores in reality.
  • Step 4: Manufacturers prepare things for exportation and supply buyers with a bill of lading to complete the transaction. Both partners bear responsibility for the logistical operations’ state.
  • Step 5: When split cinnamon vendors arrive at the port of discharge, they must examine the quantity and quality of the commodities. If everything works well, wholesale split cinnamon suppliers will offer after-sales support to entice consumers to make another order.

The best suppliers of split cinnamon in the world

In this part, we suggest top reputable companies supplying cinnamon in bulk, including split cinnamon that would save you time and money. Those are the split cinnamon businesses that have received the most growing interests.

VILACONIC – the reliable vendors of cinnamon

VILACONIC is a supplier of agricultural products with a long-standing reputation in the market. The company was founded in 1980 and has exported agricultural products, including split cinnamon, to countries around the world.

  • The typical products of this supplier are diverse in items such as rice, coffee, coconut, chili, …. in which split cinnamon is a product that has been exported in large quantities to many countries.
  • The split cinnamon item of VILACONIC has an essential oil level of 2-4% and the water content is around 13.5%. They also specialize in and have exported split cinnamon to markets such as Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States….
  • The price of each product can be negotiated so that both parties can agree. You should contact them directly for pricing for split cinnamon from this supplier.

VILACONIC Corporation

Hanoi Cinnamon – the trustworthy suppliers of split cinnamon

Hanoi Cinnamon is a famous split cinnamon supplier for more than 20 years in the Vietnamese and international markets. Their products are also very diverse and are known by many traders because of the quality of their products and the prices they offer are also very affordable.

  • The slogan of Hanoi Cinnamon’s “Quality is King” They prioritize product quality, so every customer who contacts this split cinnamon supplier will be completely comfortable. Thus, you may feel completely secure when cooperating with them.
  • This supplier has all products made from cinnamon, so each customer can easily import each product according to their needs and will be offered the most reasonable price. They have exported the items, including split cinnamon to The US, UK, Europe, India, Korea, Malaysia,…..
  • The moisture of cinnamon here is 12-14% and the oil content is 2-4%. The price of each product type starts from $1500/ton and the more quantity you order, the better discount you will enjoy. Do not hesitate to contact them right now using the information below:

Phone: +84961504190 (Whatsapp Available)



Shaanxi Haokang Bio-technology Co., Ltd in China

Shaanxi Haokang Bio-tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the study, manufacture, and distribution of over 100 various natural herbal extracts.

  • The company first opened its doors in 2011. Plant extracts are widely employed in a variety of industries, including medicine, food, drink, cosmetics, and others. As a consequence, this split cinnamon provider has a wealth of experience in the production and distribution of cinnamon.
  • The cost for products of this company ranges from $1000/ton. Shaanxi’s primary markets are the United States, Eu, and South Asia, but they also supply local pharmacy and health-care items.

Shaanxi HaoKang Bio Technology in China

AGRIM Company – the reputable split cinnamon in Indonesia

In 2004, AGRIM was founded. It started off as a relatively small agriculture trading company that has grown exponentially thanks to cautious planning and dedication.


AGRIM in Indonesia

  • The goal of a steady upward gradient was also achieved by this cinnamon supplier. AGRIM is nowadays engaged in the making, distribution, and trade of a wide range of agricultural products.
  • By establishing an in-depth knowledge and competence of regional things through time, they have established a global client base for the firm. Desiccated coconut and cassia split cinnamon are their major goods.
  • The major cinnamon commodities available from AGRIM, except for split cinnamon, they also include cassia long stick, broken cassia, cinnamon powder,…. The moisture level is 13.5%. South Asia, the Mid East, and the Americas are their primary markets. This firm’s cost for cinnamon may be negotiable, then you should communicate with them to acquire the greatest deal.

Leaf India Company – the famous cinnamon manufacturer in India

Mr Navin Sundriyal, the CEO of the company has expanded their split cinnamon product across the country. Organic hygiene leaves, herbal remedies, and pure spice are the firm’s primary items.

  • Thanks to the infrastructure of distribution channels, the Leaf India Company is flourishing step by step. They were capable of reaching every region of the country with high production thanks to their well-coordinated distribution system.
  • Because this split cinnamon supplier’s goods are made from natural ingredients, they can export their items to customers all over the world. When you approach them, they will negotiate the cost of cinnamon items directly with you.

To summarize, the material in this article is the most comprehensive regarding the split cinnamon. You can be certain of the correctness. If you truly want to begin building a profession, learning the facts about the split cinnamon will be a critical first step in avoiding costly blunders later. Hopefully, the greatest opportunities will come for you, and you will be able to make a lot of money in this field.

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