Vietnam cinnamon suppliers: Some facts to distinguish with others

Vietnam cinnamon suppliers is a recent search for large and small businesses in the market. Cinnamon is inherently a product that brings great business benefits, but cinnamon suppliers in Vietnam have many favorable conditions to create high quality products. Let’s dig deeper.

The overall about Vietnam cinnamon suppliers

The first part will be general information about the characteristics as well as the situation and market of Vietnam cinnamon suppliers.

The definition and characteristics of Vietnam cinnamon suppliers

  • The definition: Vietnam cinnamon suppliers are the enterprises or factories that provide and export cinnamon in various forms to domestic and worldwide markets. Vietnam cinnamon providers have a significant lead over other suppliers in terms of pre-ordering since cinnamon is one of the most prominent items with several health advantages for people in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. As a result, cinnamon is a high organic food product that can help you make a lot of money.

The definition of Vietnam cinnamon suppliers

  • The characteristics: With around 80.000 hectares of cinnamon tree producing land, Vietnam is one of the top leading countries for cinnamon tree production. In Vietnam, Yen Bai and Quang Nam are two big and well-known agriculture regions. Therefore, Vietnam cinnamon suppliers such as wholesale companies also get quite a lot of benefits from this and they actually get the high revenue per year.

The characteristics of Vietnam cinnamon suppliers

The situation of the general market of Vietnam cinnamon

Thanks to the above benefits, Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers have generated a huge amount of revenue in the period from 2016-2019. This has contributed greatly to economic indicators and Vietnam’s agriculture is comparable to other developed countries. Some countries that import a large number of cinnamon products from Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers are India, USA, Bangladesh, Mexico, Pakistan, UAE,….


The trade value of Vietnam cinnamon suppliers through years

The trend of Vietnam’s cinnamon industry will grow rapidly in the coming time because the provinces in Vietnam have realized the value of cinnamon. And due to the expanding scale as well as favorable conditions for cinnamon trees in Vietnam to be exported to other countries, you can rest assured that the Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers are really a reliable place for you to cooperate.

You could see more in the post about the largest Vietnamese cinnamon oil bulk wholesalers to broaden your knowledge about products of Vietnam cinnamon suppliers.

Compare the cinnamon of Vietnam cinnamon suppliers to others

When it comes to the market of cinnamon suppliers in the world, four main countries can be mentioned: Vietnam, China, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Below is a comparison of some information regarding the exports of suppliers in these countries in 2019.


Compare the cinnamon of Vietnam cinnamon suppliers to others

Through the above comparison, cinnamon products from Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers have great investment value and businesses can easily increase revenue. Vietnam has many favorable conditions for export, so you can rest assured that your orders will be completed well.

The information about products of Vietnam cinnamon suppliers

The products of Vietnam cinnamon suppliers will have the following overview information that customers should refer to to make the right choice.

The overview of cinnamon products in Vietnam

Cinnamon is a nutrient-dense food. As a result, with four primary sorts of items described below, the Vietnam cinnamon suppliers have a large source of income.

  • Stick cinnamon: The Vietnam cinnamon suppliers make the cinnamon stick by utilizing the inner bark of a tropical tree. Stick cinnamon has a circular, tiny shape with a diameter of 1.5-2 cm. They have a size of 15-20 cm and resemble chopsticks. (It can also be altered in order to meet customer requirements.) Cinnamon sticks are priced differently depending on wetness, essential oil concentration (2-4%), and rolliness.
  • Cigarette cinnamon: After the external surface of the cinnamon bark has been eliminated, it is dried and normally curled into flutes. Cinnamon cigarette has an 8-12 cm length, little rolls, and resembles a cigarette. The pricing of this type is determined by the amount of humidity in the item, the amount of essential oils (2-4%), and the product’s rolliness.

Stick cinnamon and Cigarette cinnamon

  • Split cinnamon: It is gathered from the forest and washed in water before ever being sliced into thinner sticks of 35-45 cm in length and 0.8-1.6 mm in thickness. Vietnam cinnamon suppliers will next bake them in the sunlight, but not too warm, so that their quality and oil content are not harmed. Essential oil level in this item is modest, ranging from 1.5 to 2%. It has a pleasant aroma and a tasty flavor.
  • Broken cinnamon: In typically, broken cinnamon is processed into powder, and Vietnam cinnamon suppliers can acquire essential oil for a range of applications. Cinnamon that has been broken is tiny, measuring around 2 cm long and 0.8-1.6mm thick. Sliced branches, broken bark, and irregularly shaped bark are used to create broken cinnamon. This item has a low essential oil level, around 1%; however, cinnamon split from the thick bark has a higher essential oil content, around 2-4%.

Split cinnamon and broken cinnamon

  • Cinnamon powder: Cinnamon powder is made from crushed cinnamon bark, they are shaved off the outer layer by Vietnam cinnamon suppliers. The moisture is 14% max and essential oil content is 2-4%.
  • Cinnamon oil: Cinnamon oil is an extremely necessary product for every family and it is refined from cinnamon leaves, cinnamon bark, cinnamon roots, and small cinnamon branches. The product has a liquid form and a characteristic aroma of cinnamon. Cinnamon oil from Vietnam cinnamon suppliers is yellow in color and has a purity of 80-95%.

The reasons why the items of Vietnam cinnamon suppliers are favorable

Vietnam is inherently known as the golden land for agricultural products because it has a very mild climate and favorable environment for plants to grow. Of course cinnamon is also well developed here. Some of the highlights that Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers have as follows:

  • Material area right in the country
  • Natural conditions such as climate and soil are favorable for growing cinnamon.
  • Advanced production and processing technologies ensure that export requirements are met.
  • Government support policies for exporting goods to foreign countries are quick and convenient for each supplier in Vietnam.
  • Political matters are also very safe and there are no disadvantages

Wholesale Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers has a lot of promise commercially

Vietnamese cinnamon wholesale brings in a lot of money because of its great quality and expanding demand, as well as its large import global market.

Vietnamese cinnamon is in high demand and has a large market for imports

  • Europe, India, and other Asian countries are major import markets for Vietnam cinnamon suppliers. These countries have massive populations, with Europe accounting for about 700 million people and India accounting for approximately 1,3 billion. According to figures from 2018, India was the world’s largest cassia consumer, while Vietnam was India’s largest cassia producer.
  • Another motivation to get into the wholesale Vietnam cinnamon suppliers is the growing demand for cuisine spice variation in international markets. Furthermore, the affluent class has begun to experiment with and like cassia-based meals. Cassia is also a key ingredient in a variety of Indian-inspired dishes. Vietnam also includes companies with best cinnamon stick price.

Vietnamese cinnamon is in high demand

  • As indicated above, Vietnamese cinnamon is a fantastic organic multi-benefits spice that is widely used in both overall health therapy as well as the cosmetics industry. Due to its almost inexhaustible desire, it appears difficult to replace cinnamon’s strong position (particularly Vietnamese cinnamon) at current time.

The value of Vietnamese cinnamon is not jeopardized during the storage and transportation process

To clarify, there are two possible explanations why Vietnam cinnamon importers can be confident in product quality of Vietnam cinnamon suppliers during the transportation and storage procedure, along with the product’s structure and wrapping.

Vietnamese cinnamon’s natural characteristics

Vietnamese cinnamon is minimally harmed by fertilizers and pesticides because it is a wood and permanent plant. Furthermore, based on the concentration of essential oil in Vietnamese cinnamon and the typical moisture guarantee of 12 percent when shipping, it is difficult for fungus to grow during preservation.

Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers comes in attractive packaging

  • Although both Vietnam and China are known for producing and distributing cassia cinnamon, Vietnam cinnamon suppliers appear to have a stronger reputation among major spice buyers.
  • Several cinnamon merchants choose to buy Vietnamese cinnamon because the items are packaged loosely in clear boxes rather than in bundles, making it easier to inspect for contaminants. Vietnam cinnamon suppliers are likewise regarded as more trustworthy than others.

Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers comes in attractive packaging

Vietnamese cinnamon can be imported duty-free

After the India-ASEAN FTA (free trade agreement among both India and ASEAN nations) was established, the items of Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers have become duty-free.


The Vietnamese cinnamon can be imported with duty-free

How to find the best Vietnam cinnamon suppliers

Because there have been so many scammers who impersonated Vietnam cinnamon suppliers in the market. As a result, buyers must proceed with caution and obtain a complete understanding of the Vietnamese cinnamon providers whom they should do business with in the future.

Research about Vietnam cinnamon suppliers on online platforms

Google is the most popular, yet it is also the most unreliable when it comes to finding relevant data about Vietnam cinnamon suppliers.

  • Many people, however, are either uninformed of how to check all of the data they encounter on the Internet. The Internet includes a wide range of verified and unproven facts. So, before you put your faith in anything, be careful and check many times.
  • In addition to Google, there are a wide range of other sites where you can get corporate information, such as federal agencies, agriculture industry events, or intermediary companies that are also the accurate sources for gaining knowledge about trustworthy Vietnam cinnamon suppliers.

Characteristics of fake Vietnam cinnamon suppliers

Scammers will access any field, not only the scam cinnamon factory, to benefit themselves with malicious intents. Remember to keep considerations in mind before purchasing cinnamon from Vietnam cinnamon suppliers:

  • Unlike legal cinnamon sellers, scammers lack a webpage with material about products, price levels, and customer feedback.
  • The fake Vietnam cinnamon suppliers will often refuse to allow video conversation to check the brand or the quality of products, despite the fact that this is an important step for reliable Vietnam cinnamon suppliers.

How to find the best Vietnam cinnamon suppliers

The price offered by Vietnam cinnamon suppliers

Suppliers who provide products with prices that are too low compared to the general market level are not necessarily reliable Vietnam cinnamon suppliers.

  • The cost is intimately linked to product quality, regardless of the commodities, not simply cinnamon power. However, keep in mind that not all low-cost items are excellent.
  • Because it takes a lot more time and money for real Vietnam cinnamon suppliers to manufacture high-quality items, today’s outstanding products need competitive pricing. If you carefully proceed your research about a Vietnam cinnamon vendor, you can be confident that you will receive the greatest products.

Top trustworthy Vietnam cinnamon suppliers

There are many Vietnam cinnamon providers, but among them, below are the top companies that have the most buyers and are highly appreciated in the market.

VILACONIC – the reliable Vietnam cinnamon supplier

VILACONIC has manufactured and distributed high-quality agricultural goods throughout the world since 1980.

  • Rice, pepper, cassia cinnamon, coffee bean, coconut, and other trademark items of this Vietnam cinnamon supplier could be named. Their objectives include providing value for the customers and motivating satisfaction and faith.
  • Stick cinnamon, cigarette cinnamon, split cinnamon, broken cinnamon, cassia powder, and other common varieties of cinnamon are available from VILACONIC. The essential oil level is 2-4% and the water content is approximately 13.5%. They also concentrate on cinnamon products and have distributed them to major markets such as Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States….

VILACONIC Corporation

Hanoi Cinnamon – a trusted Vietnam cinnamon supplier

Hanoi Cinnamon Factory is one of the top trusted cinnamon suppliers in Vietnam that exports high-quality agricultural goods to other countries. This cinnamon producer has been delivering products to overseas markets for over 20 years.

  • Cinnamon sticks, cinnamon powder, cinnamon split, cinnamon bark and other great Hanoi Cinnamon commodities can be highlighted…. All of these products are actually in the country with domestic raw resources. As a result, each item exported is assured in terms of type, reliability, pricing, and client service standards.
  • Customers recognize Hanoi Cinnamon for high-end items like tube cinnamon, cigarette cinnamon, stick cinnamon, cinnamon powder, cinnamon oil,…. Their items have 12-14% maximum moisture and 2-4% oil content.
  • The price will begin at $2000-$3000/ton. Purchasers may rest confident that this Vietnam cinnamon supplier offers the best pricing on the market. India, the Middle East, Japan, the European Union, Korea, and the United States are the objective markets for this Vietnamese cinnamon provider.

Contact information:

  • Phone: +84961504190 (Whatsapp Available)
  • Website:
  • Email:

Visimex Corporation – the reputable Vietnam cinnamon supplier

The Visimex Company was established in 2002. This Vietnam cinnamon supplier aspires to establish a long-term agricultural business that provides environmentally sustainable goods for both domestic and overseas markets.

  • This Vietnam cinnamon supplier offers a variety of items, including stick cinnamon, round cut cinnamon, cassia powder,…. These product lines all have a maximum moisture content of 13.5%, with essential oil content ranging from 0.5 to 4%.
  • Product prices change throughout the year, buyers should call the company personally to get the cheapest bargain. The United States, Europe, China, Japan, and other countries are their main focused markets.

Visimex Company

In conclusion, the above is the most specific and detailed information about Vietnam cinnamon suppliers. If you want to start a business with cinnamon products, this article is a reliable reference for you. Hopefully, you will get huge sales when importing from Vietnam cinnamon suppliers.

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