Quality And Benefits Of Vietnamese Star Anise For Wholesalers

Discover the exceptional quality and numerous benefits of Vietnamese Star Anise for wholesalers. This comprehensive guide explores the unique features, the potential of Vietnam star anise, how to categorise them, prices and top suppliers in the world. 

General information about Vietnamese star anise

Vietnamese Star Anise is a prized spice known for its exceptional quality, aromatic properties, and versatile uses. Its distinctive flavour and potential health benefits make it a valuable ingredient for wholesalers.

Introduction to Star anise in Vietnam

Vietnamese star anise, originating from the province of Lang Son in Vietnam, is a unique fruit that has gained international recognition. Its distinct appearance consists of five to eight lobes, resembling petals, arranged in a beautiful star or flower shape. What makes Vietnam star anise even more remarkable is its minimal care requirements. Simply planting the seeds or seedlings in the ground allows the plant to thrive and grow naturally.

While Lang Son is the primary region for cultivating Vietnam star anise, Vietnam star anise is also in other provinces such as Cao Bang, Bac Kan, and Quang Ninh. The combination of high altitude and favourable soil conditions in Lang Son contributes to the tree’s optimal growth.

Renowned for its rich essential oil content and absence of toxins, Vietnamese star anise is among the finest in the world. The essential oil extracted from star anise is highly valued and widely used in various applications. It serves as a key ingredient in massage oils, aids in digestion, features in cosmetics, and enhances fragrances. In traditional medicine, people utilize star anise to treat and alleviate abdominal pain while promoting efficient digestion.

Vietnam star anise stands out not only for its exceptional qualities but also for its significant contributions to various industries and traditional medicine.


Introduction to Vietnamese star anise

The potential of Vietnamese star anise in the international market

Vietnam star anise holds significant potential in the international market. Since the 1990s, Vietnam has been exporting star anise and star anise essential oil to various destinations worldwide, including China, North America, and Europe. These products find common utilization in the production of medicines and cosmetics.

Vietnam’s annual export value for cinnamon and Vietnamese star anise reaches approximately $400 million. According to the World Spice Association, star anise is the second most-produced spice globally, while cinnamon ranks as the third most-produced spice. The popularity of these products stems from their consistent supply and exceptional quality, making them sought-after in numerous markets.

Presently, star anise and cinnamon from Vietnam are extensively used in South Asian countries like India and Bangladesh, the Middle East including the UAE and Pakistan, East Asian nations such as Japan, Taiwan-China, and South Korea, as well as the United States and European Union countries. With the signing of multiple free trade agreements and the increasing demand for raw materials in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries, star anise from Vietnam and cinnamon have gained momentum and promising growth opportunities.


The potential of Vietnamese star anise in the international market

Prominent characteristics of Vietnamese star anise

Here are the prominent characteristics of star anise from Vietnam that wholesalers should know:

  • Shape: Vietnamese star anise is a fruit that, as the name suggests, looks like a star with eight boat-shaped parts. The essential oil is found in the pericarp, which is the outer layer of the fruit.
  • Harvesting season: The fruits are harvested before they fully ripen and then sun-dried. There are two crops of star anise in Vietnam, one in spring and one in autumn. Vietnam is a major producer of star anise and has a stable supply system.
  • Flavour: Star anise has a distinct, sweet, and aniseed-like flavour with a fresh and pleasant aftertaste. True to its name, it has a fennel and liquorice-like aroma.
  • Versatile applications: People use Vietnam star anise in various dishes and beverages and has medicinal properties, including antioxidant and antibacterial effects.

These are the prominent characteristics of Vietnam star anise that wholesalers should understand before deciding to purchase this potential product.


Prominent characteristics of Vietnamese star anise

Classification of Vietnamese star anise products

Currently, Vietnam star anise products are classified into various types to meet the diverse needs of customers. The following article outlines the criteria for classifying Vietnam star anise products and highlights popular products in the international market.

Criteria for classifying Vietnamese star anise products

Vietnam star anise products are typically classified based on their shape and harvest season, such as whole star anise, blended star anise, and broken star anise. Each harvest season variation can impact the price of the product.

  • Whole Star Anise (Intact Fruit):

– There are two main harvest seasons: spring and autumn, resulting in two corresponding types of whole star anise.

– Spring whole Vietnamese star anise is smaller, approximately 0.8 times the size of the autumn variety, with a diameter of about 2 cm, but it has a higher content of essential oil.

– The purity, similarity, nutritional value, and aroma of this type of intact star anise are higher than any other type, thus commanding the highest price, up to $10,000/MT.

  • Blended Star Anise:

– It is a mixture of star anise, including broken pieces, crumbs, and even fruit stalks.

– After harvesting, this type of Vietnamese star anise is collected by removing leaves and then dried at an appropriate temperature.

– Due to the high blending ratio and broken rate, the price of this Vietnam star anise is generally the lowest among the different types, ranging from $7,900 to $8,200/MT.

  • Broken Star Anise:

– It consists of full, broken, and even fragmented star anise, with a lower blending ratio compared to blended Vietnam star anise due to careful removal of both leaves and stalks.

– As a result, the average price of this broken spice is higher than blended star anise.

– The lower the ratio of broken and fragmented star anise, the higher the value of this spice, with a minimum price of approximately $6,000/MT.

Through this information, wholesalers can gain a better understanding of the different types of Vietnam Star Anise products and make suitable choices to meet the demands of customers.


Criteria for classifying Vietnamese star anise products

Prominent Vietnamese star anise products popular in the international market

Some popular Vietnam star anise products in the international market include star anise oil, star anise broken, star anise powder, and raw star anise.

  • Star Anise Oil: Star anise Vietnamese oil is a product extracted from star anise seeds. It has a bright yellow color and a distinctive aroma of anise. Star anise oil is used in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.
  • Star Anise Broken: Vietnam star anise broken refers to fragments or small pieces of star anise. This is a commonly used product in the food industry to flavor various dishes such as sausages, pâtés, sauces, and braised dishes.
  • Star Anise Powder: Vietnam star anise powder is the ground form of star anise seeds. It is a convenient product used as a spice in dishes and beverages such as soups, stir-fries, sauces, and teas. When purchasing star anise powder and Vietnam cinnamon powder, it is important to check its quality and ensure that it does not contain any additives or contaminants.
  • Raw Star Anise: Raw Vietnamese star anise refers to pure, unprocessed, or ground star anise seeds. Raw star anise is often used as a decorative component in dishes, beverages, and handicraft products. When buying raw star anise, choose beautiful, evenly colored seeds and ensure the origin and quality of the product.

To obtain more detailed information about buying Vietnam star anise products wholesale, it is important to find reliable and reputable suppliers and communicate to verify the quality of the products.


Prominent Vietnamese star anise products popular in the international market

Prices of Vietnam star anise products in the current market

The following table provides reference prices for Vietnam star anise products in the market:

Spring whole star anise Autumn whole star anise Blended star anise Broken star anise
Moisture 12-14% max 12-14% max 12-14% max 12-14% max
Broken 5-10%  5-10%  negotiable negotiable
Admixture 1% max 1% max negotiable negotiable
Flower diameter 2 cm 2.5 cm 1.8-2.5cm 1.8-2.5cm
Price (FOB) 9,500-10,000 USD/MT 8,500-9,000 USD/MT 7,900-8,200 USD/MT 6,000 USD/MT min

The reason for the price difference among different types of Vietnamese star anise products is as follows:

  • Different harvest seasons: Prices of Vietnam star anise can vary based on whether the star anise is harvested in the autumn or spring. Star anise harvested in the autumn tends to have a larger flower diameter and a more distinct aroma compared to star anise harvested in the spring.
  • Product quality: Moisture content, broken seed ratio, and blending ratio can affect the price. Whole star anise from Vietnam without broken seeds and with lower moisture content may have a higher price compared to star anise with a high broken seed ratio or higher moisture content.

Prices of Vietnamese star anise products in the current market:

Top 3 reliable suppliers that provide Vietnamese star anise products in the market

Importers from other countries who want to buy star anise from Vietnam are advised to work with the following Vietnamese suppliers.

Hoan Nghia Cinnamon Factory leading Vietnamese star anise supplier in the market

Hoan Nghia Company was established in 1995 and has its company office in Hanoi, Vietnam. With support from Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, HN Cinnamon is recognized as a trustworthy partner capable of supplying high-quality cinnamon and star anise products from Vietnam.

The most distinctive of these products is Vietnamese star anise, which has a system of big factories that process it in Lang Son and a warehouse that can hold up to 21,000 tons. Hoan Nghia Cinnamon Factory has sold high-quality star anise to big markets like India, China, Japan, etc.

Contact information: Whatsapp: (+84)961504190



Hanfimex a leading company providing cinnamon and Vietnamese star anise for wholesalers

Hanfimex Vietnam Star Anise Production and Export Joint Stock Company, JSC, was established in 2012, building upon 10 years of experience in the production of star anise and anise flower by the company’s leadership. It is a leading enterprise in Vietnam with a strong reputation in the processing and export of star anise and anise flower. The main source of raw materials for Hanfimex brand, JSC is primarily in Yen Bai and Lang Son provinces. Hanfimex is famous for high-yielding and high-quality varieties of Vietnamese star anise and anise flower in Vietnam.

Contact information: Whatsapp: (+84)961504190

Agrideco Vietnam another reputable Vietnam star anise supplier to consider

The small company Agrideco Vietnam Co., Ltd. started in 2015 in Hanoi, which is the capital of Vietnam. Even though this company was just starting out, the board of directors made up of experts in agriculture with a lot of experience.

At first, they focused on the domestic market by selling agricultural goods, like Vietnam star anise, to local businesses that would then export them. During the development process, they changed their goal from development to export. The goal of Agideco is to help Vietnamese farmers sell their agricultural goods around the world. 

Contact information: Whatsapp: (+84)961504190


Top 3 reliable suppliers that provide Vietnamese star anise products in the market

Tips for working with Vietnamese star anise suppliers to avoid scams

Avoid Vietnam star anise supplier scams by following these tips:

  • Check the supplier’s office address, contact information, and business history before starting a transaction. Check their website, social media, and reputable news sources.
  • Check the Vietnam star anise supplier before ordering. Request samples, quality certifications, customer references, and other information to verify the wholesale Vietnam cinnamon suppliers and Vietnam star anise suppliers’ credibility.
  • Make sure a contract specifies all transaction terms. Specify product quality, unit measurements, delivery dates, and other details.
  • Use secure payment methods like bank transfers, credit cards, and trusted online payment services. Avoid direct money transfers.
  • Before paying, inspect the goods. Address discrepancies with the Vietnam star anise supplier.
  • After the transaction, leave feedback and reviews about the supplier. This shares your experience and generates supplier reviews.

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