Simply Organic A Trusted Partner For Wholesale Spices

Are you a wholesaler looking to elevate your spice offerings and cater to health-conscious consumers? Look no further! Simply Organic is your go-to source for premium organic spices that will take your wholesale business to new heights.

Overview of Simply Organic as a wholesaler of premium organic spices

Embark on a journey through the world of premium organic spices with Simply Organic, a distinguished wholesaler renowned for its commitment to quality and ethical sourcing. In this overview, we’ll explore how Simply Organic has earned its place as a trusted partner for wholesalers seeking top-tier organic spices.

History and vision of Simply Organic

Let’s delve into the captivating journey of Simply Organic, exploring both its rich history and its inspiring vision. From humble beginnings to becoming a trusted leader in the organic spice industry, discover how this spice company’s unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability has shaped its remarkable story. 

  • History of Simply Organic: A well-known brand that specializes in providing high-quality organic spices, seasonings, and culinary products. The company was founded in 2001 as an initiative of Frontier Co-op, a leading supplier of organic herbs and spices.
  • Founding and Early Years: The idea for this brand emerged as a response to the increasing demand for organic products and the need for more transparency in the food industry. With a passion for sustainable agriculture and a commitment to providing pure, organic, and flavorful spices, the founders set out to create a brand that would cater to health-conscious consumers and support ethical sourcing practices.
  • Vision: Simply Organic’s vision is to provide wholesome, organic products while making a positive impact on the world through responsible and sustainable practices. They aspire to be a driving force in the organic movement, shaping a future where organic choices are not just an option but a conscious and preferred way of living and consuming.

History and vision of Simply Organic

A detailed description of the range of spices provided by Simply Organic

Simply Organic offers a diverse and extensive range of premium organic spices, ensuring that every culinary creation is infused with exceptional flavor and quality. Here is a detailed description of the range of spices provided by this brand:

  • Single Spices: A comprehensive selection of single organic spices, including organic cinnamon, cumin, paprika, and turmeric. Each spice is carefully sourced and processed to retain its natural aroma and potency, enhancing the taste of dishes with authentic and pure flavors.
  • Spice Blends: Their spice blends are thoughtfully curated to capture the essence of various global cuisines. These blends simplify cooking while delivering complex and harmonious flavor profiles.
  • Herbs: The brand’s collection of organic herbs includes everything from the robust taste of organic rosemary and thyme to the delicate fragrance of organic basil and dill. 
  • Chili and Peppers: From mild to hot, Simply Organic offers an assortment of organic chili powders and crushed red pepper to suit varying heat preferences. 
  • Garlic and Onion: They provide organic garlic and onion products, like garlic powder and onion powder, the savory foundation for countless recipes. 
  • Salt and Seasonings: Their selection of organic salts and seasonings complements any dish, from simple to elaborate. Whether it’s sea salt, black pepper, or seasoned salts like Lemon Pepper or Garlic Salt, these pantry staples elevate the taste of every meal.
  • Vanilla and Extracts: Organic vanilla and extracts are crafted with care, enhancing sweet and savory recipes alike. 

Their commitment to sourcing only the finest organic ingredients ensures that every spice in its collection meets rigorous quality standards. Their diverse range of spices empowers cooks and culinary enthusiasts to create mouthwatering dishes, infused with the essence of premium, sustainably sourced organic ingredients.


A detailed description of the range of spices provided by Simply Organic

Competitive advantages of Simply Organic compared to others

Simply Organic possesses several competitive advantages that set them apart from other spice suppliers in the market. These advantages contribute to their position as a leading choice for wholesalers and consumers alike:

  • Exceptional Quality and Purity: They commit to providing exceptional quality organic spices, ensuring their products are pure, flavorful, and sourced responsibly. Their dedication to sourcing the finest organic ingredients sets them apart from suppliers that may not prioritize the same level of quality.
  • Wide Range of Organic Products: This spice brand offers an extensive and diverse range of organic spices, seasonings, herbs, and blends. Their comprehensive product selection allows them to cater to a wide variety of culinary preferences and cuisines.
  • Brand Reputation and Trust: Simply Organic has built a solid reputation as a trusted brand in the organic spice industry. Wholesalers can leverage this trust to enhance their own credibility and offer products that consumers feel confident purchasing.
  • Certifications and Compliance: Their organic products such as organic cinnamon powder carry important certifications, such as USDA organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. These certifications provide wholesalers and consumers with confidence that the organic cinnamon products meet rigorous organic and non-GMO standards.
  • Long-Term Vision for Positive Change: Their vision extends beyond providing high-quality products. Their commitment to inspiring positive change in the food industry through sustainable and ethical practices sets them apart from suppliers solely focused on profitability.

In summary, its competitive advantages lie in its unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, transparency, and innovation. These strengths differentiate them from other spice suppliers and position them as a trusted and preferred choice for wholesalers.


Competitive advantages of Simply Organic compared to others

Steps to becoming a partner with Simply Organic

The general steps to becoming a partner with Simply Organic are likely to involve the following:

  • Research and Familiarization: Conduct thorough research about Simply Organic, its product offerings, wholesale policies, and values. Familiarize yourself with their commitment to organic and sustainable practices.
  • Contact the sellers: Reach out through their official website or customer support channels. Inquire about their wholesale partnership program and express your interest in becoming a partner.
  • Complete Application: If there is a formal application process, fill out the necessary forms and provide the required information about your business, including your company profile, contact details, and any other relevant details.
  • Meeting and Evaluation: If applicable, schedule a meeting or discussion with their wholesale team. They may evaluate your business and assess whether your values align with its mission.
  • Review Wholesale Terms: Carefully review and understand their wholesale terms and conditions. This may include minimum order quantities, pricing structure, payment terms, and shipping policies.
  • Agreement and Contract: If both parties are satisfied with the partnership, a contract or agreement may be provided outlining the terms of the partnership.
  • Place Orders: Once approved as a wholesale partner, you can start placing orders for Simply Organic’s products according to the agreed-upon terms.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Promote their products within your business and to your customers. Utilize their marketing materials and resources, if available, to enhance your promotions.
  • Build a Long-Term Relationship: Foster a strong and lasting partnership by consistently providing high-quality products to your customers and adhering to the agreed-upon terms.

Remember that the specific steps and requirements for becoming a partner with Simply Organic may vary, so it’s essential to contact them for the most accurate and up-to-date information directly.


Steps to becoming a partner with Simply Organic

The shipping and return policy of Simply Organic 

When shopping with Simply Organic, you can enjoy hassle-free shipping and flexible return options. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Return Policy: With a 100% Guarantee, you can return any item for any reason, and receive a refund or replacement. To initiate a return, ensure you include a Return Goods Authorization number for smoother processing. Please aim to make your return within 60 days of the invoice date to qualify for a refund. Keep in mind that refund requests beyond 60 days or suspected abuse of the return policy may result in refusal. For easy returns, reach out to Customer Service via email or phone (1-800-669-3275).
  • Shipping Policy: Shipping charges are calculated based on your order’s weight and shipping distance. Orders over $39.00 usually qualify for free standard shipping, typically sent via Economy Rate. However, please note that free shipping applies to the continental U.S. only and excludes HI, AK, and other US territories. If you use a discount coupon code, make sure your order remains above $39.00 after the discount to be eligible for free shipping.

Simply Organic is a reputable cinnamon supplier known for providing high-quality and organic cinnamon products. For more information and more specifics about this cinnamon supplier, you can research their website. 

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