Vietnamese cinnamon vs Ceylon: Which is better?

Being accredited as the two most prevalent types of cinnamon in the world, the differences between Vietnamese cinnamon vs Ceylon in terms of flavors, economic potential, and consumer markets always receive huge concerns from spice traders. This article will give you the benefits of each and good supplier of Vietnamese cinnamon vs Ceylon.

Vietnamese Cinnamon vs Ceylon: A quick view

Before answering the question at the beginning of this article, it is crucial to browse through some general knowledge of those two cinnamon varieties. In fact, there are various cinnamon breeds being cultivated all over the world. However, just Vietnamese cinnamon vs Ceylon is the most widely traded.

  • Vietnamese cinnamon, which is mainly grown in the Northern mountainous regions in Vietnam, is a type of Cassia cinnamon. This cinnamon has existed in the spice map for thousands of years and is also the most popular type of cinnamon traded in the cinnamon wholesale market.
  • Ceylon cinnamon is the most prestigious cinnamon variety all over the world. It is one of the two most cultivated cinnamon varieties in Sri Lanka and India. People are into this cinnamon due to its irreplaceable unique earthy taste and lower amount of coumarin.
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Is Vietnamese Cinnamon Ceylon: A Quick View

Vietnamese cinnamon vs Ceylon: Analyzing the differences

Although is in the same genus as both, Vietnamese cinnamon vs Ceylon still have some remarkable discrepancies in features, consumer markets, and wholesale prices.

Vietnamese cinnamon Ceylon cinnamon
Color Dark brown, yellow-brown, orange-brown Tan brown
Flavor Rich, pungent Mild, citrusy, floral
Usage Oatmeal, bread, cinnamon rolls, coffee cakes, cinnamon rolls Pastry, bread, cinnamon rolls, champurrado
Main producers Vietnam Sri Lanka
Main consumers India, the Middle East Mexico, the US, the EU
Wholesale prices $3,930 – $4,913 $14,000 – $35,000

The chart above shows the most refined and vital comparison between two types of cinnamon in terms of 6 criteria. However, to smoothly and confidently penetrate into this promising market, it is crucial to dig deeper into the reasons behind those differences.

Main producers and consumers of Vietnamese cinnamon vs cinnamon

Looking at the table above, the manufacturers and consumer markets of Vietnamese cinnamon vs Ceylon are really different. 

  • In reports of OEC – a trustworthy data-collecting website, Vietnam stood as one of the largest important cinnamon exporters in 2019, with $175M in total revenue. At the same time, Sri Lanka as the runner-up in the cinnamon exporting race had received $163M in export value, mostly from Ceylon cinnamon.
  • India and Middle East countries were reported to be the largest Cassia cinnamon importers, including a large amount of Vietnamese cinnamon. In 2019, India imported $91.1M of cinnamon, making it the biggest cinnamon importer at that time. 
  • In the meantime, speaking of Ceylon cinnamon, Mexico and the US are considered huge and loyal consumer markets for it. According to OEC, Mexico made up 9.61% of the global imports value and the number was up to 16.6% when it comes to the US.
  • Besides, the popularity of Vietnamese cinnamon in India and countries in the Middle East can be explained by its good quality and competitive prices. Indians and people in the Middle East use cinnamon products almost in their daily meals. That means it is such a giant economic burden on households to consume expensive cinnamon every day. Fortunately, Vietnamese cinnamon perfectly solves that problem for them. Information about the distributions of main producers and consumers should never be neglected by any serious trader. It is impossible to successfully conquer a new market without knowing the best locations to buy and resell the products. 

Main producers and consumers of Vietnamese vs ceylon cinnamon

Wholesale prices of Vietnamese cinnamon vs Ceylon

It is transparent to see that there is a huge gap between the price of Vietnamese cinnamon vs Ceylon. The secret behind that lies in the scarcity of Ceylon cinnamon.

  •  In Sri Lanka, manual working accounts for the majority of the production process. Farmers remove cinnamon bark by hand and do not use machines in almost all other steps such as dryness or cutting. Depending on natural heat from sunlight and human hands to manufacture a product definitely leads to instability and shortage in the product’s quantity.
  • Besides, the unique mild and earthy flavor of Ceylon cinnamon also contributes to its dominance in the West. Unlike Asians, who are in love with the intense taste and smell of Cinnamon from Vietnam, Westerners often go with the light, citrusy and floral flavor of the Ceylon type.

Due to those reasons above, it is unquestionable that the price of Ceylon cinnamon, sometimes, can be 7 times more than that of Vietnamese cinnamon.

Vietnamese Cinnamon vs Ceylon: Which one outweighs the other?

There is no answer to this question because it all depends on your personal taste and priority towards the price of cinnamon in bulk.

  • If you can’t stand the strong and pungent flavor of Vietnamese cinnamon, then Ceylon would be the best choice for you. In contrast, if you find the mild and floral scent of Ceylon can not give you a flavor explosion, you must try Vietnamese cinnamon instead, it will not disappoint you.
  • However, in case you can accept the flavors of both Ceylon vs Vietnamese cinnamon, considering the price before purchasing is a wise move. Because the price of Vietnamese cinnamon is obviously much more affordable than its counterpart, you can save a relatively large amount of money if you buy it.

Which is better ceylon or vietnamese cinnamon?

Vietnamese cinnamon vs Ceylon: Top suppliers

This list of prestigious and trustworthy suppliers of Vietnamese cinnamon and Ceylon will definitely save spice traders a lot of time and effort.

Hanoi Cinnamon

Hanoi Cinnamon – a reliable cinnamon supplieris accredited for its remarkable accomplishment in bringing Vietnamese cinnamon to the world. During more than 20 years of doing business, the company has earned itself a tremendous number of loyal wholesale purchasers thanks to its thoughtful customer service and professional working way.

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  • Phone: +84961504190 (Whatsapp Available)
  • Website:
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Lak Cinnamon

Located in Sri Lanka, the hotspot of Ceylon cinnamon, Lak Cinnamon is given all credit for providing customers the best Ceylon cinnamon in the world. Its Ceylon cinnamon’s quality, in general, can be defeated by any other company.


This is the leading cinnamon company in Vietnam. VINASAMEX is able to offer wholesale and retail buyers an extremely diverse range of Vietnamese cinnamon products, and of course, with reasonable prices.


If you want more information about this two most prestigious cinnamon, please feel free to contact us through the website or phone number +84961504190 (Whatsapp available).

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