Ways to find an excellent cinnamon powder factory

Along with grabbing information about cinnamon powder distributors and the product characteristics, having a list of high-quality cinnamon powder factory is also of key importance if traders want to fully take advantage of this promising market.

Cinnamon powder factory: The overview

Having a precise map of the cinnamon powder factories and understanding the characteristics of its product is crucial for any traders who seriously aim at cultivating the highest economic potential of this popular product.

Main distributions

Thanks to favorable climatic features such as humidity and relatively high precipitation rate, Asian countries are recognized as the hotspot of manufacturing cinnamon powder. Some of them call Indonesia, China, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka the most popular destinations for cinnamon powder factories.

  • Vietnam, Indonesia, and China are well-known for the Cassia cinnamon powder.
  • Sri Lanka is given all the credits for its Ceylon powder. 

Almost every cinnamon powder factory is constructed near the cultivation areas to save delivery costs and ensure the quality of raw materials.


Main distributions

The product features

There are 2 types of cinnamon powder widely produced in the cinnamon powder factory, which is Cassia cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon. These two vary in several aspects such as color, taste, and distribution, which leads to different requirements to maximize profits. That’s why having a thorough comparison between these products is crucial for any cinnamon powder trader.

Cassia cinnamon Ceylon cinnamon
Color Dark or orange-brown Light brown
Flavor Rich, pungent Mild, citrusy, earthy
Usage Oatmeal, bread, cinnamon rolls, coffee cakes, cinnamon rolls Pastry, bread, cinnamon rolls, champurrado
Main producers Vietnam, Indonesia, China Sri Lanka
Main consumers India, the Middle East Mexico, the US, the EU
Wholesale prices $2,150 – $6,000 $9,000 – $13,000

Normally, the Cassia cinnamon factories are likely to apply more assembly lines and technology equipment than the Ceylon, which leads to the abundance in quantity and stability in the quality of Cassia powder. At the same time, due to the prominent manual production method, Ceylon powder is much scarcer than the Cassia. However, it still retains the unique earthy taste, which causes the much higher price range of Ceylon powder, compared to the Cassia.


The product features

Cinnamon powder factory: Manufacture steps

4 main steps need to be carried out to get cinnamon powder with standard quality.

  • Harvesting: Cinnamon bark is harvested from the branches or the trunks of cinnamon evergreens. The locations of cinnamon fields are often near cinnamon powder factories in order to ensure the delivery of raw materials. This step is often done by the skillful hands of farmers. They need to be gentle when peeling off tubes of cinnamon to save it from being cracked or scratched. After that, it is important to clean the water of the bark with alcohol to prevent the attack of molds and fungus.
  • Dry process: This step is carried out inside a drying chamber at a temperature of 70 – 75 Celsius. Using such a high range of temperature works wonders for slowing down the evaporation process and avoiding the deformation of essential oil. The ideal final moisture rate is around 12 – 14%. In some cinnamon powder factories, instead of drying chambers, people use the sunlight to dry their barks.
  • Grinding: The most important step in this procedure is grinding. Dried cinnamon bark reaching a uniform quality standard has to go through a grinding machine to become powder. This process is often done in a cinnamon powder factory, where grinding machines are equipped. That really facilitates the production of cinnamon powder.
  • Packing and preservation: Every cinnamon production process above needs to be carried out in clean factories and the final products have to be tightly packaged and well-stored.

Manufacture steps

Cinnamon powder factory: Notices to find a good one

The significant increase in the number of cinnamon powder factories is a two-edged sword. It brings people more options of supply sources, at the same time, it also confuses new traders by offering them too many choices, including bad-quality factories. To solve that problem, there are 3 things any trader needs to notice.

Channels to find a cinnamon powder factory

The list below shows several platforms where you can find information about a trustworthy cinnamon powder factory with ease.

  • E-commerce platforms: Alibaba, Amazon, etc.
  • Trade fairs: You can easily find a high-quality cinnamon powder factory in trade fairs because all factories attending this type of event need to verify their quality in advance.
  • Yellow pages: The document contains addresses and contacts of cinnamon powder factories. It will be helpful if you want to make comparisons among lots of factories.
  • Google: Compared to all the platforms mentioned above, Google is much more popular thanks to its convenience and abundant search results. However, the information on the Internet is not verified. So you need to filter it out by consulting other channels.

Besides these popular places above, spice traders can find a good cinnamon powder factory through intermediary units, government offices, or embassies.


Channels to find cinnamon powder factories

Signs of a prestigious cinnamon powder factory

After grabbing the information on the platforms mentioned above, you need to filter it out by noticing several signs of a high-quality cinnamon powder factory. Normally, you should cooperate with factories having these features below:

  • Clear company profile
  • Valid business information
  • Real website
  • Having necessary production certificates and business registration
  • Big partners
  • Having nearby growing areas

If a factory obtains these requirements, you can give it a chance and then proceed to the next step, which is to check the scamming signs.


Signs of prestigious cinnamon powder factories

Signs of a scamming cinnamon powder factory

There are 5 typical features of a low-quality or scamming cinnamon powder factory.

  • Fake or vague company profile
  • Bad websites might also be a bad sign
  • Too early payment requirements
  • Too many discounts
  • Too low price offering

You should be really careful when approaching a factory and please keep in mind all those signs. Because sometimes, the cinnamon powder factory’s offering will be so fruity that you forget to check their quality and just rush to work with them.


Signs of scamming cinnamon powder factories

The list of recommended cinnamon powder factory

The list below will save you a lot of time to find a high-quality cinnamon powder factory. All names mentioned in this part are verified and recommended by lots of cinnamon traders in the world.

Viet Agri Wholesale

If you are looking for a global company with more than 20 years in trading and manufacturing Cassia cinnamon powder in bulk, Viet Agri Wholesale is the best choice for you. Having lots of cinnamon processing factories and warehouses, the company is always ready for any requirement of customers.


Viet Agri Wholesale


  • Phone: +84961504190 (Whatsapp Available)
  • Website:
  • Email:

Shaanxi Haokang Biotechnology Co., Ltd

The Chinese manufacturer is accredited for its diverse product range and several extract powder plants, which have been put into use for more than 10 years. With a strong technical team, famous experts, and research consultants, the product quality of this cinnamon powder factory is firmly guaranteed.


Located in Indonesia, AGRIM PTE is the world’s leading cinnamon powder supplier in cultivating, manufacturing, and trading cinnamon products, including cinnamon powder internationally. The quality of this cinnamon powder factory is proved by several certificates such as ISO 9001:2008, HACCP, and GMP.


These are the most defined and precise information about the cinnamon powder factory. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through the website or phone number +84961504190 (Available on Whatsapp)

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