How to find the trustworthy cinnamon oil factory in the market

Cinnamon oil factory is a hot issue among individuals and businesses interested in cinnamon essential oil, which is derived from cinnamon trees. Following this will provide you with some information on cinnamon oil factory and how to find a reputable one in the market.

The overview of cinnamon oil factory

First of all, it needs to understand the basic information such as the definition and the areas of the cinnamon oil factory.

The definition of cinnamon oil factory

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The definition of the cinnamon oil factory

Cinnamon oil factory is simply understood as the place where cinnamon essential oil is produced whose ingredients are taken from parts of the cinnamon tree such as bark, twigs, leaves.

The cinnamon oil factories also need to meet the standards of raw material collection, production process and safety to bring the best quality products to customers everywhere.

The areas of cinnamon oil factory

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The export quantity of countries in 2020

There are two varieties of cinnamon: Cassia oil cinnamon and Ceylon oil cinnamon. Because they have varied properties and are grown in different regions, the cinnamon oil factory provides a diversified product.

  • Cinnamon oil factory, whose main raw material is Cassia cinnamon, is concentrated in the following three countries: Indonesia, China, and Vietnam.
  • Sri Lanka also has cinnamon oil factories and they would make the items based on Ceylon cinnamon.
  • The export quantity of each country in 2020 has quite positive results. However, the amount of cinnamon exported from Sri Lanka, including the cinnamon oil factory, is not as much as the other three countries.
  • Moreover, the products made by Cassia cinnamon will be cheaper because the place where they are produced has a large area of raw materials and the production technique is not manual like the cinnamon oil factory in Sri Lanka, but modern machines will be applied.

The products features of cinnamon oil factory

This next section will highlight the most outstanding product features that the cinnamon oil factory has to offer.

The steps to produce the goods at cinnamon oil factory

To produce a high-quality product, a reputable cinnamon oil factory must follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Prepare the resources by cutting them down to a size of 5-10 cm.
  • Step 2: Fill the distaliting equipment with the components.
  • Step 3: Pour in the water (can add 20% NaCl)
  • Step 4: Preheat the oven (distillation).
  • Step 5: Filtration 
  • Step 6: Allow to cool and distill for at least 6 hours.
  • Step 7: Use an extraction machine to separate the essential oil.
  • Step 8: Put the items in a box for the delivery

To achieve the highest standards of cinnamon essential oil produced, the cinnamon oil factory must guarantee that the packing materials are fresh, clean, and in good shape.

Cinnamon oil factory – the benefits of items

There’s also no denying that the many benefits of cinnamon oil bulk produced at a cinnamon oil factory may provide in the pharmaceutical and beauty businesses. Here are a few of the more well-known advantages:

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The amazing benefits of cinnamon oil

  • Eliminating foul odors in airtight environments (rooms in houses, the car, etc.)
  • Getting rid of the pests (mosquitoes, bugs, etc.)
  • It is thought that refreshing people’s minds will save them from negative energy.
  • Coughing, flu, and cold treatment
  • Many eastern treatments use these ingredients.

The wholesale price of cinnamon oil factory

The selling price offered by the cinnamon oil factory is also an important factor in deciding whether or not customers will buy many times.

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The wholesale price of cinnamon oil

  • Up to now, the price of each kilogram of cinnamon oil will range from $15-$90 depending on the quality of the product and the supplier in which region.
  • The wholesale price can be negotiated with the cinnamon oil factory to reach a final agreement. But usually the places that sell cinnamon oil in Vietnam will have a cheaper price than other areas because this is a land of cinnamon growing with many beneficial factors such as the fertility of the land, environment, weather, the modern technology applied and the safety of politics. 

How to find a reliable cinnamon oil factory

With the development of the world today, there are many ways for you to find a reputable cinnamon oil factory. Here are the most outstanding and time-saving ways for you.

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Tips to find the reliable cinnamon oil factory

  • Rely on online social platforms: Google is the most popular and usual way for us to gain information on a new topic, but there are plenty more options that are more dependable and helpful. With the keyword phrase “cinnamon oil factory,” you can start looking for information in the sites such as yellow pages, government offices, E-commerce marketplaces, trade shows, or middleman manufacturers.
  • Check the detail: Based on the aforementioned section’s information on certain cinnamon oil factories, you might have to examine the latest details to see if it is a credible one to contact to or collaborate with such as relevant data about the organization, locations where plants are grown, exports and imports certificates of company and even their partnership,….
  • Recognize scammers: Because of the advanced equipment, many scammers have taken advantage of customers and faked a reputable cinnamon oil factory. They often do not have a specific website and the information is ambiguous. Or if the buyer asks for a video call to check the information of the goods, they find ways to not accept it.

In short, once you have identified and got yourself a list of cinnamon oil factories on the market today, you have to really deal with the next steps to check their credibility in the smartest way.

Some reputable cinnamon oil factory in the world

If you still have a lot of surprises while looking for a reputable cinnamon oil factory, don’t worry, the next section will show you the top places that sell the best cinnamon oil.

Hanoi Cinnamon Company – the best cinnamon oil factory in Vietnam

Over 20 years of production and experience in exporting agricultural products, including cinnamon oil, this supplier has affirmed its position in the arena of cinnamon oil factory.

  • This company has really outstanding achievements and the customers that come to them are from Europe, America, India, Japan, Korea,… The best conditions that they strive to dedicate to each product has paid off.
  • Hanoi Cinnamon also has extremely professional customer service and staff, so this Vietnamese cinnamon oil factory has received a lot of positive reviews about the product. Therefore, the number of people coming back to buy their products is extremely large.

Contact information

Phone: +84961504190 (Whatsapp Available)



Jiangxi Baicao Pharmaceutical – the reliable cinnamon oil factory in China

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Jiangxi Baicao Pharmaceutical

This is a pharmaceutical company based in Jiangxi, China. They opened the business in 2012.

  • In China, Jiangxi Baicao Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd is a significant firm and maker of essential oils. The cinnamon oil factory takes pride in having cutting-edge production lines and technologies to ensure product quality.
  • This company also asserts their position thanks to modern production machinery and good investment in all production processes to bring out the final product.

HDDES Extracts Company in Sri Lanka

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HDDES Extracts Company

This cinnamon oil factory was established in 1982 in Sri Lanka. 

  • They gradually expand the trade and exchange of products. The production certificate is also well received and is a reliable address for those who want to use cinnamon oil that is made from ceylon cinnamon.
  • Although the price may be more expensive than the cinnamon oil factory from Vietnam or China, if you want to try their products, you can contact them for a comparison.

In short, to find a reputable cinnamon oil factory is not too difficult. If you really want to find a reliable address to import products in large quantities, the issues just presented above are the ones you need the most attention. Hopefully you can make a lot of money on your own with cinnamon oil.

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