Something to grasp about cinnamon oil suppliers in the world

If you are curious about cinnamon oil suppliers, then this article is for you. Suppliers do give their customers a good experience with cinnamon products, but not everyone’s the same. Follow the content below to identify a reliable cinnamon oil providers and maximize your profits today. 

The overall about cinnamon oil suppliers

The first part will outline some common characteristics of cinnamon oil suppliers such as their products, the main markets they operate in, and the wholesale prices they offer to customers.

The items of cinnamon oil suppliers

Cinnamon will include two main types: cassia cinnamon and ceylon cinnamon. These types will be manufactured and refined into products for cinnamon oil suppliers.

  • Cinnamon Ceylon Oil: Although the oil derived from ceylon cinnamon leaves has a mild aroma, the cinnamon oil produced from cinnamon barks has a much stronger aroma and a particular “pleasant” woody aroma. It’s commonly used to alleviate pain from disease, soothe irritation, and provide localized anesthetic.
  • Cinnamon Cassia Oil: This item is extracted from cassia cinnamon trees and contains a blend of fiery, woody, and powerful aromas, as well as a hot and sweet flavor. Because of its significant anti-germ characteristics, cinnamon oil suppliers often provide them for customers used to treat viruses and utilized in recipes.

Cinnamon cassia oil is the most common and widely sold by oil cinnamon suppliers, accounting for over half of all global cinnamon oil trade due to its low cost and excellent value. 

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The items of cinnamon oil suppliers

The main markets of cinnamon oil suppliers

Cinnamon oil suppliers in general are concentrated in four main markets: Vietnam, China, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. In 2020, the export volume of cinnamon suppliers in Vietnam and China were the largest, including cinnamon essential oil suppliers. Cinnamon suppliers from India, Sri Lanka also provide smaller number of cinnamon products in the world

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The export quantiry of cinnamon in some countries in 2020

However, out of the four countries, cinnamon oil suppliers in Vietnam receive very good benefits and support for the cultivation and production of cinnamon. Some can be mentioned as:

  • Vietnam has a large raw material area, and workers are also highly skilled.
  • Natural conditions such as soil environment and climate create favorable conditions for cinnamon oil suppliers in Vietnam.
  • Production machinery technology is constantly updated to serve large orders
  • Issues such as security and politics in Vietnam are also best guaranteed and above all, the support of the Vietnamese government for oil cinnamon suppliers here for export orders to other countries can achieve the greatest success.

In terms of revenue, in 2019, Vietnam ranked first when it came to cinnamon oil suppliers here.

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Top countries with highest cinnamon revenue in the world

Vietnam was the world’s leading cinnamon supplier, with sales of $175 million (including cinnamon oil). Sri Lanka, China, and Indonesia follow in that sequence.

The wholesale price of cinnamon oil suppliers

Because cinnamon is divided into two main types: cassia cinnamon and ceylon cinnamon. In addition, only Indonesia, Vietnam and China supply cassia cinnamon, while Sri Lanka is the ceylon cinnamon. Therefore, the price level of cinnamon oil suppliers in each country is different.

  • Cinnamon oil from Vietnam and China costs $33–35/liter, has a high natural content of up to 90%, and has a distinct warm and powerful flavor. Customers will consider this a very reasonable pricing.
  • Furthermore, because of its distinct and intense fragrances, ceylon cinnamon oil, which is predominantly generated in Sri Lanka, is recognized as the largest cinnamon oil bulk. Due to its remarkable qualities, its costing is obviously far higher than everyone else’s.
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The wholesale price of cinnamon oil

The issues affect the price of cinnamon oil suppliers

For every customer, price must be the top concern. The prices offered to customers by cinnamon oil suppliers depend on many factors. However, it will focus on the following influences.

The supply of cinnamon oil suppliers

The greater the number of cinnamon oil suppliers, the easier it is for firms to obtain items. If vendors have the important market intelligence, they can advise customers on the most useful and larger product categories.

  • In 2019, Vietnam transported widely known cinnamon products, such as cinnamon oil, for an estimated $175 million. With such a large number, Vietnam was ranked first among the world’s most cinnamon exporting countries. Here they have reputable cinnamon oil factories to meet the demand of customers. 
  • Furthermore, China and Indonesia are also the crucial oil cinnamon suppliers, accounting for 20.9% and 19.9% of worldwide cinnamon exports in 2019.
  • Sri Lanka has historically been a prominent destination for cinnamon oil suppliers, according to OEC data, accounting for roughly 21.9% of the global cinnamon supply (including cinnamon oil) in 2019.

Also because production of cinnamon oil bulk is generally abundant, the price level in each region is regulated to accommodate the various classes of clients.

The demand of clients in the world

Cinnamon is a product with a lot of health benefits and their commercial value is quite good. Therefore, countries with high population density and developed in the world are increasingly looking to cinnamon sellers, including cinnamon oil suppliers in extremely large numbers.

The United States was the largest cinnamon importer (including cinnamon oil) in 2019, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), with a total value of $124 million. The next three countries are India, Mexico, and Bangladesh.

It is evident that cinnamon oil suppliers have a bright future ahead when they provide cinnamon oil to the market. The large import quantity of other countries through the years also motivates vendors to expand production. The product’s price continued to rise in response to the market’s high demand.

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The importing income of countries for cinnamon in 2019

The shipping costs for goods of cinnamon oil suppliers

Shipping cost is also a factor that affects the price adjustment on the side of cinnamon oil suppliers.

  • Due to the impact of Covid 19, the shipping price for products of cinnamon has increased quite a lot. Because of the lack of workers as well as containers, it is difficult to bring goods to the countries.
  • The nation’s biggest consumers of cinnamon oil suppliers, Malaysia and India, have gotten support: As of October 26 in 2021, the Vietnam Maritime Corporation (VIMC) has officially established a straight transit route connecting Vietnam, Malaysia, and India. Making purchases from vendors like Vietnamese traders also saves companies 10 days of shipping date and a considerable amount of money on ocean transportation. 

How to import the products from reliable cinnamon oil suppliers

The ways to find reputable cinnamon oil suppliers and import their goods is really one of the issues that deserves top priority.

  • Check scammers: On the market today, there are many people impersonating reputable cinnamon oil suppliers in the world. They have bad intentions and have deceived many customers so you have to be really alert and investigate carefully when working with them. If they don’t have a specific website and avoid video calls to communicate, then you should stay away from them.
  • Join groups: To find a reputable supplier of cinnamon oil, you can also go to groups that offer this product line on social platforms such as Facebook to see customer reviews and recommendations from them to find the right supplier.
  • Ask the embassy for help: Reputable cinnamon oil providers will usually have a business registration with their country. Therefore, you can use this point to contact the embassy in that country to find the best seller.
  • Intermediaries: The model that helps customers find reputable suppliers of products is now quite popular in developing countries. You can connect with them and find out that cinnamon oil suppliers have a good reputation.
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Ways to find reliable cinnamon oil suppliers

Top the best cinnamon oil suppliers around the world

To help you access the most reputable cinnamon oil suppliers, this section will always show you the reliable and highly-rated sites on the market today such as

Hanoi Cinnamon – one of the trustworthy cinnamon oil suppliers in Vietnam

Hanoi Cinnamon is proud to be the founder and address of high quality and prestigious agricultural products such as rice, coffee, cinnamon, …

  • In particular, they are one of the leading cinnamon oil suppliers in Vietnam with more than 21 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying cinnamon products. Hanoi Cinnamon also has a full business license, safety and hygiene certificates to be able to export to other countries the best quality products.
  • Each item for wholesale price will vary. But they would be fixed for about $35/liter of cinnamon oil. In the current cinnamon market, this is also a good price. Hanoi Cinnamon’s export markets include the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, India, Mexico, and Korea…


Phone: +84961504190 (Whatsapp Available)


Jiangxi Baicao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd – one of the reliable cinnamon oil suppliers in China

This company is based in China’s Jinggangshan region, which has excellent scientific and technological prospective study.

  • They are one of the cinnamon oil suppliers that uses cutting-edge technology and has made numerous advancements to its manufacturing methods. As a result, the quality of their cinnamon oil item is guaranteed.
  • Natural plant goods, food supplement oil series, and other related products are the primary products. Jiangxi Baicao Pharmaceutical’s wholesale cinnamon oil costs around $13/kg. Domestically, South Asia, and America are the company’s growth areas.
cinnamon-oil-suppliers-8, jpg

Jiangxi Baicao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Lak Cinnamon Exporters in Sri Lanka

Lak Cinnamon Planters & Exporters is one of the best cinnamon oil suppliers in Sri Lanka for ceylon cinnamon. The company’s headquarters are on the south coast of the country.

  • Lak Cinnamon is known for its high quality and standards. The process is methodically maintained in order to deliver a high level of satisfaction to the customer.
  • The company’s product line is also quite large, serving many customers around the world. Cloves, black pepper, and dried ginger are among the signature spices of this cinnamon oil supplier in Sri Lanka.
  • In addition, Cinnamon suppliers from India also provide quality products that you should not ignore.
cinnamon-oil-suppliers-9, jpg

Lak Cinnamon Company

To summarize, the knowledge on cinnamon oil suppliers provided above is all you should refer to. Also, with that understanding, it is clear that a supplier in Vietnam is the best spot to import goods if you want to become a successful trader in this product line. Hope that this post will serve as a useful stepping stone in your future development.

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