Sri Lanka cinnamon powder: Unexpected benefits

Cinnamon has long been regarded as a panacea amid various spices, particularly Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka. Because of its excellent advantages, Cinnamon powder from Sri Lanka is regarded as one of the top alternatives for both consumers and merchants among various product categories. What are the advantages of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder and how should you use it? The following article will address your concerns.

A general overview of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder

The following is some background information on cinnamon powder from Sri Lanka . If you’re looking to buy Sri Lanka cinnamon powder, you shouldn’t pass it up.

Definition of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder

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The definition of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder

Simply put, Sri Lanka cinnamon powder is often referred to as Ceylon cinnamon powder. Unlike other cinnamon products, cinnamon powder Sri Lanka is in a smoothie form and is frequently packaged in a jar and zip bag for retail sales or in a small PP bag for buying in bulk.

Characteristics of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder

Sri Lanka cinnamon powder inherits the exceptional characteristics of Ceylon cinnamon origin. Here are some of the most notable features of cinnamon powder in here.

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The main features of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder

  • Subtle taste. Sri Lanka cinnamon powder has a delicate flavor with a slightly sweet and aromatic flavor note, in contrast to the strong and a little spicy flavor of Cassia kinds.
  • Ultra-low Coumarin content. Cinnamon powder is considered to contain the least amount of Coumarin, a phenolic compound that can be somewhat harmful to the liver and kidneys if consumed in excess. According to the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), 1 kilogram of Cassia cinnamon powder has roughly 2.1 gram – 4.4 gram of coumarin, implying that 1 teaspoon of CC powder contains around 5.8 milligram – 12.1 milligram of coumarin, whereas Sri Lanka cinnamon contains “barely any.”  Cinnamon powder has merely a trace of coumarin, around 0.004 percent, compared to Cassia cinnamon powder, which contains up to 1%.
  • Light brown color. Cinnamon powder in Sri Lanka is tan brown in hue, whereas Cassia cinnamon powder is reddish dark brown in color.
  • Expensive price. Sri Lanka cinnamon powder is five times more costly than Cassia cinnamon powder, and is often regarded as authentic cinnamon. This is mostly due to the amount of Coumarin available and the expense of manufacture.

Main export destination of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder

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The main exporters of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder

Sri Lanka cinnamon powder is mostly sold in the United States and Mexico. Other nations that consume a significant quantity of cinnamon powder from Sri Lanka include Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Chile, Spain, and Bolivia. Sri Lanka has a great deal of potential in the foreign arena for specific market sectors. Because of the excessive price, Sri Lanka cinnamon powder is not as popular in Asian nations as it is in European countries, owing to the fact that it is not suited for the majority of Asia’s developing and underdeveloped countries.

Main components of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder

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Main properties in Sri Lanka cinnamon powder

Cinnamon powder from Sri Lanka contains a variety of ingredients. A teaspoon of ground cinnamon, weighing 2.6 g, comprises the following ingredients, according to the United States Department of AgricultureTrusted Source:

Unexpected benefits of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder

Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka has long been known as the panacea for a variety of ailments. This section will cover the most common uses for Sri Lanka cinnamon powder, as well as some lesser-known advantages.

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Unexpected benefits of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder

Sri Lanka cinnamon powder benefits for health

  • Diabate. Cinnamon powder from Sri Lanka is well-known for its anti-diabetic effects. Cinnamon has been proven to have an effect on blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes in a few modest trials. Cinnamon powder, when eaten in small doses, can assist to manage blood glucose levels by about 24 percent.
  • Weight loss. Cinnamon powder can also help to decrease cholesterol levels, which can obstruct arteries. Cinnamon and other “antioxidant spices” in the diet may help lessen the body’s unfavorable reaction to high-fat meals. Furthermore, cinnamon’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics can aid in weight loss by fostering an overall healthy body that processes food more efficiently.
  • Alzheimer’s illness. An ingredient found in cinnamon bark for Sri Lanka cinnamon powder called CEppt, has features that may help prevent symptoms from developing, as per researchersTrusted Source. Patients given the extract showed gains in their capacity to think and reason, as well as a reduction in Alzheimer’s symptoms such as amyloid plaques.
  • Cancer. Cinnamaldehyde is abundant in Sri Lanka cinnamon powder. Cinnamaldehyde, which is contained in cinnamon powder from Sri Lanka, may have antitumor and anticarcinogenic properties.

Sri Lanka cinnamon powder benefits in food

  • Additives and spices. Cinnamon powder from Sri Lanka can be used as a flavoring agent in meals. Cinnamon powder from Sri Lanka may be used in savory dishes, and confectionery like cinnamon rolls. Furthermore, Sri Lanka cinnamon powder may be used to enhance the flavor of a variety of beverages, including tea.

Sri Lanka cinnamon powder benefits for skin and hair protection

  • Hair. Cinnamon improves blood circulation, which promotes hair growth. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial qualities, which can help with scalp issues such as dry flakes, scalp, and itching.
  • Skin. Cinnamon powder from Sri Lanka is beneficial to skin protection in a variety of ways! It contains antibacterial traits that help to treat skin problems such as acne, dermatitis, and eczema. Cinnamon can cleanse the skin and reduce dead cells because of its slightly gritty texture.

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How to use cinnamon powder wisely to avoid side effects

Obviously, Sri Lanka cinnamon powder brings many benefits to people in many fields. However, the improper dosage of cinnamon can cause some harmful side effects. This section will provide the typical side effects of Cinnamon powder from Sri Lanka and ways to use it wisely.

The typical side effects of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder

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The common side effects of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder

  • Liver problems. Several investigations have discovered that consuming too much coumarin might result in liver failure and respiratory difficulties. Coumarin has a tolerable daily dose of 0.05 milligrams per pound (0.1 milligrams per kilogram) of body weight or 5 milligrams per day for a 130-pound (59-kilogram) individual. This implies that only 1/4 cup of Cassia cinnamon powder can push you over the daily limit, while Sri Lanka cinnamon powder has a wider range.
  • Interaction with some medications. If you use any medications on a daily basis, consult your doctor before beginning to supplement with Cinnamon powder from Sri Lanka. Antibiotics, diabetic medications, blood thinners, heart medications, and other medications may be affected.
  • Lower too much sugar blood. While a small amount of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder might help decrease blood sugar, too much can cause it to drop dangerously low. Hypoglycemia is the medical term for this condition. It can cause fatigue, confusion, and even fainting.
  • Irritation and allergies. If you use cinnamon powder frequently, it may hurt your lips and mouth, resulting in wounds. It causes allergic reactions in certain persons. If you apply it to your skin, it may cause inflammation and red.

The proper use for Sri Lanka cinnamon powder

According to the USDA, a half teaspoon of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder (about 2 to 4 grams) each day is adequate to significantly improve glucose levels, cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL-cholesterol. At these doses, ingesting cinnamon powder is quite safe, with no known negative effects. If you don’t have authorization from your doctor, don’t use Sri Lanka cinnamon powder as a medicine.

Factors affecting Sri Lanka cinnamon powder price

The price of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder is always a big concern for wholesalers. The section below will analyze the key factors contributing to cinnamon powder price.

Supply factor affecting Sri Lanka cinnamon powder price

In recent years, many studies have found that the size for cultivating cinnamon in Sri Lanka tends to shrink, partly resulting from the dominance of Cassia cinnamon, and partly from the unfavorable weather in Sri Lanka. The tightness of supply leads to an increase in the price of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder. Sri Lanka’s cinnamon price, which is already expensive, will rocket in the near future.

Demand factor affecting Sri Lanka cinnamon powder price

The demand for cinnamon in general and cinnamon powder have witnessed exponential growth in recent periods. In European countries and the United States, though Cassia cinnamon powder still holds the big share, Sri Lanka cinnamon powder is inclined to sugar. Especially after the intensive period of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for organic and safe food origin escalates and simultaneously, Ceylon cinnamon powder from Sri Lanka is widely known as “True cinnamon”. However, the supply-demand imbalance leads to the costly price of Sri Lanka and is estimated to continually grow in the future.

Government policies affecting Sri Lanka cinnamon powder price

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APTA benefits for trading Sri Lanka cinnamon

  • Fortunately, regulations for exporting Sri Lanka cinnamon powder provide a number of advantages that can help reduce delivery costs.
    Up till 2019, Sri Lanka has signed free trade agreements with India and is actively negotiating an FTA with the People’s Republic of China. Tariff-free entry and duty advantages for manufactured and agricultural items are provided under the FTAs with India, the world’s largest cinnamon importer.
  • Sri Lanka is indeed a participant in the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA) and the South Asian Trade Agreement (SAFTA) (APTA). Exports of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder to the United States are eligible for duty-free treatment under the United States Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program.
  • Sri Lanka recovered its Generalized Scheme of Preferences (GSP+) advantages from the European Union (EU) in May 2017 including the complete abolition of tariffs on 66 % of tariff lines, encompassing a wide range of items, which benefits Sri Lanka cinnamon prices.

Unpredictable affairs affecting Sri Lanka cinnamon powder price

Unexpected occurrences have a significant impact on the price of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder, despite the fact that they occur occasionally. Unfavorable weather is the most serious of them all.

  • Droughts have plagued Sri Lanka hard in recent years, affecting not just thousands of people but also the cinnamon trade. As a result, there were several challenges in selling and purchasing cinnamon powder, including rising prices.

List of trustworthy companies supplying Sri Lanka cinnamon powder

Sri Lanka cinnamon powder price is usually a difficult matter for buyers and sellers due to its high price. To avoid mistakes and scams, this section will recommend the most trustworthy companies that provide cinnamon powder Sri Lanka.

Ceylon Golden Cinnamon

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Ceylon Golden Cinnamon products

Ceylon Golden Cinnamon was founded in 2018 with the goal of providing premium, safe and hygienic items to people looking for 100% natural Ceylon Cinnamon in general and Sri Lanka cinnamon powder in particular. The modern processing plant is located in Sri Lanka, and the control unit in the Netherlands has certified it for ISO 22000: 2018, HACCP, and GMP food safety management systems, as well as EU, JAS, and USDA (NOP) organic standards. Despite the fact that it has only been in existence for almost four years, Ceylon Golden Cinnamon has established itself as one of the best cinnamon exporters in Sri Lanka for wholesale as well as retail clients.

Anura Marketing Services (PVT) Ltd.

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Anura Marketing Services (PVT) Ltd

Anura Marketing Service (Private) Limited is a Sri Lankan business entity. This business processes and distributes tea and spices around the country. Anura now distributes tea and dry herb powders, including Sri Lanka cinnamon powder. Aunura delivers the finest cinnamon powder Sri Lanka pricing with the true Ceylon flavor, thanks to its lengthy expertise dating back to 1989.

Ceylon Cinnamon Corporation PVT LTD

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Ceylon Cinnamon Corporation

The Ceylon Cinnamon Corporation was created in 2002 when founder and Chairman Aaron Russell-Davison bought 30 acres of unused land in Sri Lanka’s Galle District. Ceylon Cinnamon Corporation is a firm with a long tradition and the advantage of being close to raw material sources. As a result, this company is proud to offer the best Sri Lanka cinnamon pricing with the most qualified processing under rigorous control.

To summarize, the article has discussed the exceptional and surprising advantages of Sri Lanka cinnamon powder, as well as some tips for utilizing it. Hopefully, the information presented in this article meets your expectations. In addition, if you’re looking for Cassia cinnamon powder, Vietnam is the place to go. Here is one of the most renowned Vietnamese cinnamon powder suppliers.

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